Brancroft, Ontario Canada May 2nd, 2015

We have been in Canada one week, crossing at Ogdensburg, New York and thru customs with papers all in order all went easy.
The weather has been perfect and as usual the Canadians are so very friendly. The last time I rode in Canada in 2012 I went home and said, ” I am so glad that these Canadians are our northern neighbors.”
This is a short posting as I am at the private home of the Glen Burkholder family.  Glen stopped in his car when he saw me and the horses resting by an empty building in Hartwood Lake. He invited me but he and his family lived 30 miles down the road.
Well as I pressed on two ladies from the town council of Bancroft stopped as Mark Williamson has called them to let them know I was riding into town.They took my heavy saddle packs which let us pick up the speed, we rode into the Burkholder home just past 7pm, Mark came out from his home as I rode by earlier in the day. He brought out fresh maple syrup, carrots, and apples.
THEN stopped again to make sure I was doing ok and  brought water more carrots and apples. Oh my… this is Canadian hospitably!!!
I am having a wonderful ride. The horses are in good health, moving well and this is just a shout out…Hello and thank you so much all of you that are helping me to make my way across Ontario, Canada.
Happy Trails Bernice

April 23rd, 2015 The Boyer Residence – Lisbon, New York

Laura Foster Director and Curator of the Remington Museum
Laura Foster Director and Curator of the Remington Museum

1-photo 1(1)  It has been a very busy stop in Ogdensburg but to leave with out visiting the Frederick Remington Museum  would have been a shame.
Both Judy Boyer and her Sister Joan Carlisle (Mr.&Mrs. Preston Carlisle are benefactors)joined me on a tour given by Laura Foster director and curator of the museum….a very informative tour of the historic home. Frederick Remington was one of the most famous artists of his time. The museum which to me felt like a sanctuary for his spectacular bronze figures, alive with action. It also shares Remingtons look at Northern New York with oils and sketches depicting  his beloved northern wilderness which I had never seen. An almost impressionist quality to them.

from L to R: Judy Boyer, me, Laura Foster and Judy's sister Joan Carlisle
from L to R:
Judy Boyer, me, Laura Foster and Judy’s sister Joan Carlisle

Last night I gave a talk at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Service. We had a great turn out for such short notice which Judy had quickly organized. Judy Boyer is an active 4-H leader and the entire week I have spent at her home,children have been coming in to practice their public presentation, Part of the 4-h curriculum. The competition ends at Cornell University in Ithaca, month!

4-H played an important role in my childhood.  It was really ALL we did once school was out for the summer months. As farm children each of us took an animal to the fair but we also learned to sew, cook and do public presentations that would be exhibited at the county fair.  I learned for the first time the application of knowledge, the importance of presentation  and how to prepare for an event.  I’ve done many slide-show presentations for 4-H groups and have been an advocate for the organization for years.  It’s good to see after 100  years that 4-H is still alive and well!
Riley having a hard time with Montana Spirit
Riley- and Judy’s “right hand gal” member of Raindrop Roundup Club…no easy task moving Montana Spirit

                          Town and Country Veterinary Clinic
                           904 country route 4, Ogdensburg, NY.  315-393-7338

Town and Country Vets came out to take care of Vaccinations and health certificates
Town and Country Vets came out to take care of vaccinations and health certificates

Raindrop Roundup 4-H members hard at work….

5-IMG_4840     4-IMG_4835                                                       6-IMG_4853

Well I guess this is where I must say…”GOODBYE NEW YORK”.  On Saturday, Judy will haul (in a horse trailer) Essie, Spirit and I across the St. Lawrence River into Ontario, Canada.  With all of our necessary paper work in order, tack clean, horses rested we shall continue on with the adventure, the journey home.

I could say thank you a 1000 times and it would not be enough. My ride thur the Northeast has been heartwarming, educational, surprising and diverse. As compared to other rides it has been an easy go of it. Plenty of grass and water, plenty of places to camp. Roads were a bit tricky at times, had to haul a couple of time because of the risk some roads offered, simply not worth riding, to dangerous.  BUT TO have made it ALL THE WAY TO THE ATLANTIC OCEAN! goodness it brings me to tears when I think about it. TO turn around and look behind at the 1000 of miles my two girls and I walked, traveled, endured together.

I’ll be packed light when we leave Saturday and will travel quickly across Ontario to avoid the bugs which are bound to appear anytime soon, presenting miserable riding conditions. The horses are fit, still plenty of steel on their shoes. My new heel cleats that Dick Manel made for me look like tiny horse shoes on my heels…for walking. Its good to be back out. Its good to leave feeling  hundreds of smiles, handshakes and encouragement shining on my back.

Happy Trails  Bernice


Lisbon, New York – Judy Boyer residence (east of Ogdensburg) April 19th,2016

Judy Boyer right  her sister Joan Carlisle to my left
Judy Boyer right
sister Joan Carlisle

 I rode into Judy Boyers home late Saturday afternoon. Judy came out with one of her young 4-H students to make sure I was on the correct trail.  Both Judy and Joan are well respected horsewomen in the area. Joan just celebrated her 80th birthday and Judy her 76th and as soon as I met both of them I knew I was among two outstanding time honored horsewomen who have devoted their entire lives to educating thru the equine spirit.
Rob, Judy's son greets me as I ride in
Rob, Judy’s son greets me as I ride in


Hi Bernice,                                                       March 7,2015
This poem reminds me of you…
Do You Fear the Wind?    By Hamlin Garland  1860-1940
Do you fear the force of the wind?  The slash of the rain?
Go face them and fight them, be savage again.
Grow hungry and cold like the wolf,
Go wade like the crane.
The palms of your hands will thicken, the skin of your cheeks will tan.
You’ll grow ragged and weary and swarthy, but
You’ll walk like a man.a woman.
a much needed rest
a much needed rest
from Fort Edward to Ogdensburg, NY appr miles 200 great ride
from Fort Edward to Ogdensburg, NY appr miles 200 great ride

April 10th, 2015 near North Creek, New York

From Cynthia and Dave Hyde’s home we traveled north where we had been passed along to Richard Steward’s home.

Dave and Cynthia’s “the Farm
Richard Steward looking over the transportation

 Richard Steward has resided in this same house for 73 years! The Hamlet of Sodom. Four generations of Adirondack families. Now he and his step son Dick Hornick live here. A great deal has changed in those 73 years but one thing that has not is the hospitality and Richards good cooking!

camping in the snow

I ride two days I hold up 4 days. The day after I rode into Dick and Richard’s place  a snow front came in and here I am again, waiting. But its part of the ride take what weather you get, move on, appreciate the help and generosity because many days one can end up feeling like a homeless person on the road to nowhere. Montana is a long way off can’t get in a hurry, will taint the ride with anxiousness. Nothing fast about long riding.

Please check out The Fort Edward Chamber of Commerce Facebook page for more sensational photos by Fred Wehner

April 5th, 2015

I am so glad I had the sense not to ride thru Glens Falls on my ride out of Fort Edward. Packs were heavy and the horses lively. And Me, it takes a few weeks before I am back into the swing of things. The first 2 weeks are always the most dangerous. We headed west but around thru Corinth were I made my first night out with the Clothiers whom I stayed with on my eastward trek in September 2014.

Larry Holmes - farrier
Larry Holmes – farrier

shoes from the Blacksmith Shop, see sponsorship page
shoes from the Blacksmith Shop, see sponsorship page

Larry Holmes set on new horseshoes, he did an exceptional job. I can understand why he came highly recommended.

Rachel Clothier (red plaid) at Glens Falls Library where she works. Her and her husband have a beautiful farm, reminded me of Montana.
Rachel Clothier (red plaid)
at Glens Falls Library where she works. Her and her husband have a beautiful farm, reminded me of Montana.

                                                                                                    The Clothiers passed us onto friends, Jay Brosky and Kathy Pettelli’s home where I spent the night in the back of a pick up with the horses tied outside close to me. (I must be near the horses at night)

this must be the spot
this must be the spot


                                                                                                                                                                                     From Jay’s and Kathy’s (another place that reminded me of  Montana! I stayed at the home of Cynthia and Dave Hyde,(in Thurman,) who was a friend of Duane Burch whom I met on my eastward trek and it was yet another place that had me feeling like I was back in Montana. Earthy, warm, wood stove, home cooking, cozy places.

Dave and Cynthia's home built in 1802!
Dave and Cynthia’s home built in 1802!

sheep shed makes a great place to regroup get my self ready to travel
sheep shed makes a great place to regroup get my self ready to travel


Across the road from Cynthia’s and Dave’s a sugar shack was spewing out steam. I headed over for a tour as I have never seen one.

Valley Road Sugar Shack making fine New York maple syrup
Valley Road Sugar Shack making fine New York maple syrup

08-IMG_1207   04-IMG_1206  03-IMG_1208  02-IMG_1212          

 See that drum, it’s full of Maple syrup and it takes 40 drums of raw sap to make one drum of the famous, and delicious syrup we are all so fond of. The “shack” as they are referred to was very modern with stainless steel containers to boil the syrup in.  Owners Mike Hill and Ralph Senecal poured warm fresh maple syrup into a container for me to take with me. WOW what else could I say, but wow?

There is still quite a bit of snow as I climb northward into the Adirondack Mountains, I must rely on help with hay and grain and places to camp with the horses. Even in its bare black and white phase I must admit this is spectacular country.