Sault Saint Marie, Ontario Canada – May18th, 2015

I can see the horses standing in the shade, fly masks on, standing head to tail with wind enough to keep them free of bugs. Resting comfortably.
New York, the New England states, winter, snow and cold all seems like a dream, it all seems impossible that I truly rode all the way to the Atlantic Ocean last year from my home in Northwest Montana with these two remarkable horses!
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Recount of ride through Ontario April 25th to May 19th, 2015
Judy Boyer and her sister Joan Carlisle trailered me and my girls across the St.Lawrence River and dropped us off in Domesville, Ontario.
First night out we camped in Nico and Maki Hiferink’s pasture in “Land O’ Nod Farm.” Both retired dancers still working with the National Ballet of Canada. Nico shared stories, many stories as he encountered the great dancers of the world, Baryshnikov, Fontaine, Nureyev. Such stories, when would I ever meet someone – who to me,had enthralling recounts of a world I had only read about.
There are to many night s to recall each and every one.What follows is a list with a heartfelt thank you to ALL of you who so kindly hosted a night or two.
Kathy Porter
Dianne and Mark Czerwinski
David Trumbel
Karen and Darren Gillingham
Glen Burkholder
Steve and Barb Barker
Shirley and Bruce Davidson
Jack and Peggy Hurely
Marjory and Glen Goodwin
Kimberley Cousin and Jeff Hastings
Dan and Danika Gravelle
Debbie and Curtis Kirby
Jason Kolvisto and Kit Purnis
last but not least the least the Lemieux’s, Kathy and Phil (of Mantracker) who hauled me across the Sault Saint Marie Bridge..
and then there was…
Pat Wolf from the Canadian Fjord Association who drove out from Ottawa to haul the horses and I around Sudbury because it was in my opinion and others….un-rideable.
And the folks that delivered food on the road or maple syrup fresh from their trees or the town of Bancroft that set the streets with smiles and waves as the short parade of 2 horses rode thru town. And although I did feel rushed trying to beat the black fly season. Still there was plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful Province of Ontario. Thank you so much ….to each and everyone whose path I crossed thank you for the support, encouragement and interest I could not have done it without you. You just can’t go wrong, the world loves the Canadians. I came back into the states once again thinking..”I am so glad these Canadians are our northern neighbors.”
Sincerely, Bernice Ende your lady long rider