Long Riders Guild

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It stands in stark contrast to competitive events, which nurture a strong under-current of nationalism. Unlike competition, conflict with other humans is discouraged and violence against the horse is taboo. Equestrian travel instead requires each rider to make use of their own skills, to develop a particular strategy for their journey and to strive for personal excellence. The result is a more emotionally mature, generous, kind, patient and sympathetic horse human. In a word, a Long Rider. And by definition, every Long Rider is a winner.

After an extraordinary international effort, we are happy to report that every major equestrian explorer alive today belongs to The Guild, thatmore than fifty of these extraordinary men and women are also Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society and that The Guild website, at two thousand plus pages, and still growing, and having now been visited by more than a million people world-wide, is the repository of the largest collection of equestrian travel information in human history.

Additionally The Guild’s publishing arm, Horse Travel Books publishes more than a hundred equestrian travel titles in eight languages, making it the world’s premier source of equestrian exploration wisdom. The Guild has now launched a new project entitled The Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation whose mission is to provide an academic forum where every type of horse-related knowledge is being investigated and published.