2012 Canadian Ride

April 2012 to October 2012

When I set out in early April from my winter camp in Forsyth, Montana I was heading north for Canada with a clearly defined route.  I had 3 horses and one dog.  Emily McKee a 26 yr. old adventurous woman was to join me in Glasgow, Montana in a month.  April nights caused the water bottles to freeze and I pulled Claire dog in close as snow covered us nightly but we made it to the border, all of us.  Emily working hard to keep up, to muster the strength and determination it takes to long ride.  We crossed the border at Opheim, Montana and it was from here on, that my route simply flew out the window. You can follow this ride from the journal so I will not rewrite what is already written but I will say how very much I enjoyed this ride thru Canada. I returned home(the U.S.of A.) with this thought..”I am so grateful that you Canadians are our northern neighbors.”  What a wonderful trip I had, truly one of the best rides I have yet to venture out onto as I crossed the country neighbors to the north.  I hope to return for another ride someday.

Happy Trails,
Bernice Ende