2013 Garnet Mountains, Montana
2013 Garnet Mountains, Montana

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  1. Dear Family of Bernice – This morning I was shuffling through old papers and found a printed card with her information and photos on it. I had grabbed it when she was giving a talk here in NH back in 2017 or 2018. When I Googled her to see what she was doing, I was surprised to see that she had died about a month ago. My heart goes out to you all. She was inspirational. Wishing you peace and happy memories of time spent with her.

  2. I just discovered Bernice and her story today. I’m sorry for your loss. She is an inspiration.

    I know it is her wish that the blog be taken down soon but I pray you give me time to read it. I will work hard to get through it as soon as I can.

    I’m in Canada and having trouble finding the book and the film to purchase. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  3. Just wanted Bernice’s family to know how much she was admired. I followed many of her posts always in awe of her bravery and her sense of adventure.

    I never got to meet her unfortunately.

    Rest In Peace Bernice, happy trails on the other side…..

  4. Billie Jean Pugh

    Bernice’s passing hit me hard. I had never met her, but sincerely felt like we were kindred spirits and wished that I had. As a single woman with horses, over the years I followed her blog on her rides and wished I too had the strength, determination and courage she had to do what she did. She was a mentor and an inspiration for me by living the life that she did and I accomplished more in my life having “known” her, working through my barriers of fear and finding something to smile about every day.

  5. May your memory be eternal and may you smile upon we who remain.

  6. Billie Jean Pugh

    Bernice’s passing hit me hard. I had never met her, but sincerely felt like we were kindred spirits and wished that I had. As a single woman with horses, over the years I followed her blog on her rides and wished I too had the strength, determination and courage she had to do what she did. She was a mentor and an inspiration for me by living the life that she did and I accomplished more in my life having “known” her. Dear Bernice you passed away just as I wish to….and your spirit will forever be with us all! Heartfelt condolences to your living family. Thank you and God Bless.

  7. Bernice’s passing hit me hard. I had never met her, but sincerely felt like we were kindred spirits and wished that I had. As a single woman with horses, over the years I followed her blog on her rides and wished I too had the strength, determination and courage she had to do what she did. She was a mentor and an inspiration for me by living the life that she did and I accomplished more in my life having “known” her.

    My favorite Bernice quote is this:
    “The three biggest questions people ask me are, ‘Aren’t you afraid?’, ‘How old are you?’ and ‘Do you carry a gun?’” she said. “Fear is a self-perpetuated state of mind, when you’re thinking about what could happen to you. If a grizzly bear comes into my camp, I’m not in fear, I’m just reacting. People are afraid of so many things. So many times when you think of why you can’t do things it starts with ‘I’m afraid …’ Just listen to yourself! Move forward with attentiveness, caution and skill.”

    Dear Bernice you passed away just as I wish to….and your spirit will forever be with us all! Heartfelt condolences to your living family. Thank you and God Bless.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about Bernice’s passing. I wish I had known of her story sooner, I would have loved to journey somewhere just to meet her. The film and her story such an inspiration. If only we could all have the courage to live so freely. May the trail carry on beyond here for her and the four legged souls that preceded her are with her again to carry on in her spiritual journey. Ride easy Lady Long Rider.. Ride easy..

  9. I just read of Bernice’s passing and I wanted to let you know how amazing she was to my now 26 year old daughter when she was a little girl in Whitefish. Miss Bernice was an awesome ballet teacher because she taught more than ballet. She taught grace, love, and poise to my little girl. My only wish was that my daughter could have known her as an adult.
    Sincerest sympathy for your immense loss. She was one amazing woman and I revered her in so many ways.

    • Miriam, so sorry to hear of Bernice’s passing. I am shocked. She was such an inspiration to me and so many others. The last time we wrote, she said she wanted to go to the WA. coast. I hope she got to do that.
      With so much time together, I bet the horses will be suffering the loss of her also.
      I enjoyed her being here and helping her with her book tour.

  10. Hi Bernice, a friend gave me your book, I just finished reading it and loved every page! You are a great inspiration. Like you, I love to travel, love to be outdoors, and love horses. I have been on a few short pack trips but nothing like what you have done. As soon as I finished the book, I called my friend Jody Foss, who I’ve known for years, one of my favorite people; she has done some amazing traveling with her mules, and I’ve enjoyed many day rides with her, long ago, before she moved to Oregon. My former husband and I used to be part of her “mule-ti-media” slide shows, including interviews she did with oldtimers along the trail; we provided the live old-time music to set the mood. Jody told me she did know you and you have been to her place, so we have a mutual friend. Thanks for writing your book, and for sharing your amazing and inspiring story with so many people!

  11. Karen J Chesborough

    I think we might be related. My grandmother Caroline Ende house was from Rogers not from the mill and round barn. If people grew up in that area they know where I am talking about. My uncle Fritz ran the family farm. He had 3 children Becky Cindy and John. I hope to hear from you. I just ordered your book to share with my dad.

  12. The History Book Club in Kalispell has picked your book to read for our May meeting. Would you be interested in joining us for our meeting?
    We meet the first Wednesday of each month, so it would be May 5, at 2:00PM , at the Northwest Montana History Museum in Kalispell.

    • Post Author Ende

      Diane I do hope you have received my reply via email if not PLEASE try emailing again!

  13. Burton Robson introduced you to me and I am so thankful he did! I don’t know him – just saw a post on Facebook and he messaged me directly with more tales and information. Man I’d love to meet you some day! Can’t wait to read your book!

  14. I’ll trade u one of my books. Stop in to Stoneydale Press , main street ,Stevensville Mt. 59870

  15. Bernice and the horse peoples ~
    We Trust that all is well with you Ladies ! Hoping that you are finding ways to spread your message and Enjoying yourselves.
    We Miss YOU !
    Be WELL, Keep SAFE AND let us know how you are doing !
    Where Are you currently – with the lockdowns and all ?
    Please keep in touch.
    Ever, Rex and Robin and all the beasties, near TorC.

  16. Happy birthday from Captain Mike from nz.

    Thanks for your great book Bernice, kept me going on long night watches at sea!

  17. So excited to get your book in the mail today and am looking forward to reading about your travels! Having been a Fjord owner (he passed October 2019), I love reading about other Fjord owners/people who have an affinity for the breed. They’re special in every way.

  18. I watched your documentary for the Breyerfest. When I saw the trailer I knew I needed to watch this. I used to be involved with horse when I was young and it was all I ever wanted to do and bad decisions turned to into life decisions that altered the way I wanted my life to go. Now 3 kids gone, divorced for 20 years and 50, I sit around and think what now? I can’t get any of that time back. I love my solitude. I was never able to get back in horses, but I groom dogs it pays the bills nothing more than that. I think I cried through the most of the movie because all I could thing of ..was wow..that’s me…or me how I wish I could be. I just want to go, be on the road…be it in a small RV with me and the dogs or on horseback. My mom fusses I’d be unhappy, but I’m like you don’t know me. I’m alone all the time as it is. I’ve lost my hair, i’m over weight (that I can fix, I know) but I’ve come to the realization this is all it will be the rest of my life.. just me and a dog(s). Why should I spend it waiting around for kids that will barely come around or friends that have families and a spouse that go and spend time doing married people do, what am I sitting around waiting for sitting in a house and going to work just merely existing. I’ve spent 30 yrs living for others and now I want to live for me. YOU are my new hero Bernice. I hope to meet you some day, it would be such an honor. You. are simply amazing ans such an inspiration!

  19. Shannon Donohue

    Loved the book! But please update us.

    What does a Lady Long Rider do in the time of the coronavirus? Do you have a new dog? A new horse? What happened to Hart? Will you long ride again?

    • Post Author Ende

      During this time of coronavirus? I have opted to shelter in place. I can not imagine riding into a home asking for help as I have done 100’s of times ….. with a mask on!!
      I ride everyday, stay active living with my sister at her New Mexico home.
      Hart? Hart passed away before I returned from the 8000 mile ride. While jumping a creek in his pasture he must have had a heart attach. Lost 3 animals that year. Claire, Essie Pearl and Hart.
      The hardest year ever for loss and change.
      Future rides? Well I am thinking as the pandemic will be with us for sometime that perhaps its time to learn the art of trail riding.
      Instead of 3000 miles how about a 300 mile trail ride across the National Forest Service land! Our most important national treasure. But my years of LONG RIDES are I believe over but not my years of riding. Smiles and thank you for the interest. Sincerely Bernice

  20. Wow! I got to read this story ASAP! I love horses; i love the country. Great hat!

  21. Sally Snowden

    Met you at Skidmore College when you were staying in Ft.Edward, NY
    I also am a member of Long Riders.

    I rode from NY to Calif in 1973 with 2 friends from college. I also rode in the Great American Horse Race in 1976.
    So sorry I missed your lecture at Saratoga Sp library on 5/15.

    Will try and be at your presentation in So. Glens Falls on 5/22.

  22. Katie Reynolds

    I just finished your book last night. Great reading!!

    Jefferson Spivey was in our Arabian horse club when I was a kid, and he took some long rides. Those rides inspired a couple of my friends to do it, and then one of their children took a long ride.

    I’m a lifelong horse lover, and enjoyed every bit of your story. Please keep sharing!

  23. I just finished your book and want to thank you for allowing me to travel with the family. I look forward to watching your documentary.. love María

  24. Brian and Pilar Carpenter

    Hi Bernice, We met you many years ago in Flagstaff.Pilar rode Essie Pearl which we will never forget…You were with Mary and Chris..we were at Stilley ranch next door… Glad I went looking for you today. So amazed you’ve done so much and traveled so far.We will have those great memories of you and the stories of your rides.You are an inspiration to us all…Thank You for coming to Flagstaff and crossing our path..Sending loving thoughts to you and your companions…
    We will never forget you….
    Brian and Pilar

  25. Starley Talbott Thompson

    Just finished reading your marvelous book while I am spending part of the winter in Costa Rica. I will leave this copy of the book here in Atenas, Costa Rica, for other ex-pats to enjoy. I have a copy at my home in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was in the Peace Corps with your niece, Tricia, who also has some of your grit in her soul. Would love to meet you and have you visit in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and present your talk. I also have other things I would like to discuss with you when you are finished with your book tour.

  26. I’ve just finished reading your book and wanted to thank you for sharing some of your experiences with us. Though pretty certain before beginning it that I would relish the story, I was nonetheless pleasantly surprised by the quality of writing awaiting me and the lovely moments of wisdom and insight that arose from your pages. You’re truly a kindred spirit. So many of the things you expressed (a love of animals, Nature; grit and a willingness to do what it takes; treasuring solitude; thrift, austerity when necessary; mindful awareness to details large and small, etc.) … these things I, too, feel deeply within my core.

    You visited our little western town of Prineville, Oregon, in early November, 2018. Can’t tell you how keenly disappointed I am in having had to miss your presentation and the chance to meet you in person; we were out of the country at the time. (There’s apparently a ‘negative serendipity’ as well as the good kind. Or so I feel due to the occasion of your being In our area when I was Out. Bugger!)

    Carry on, big soul, and be well in your travels. I have great respect for what it takes to pursue your chosen lifestyle as a Long Rider. And, as Catherine Weldon said, “It’s damned hard being brave.” [An apt quote taken from the wonderful movie set in 1890, called “Woman Walks Ahead” … or, adapted to your case, ‘Woman Rides Ahead”!]

    You’ve widened my horizons, both outer and inner, as I follow along with your rides via your writings, getting glimpses of your adventures and soul-searching to become a more aware and immersed human being. I’m looking forward to your next book, to learn more of the treasures you’ve uncovered.

  27. I’ve just finished reading your book and wanted to thank you for sharing some of your experiences with us. Though pretty certain before beginning it that I would relish the story, I was nonetheless pleasantly surprised by the quality of writing awaiting me and the lovely moments of wisdom and insight that arose from your pages. You’re truly a kindred spirit. So many of the things you expressed (a love of animals, Nature; grit and a willingness to do what it takes; treasuring solitude; thrift, austerity when necessary; mindful awareness to details large and small, etc.) … these things I, too, feel deeply within my core.

    You visited our little western town of Prineville, Oregon, in early November 2018. Can’t tell you how keenly disappointed I am in having had to miss your presentation and the chance to meet you in person; we were out of the country at the time. (There’s apparently a ‘negative serendipity’ as well as the good kind. Or so I feel due to the occasion of your being In our area when I was Out. Bugger!)

    Carry on, big soul, and be well in your travels. I have great respect for what it takes to pursue your chosen lifestyle as a Long Rider. And, as Catherine Weldon said, “It’s damned hard being brave.” [An apt quote taken from the wonderful movie set in 1890, called “Woman Walks Ahead” … or, adapted to your case, ‘Woman Rides Ahead”!]

    You’ve widened my horizons, both outer and inner, as I follow along with your rides via your writings, getting glimpses of your adventures and soul-searching to become a more aware and immersed human being. I’m looking forward to your next book, to learn more of the treasures you’ve uncovered.

  28. I just recently came to Truth or Consequences, NM from my home in cold snowy Colorado. I was reading Bernice’s book “Lady Long Rider” and when I finished I looked up her website. Here she was – in Truth or Consequences, NM! Wow, she even went to Indian Springs Bath House, my own favorite of the Hot Springs. Was she still here? The next day, as I was driving back to town from the Elephant Butte Damsite, I saw along the side of the road ahead of me, 2 horses with one rider and I knew instantly that here was Bernice! What a serendipitous meeting! I met Bernice, and her 2 Norwegian Fjords, this woman and horses I had just been reading about! What a blessing this was for me! Thank you, Bernice.

  29. I arrived in Truth or Consequences, NM just a week ago (I came south to escape the frigid weather of Colorado). I just finished reading “Lady Long Rider” and was telling my friend in T or C about it this morning. Tonight I looked up this website for the first time (because I wanted to learn more about Bernice) and lo and behold, she was here in Truth or Consequences! Or had been here – did I miss her? Wow, I would love to meet up!

  30. Stephanie Barton

    I saw the CBS interview years ago and have always been intrigued by your journey. A friend lent me your book to read. It was a welcome surprise and delight! I finished in tears. You write with the same rhythm as the beat of the horse hoof. Just beautiful. Ride on special lady – a nation of riders and mounts salute you!

  31. Finished your book in one looooong sitting. Couldn’t put it down. Thanks for giving your brief talk to us at New Mexico Mounted Search & Rescue. It was enlightening and awe inspiring. I too have longed to ride a distance. As a kid my uncle in OK had horses and he jokingly told me I could have one, of course at the time we had no place for one. I dreamed of getting one and riding him all the way from OK to Albuquerque. But it never happened.

  32. Hey Bernice,
    Just finished reading your book ‘Lady Long Rider’. I could’t stop reading. It blew me away. Oh, I’m just a horselover from Belgium, realistic enough not to aim for such ambituous travel goals as yourself. But your deep feelings for your dog and horses are so inspiring… and recognizable. I wish you all the best for your next trips. Sad to say that the unspoiled plains and woods you travel in for miles in the US and Canada are becoming a rarety in Europe. I’ll carry your inspiring thoughts about becoming one with nature with me to tell my grandson of two later on in his life. For now he is already the best friend of my horses. Maybe the beginning of a lasting lovestory. I do hope so.
    Greetings from the center of Europe,
    Excuse me if my english is not all that correct, it’s not my native tongue.

  33. I just got done reading your book. It was wonderful in so many ways. Many times I felt as though I was right there with you in the wind, the rain, the winter, the blistering heat, the scary black stallion, etc. The worst part was when I came to the end of the book! I hope to see you when you come through Minnesota next year. Then I can meet you in person. You are a wonderful inspiration to women. Cyber hugs from northern Minnesota. I also have Fjords!

  34. Hello Bernice from TorC, NM !!
    Are you Really coming back through Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in early December 2018 on your book tour ?!!??
    Rex and I Sure Hope so !! We would Love to see you again !
    Am assuming that you folks and horses will be staying in town; HOWEVER if you are not, we Welcome you all at the Ranch.
    The accommodations aren’t much, but we do have the bunkhouse (if you don’t mind cats sleeping with you..) As it will be Cold to camp at this altitude in December.
    Please let us know location and date of TorC visit, we will come in to town Just to see you – and buy BOOKS (at least 2, possibly 3 and DVDs) if you have any with you !!!
    Travel Well and Happy Trails to you and yours !
    We hope to see you in a few months !!
    – Robin – and Rex.
    ps – If you would rather we can order them, but it Would give us an excuse for a trip to town !

  35. Billie Jean Pugh

    Well said Pat Wolf, until one walks in one’s shoes……….Bernice’s horses could not do what they do without her VERY BEST CARE! Everyone has their own ideas and opinions from their own experiences and knowledge. I find especially horse owners.
    We strive to do our very best for our beloved equine partners. Enjoy your BOOK TOUR Bernice……happy trails!

    • Bernice had her horses here. And she like me, they are the first thing to look at in the morning, taken care of before ourselves. That is the true horse man or woman. There is a devotion, a connection, they depend on us and we become part of the herd. They are family. We try desperately to do well by them, sometimes we fail, but people like Bernice, we do our best.

  36. Hi Bernice, can’t wait to see you. Unfortunately we live in a world of naysayers. Everyone thinks they know better, but, until they do it, they cannot know or understand. If they read your book or blog, they will know how well you take care of your horses, the challenges. Every experience, is a learning experience, even if we think, “we know it all”. You have to be willing to change up things as you go, depending on the circumstances. I admire what you are doing, as you said, I live in your saddle bags. Its not something I would do, well, maybe if I was 30, instead of 68. My life didn’t take me there, it took me in another direction. Anyone who has horses, knows each day can be different. Everyone is a critic, everyone has their opinion. But you are in the moment, that is what I like about what you do. That is what I like about trail riding, forgetting the “outside” world, being in the moment. I think most people don’t live in the moment, too many distractions, too much hurry to do everything and not savoring those moments. Feeling the wind, hearing the birds, and other wildlife, being grounded to Mother Earth, the horse as they move or breath…that is living.

  37. Susan D Harness

    It was wonderful to hear you speak, and learn about the concept of long rides across America! You opened my eyes to a new way to experience the world.
    All my best on your travels.

  38. Bernice, I just ordered two of your books. One will be mine and the other I will give away to one of my horsey friends. I so envy you doing what you do. If I was younger, I would do a couple trips myself. Instead, I live vicariously through your adventures. I also have Fjords, and I just love mine too. Keep a leg on each side and stay on the top!

  39. Hi Bernice,
    I am going to be up near Trego agin in November and was hoping you might be around. How are your travels going? Looking forward to hearing from you…Scott

  40. I just finished your book. To be honest, it was so good I didn’t to finish it as then I wouldn’t have any connection to your rides. You’re a grand storyteller. Thank you for sharing your long rides with us. I will just bet that you have many, many more stories to tell. Thank you again for your heart-felt words.

  41. I received your book last week and have been savoring every chapter. I’m a trail runner and during my quest to run every state with my dog, I had always hoped our paths would cross. Your life inspires me to keep pushing towards my goals, no matter the obstacles.
    I’m the farm manager to a 1200 acre nature preserve. We have a wonderful horse barn and plenty of accommodations for 2 and 4 legged creatures, if you’re ever in Southeastern Alabama or the Atlanta area, the welcome mat is out for you.

  42. Hi Bernice,
    Just finished reading your wonderful book and enjoyed it so much. What an inspiration you are. Thank you so much for sharing your long rides.

  43. Billie Jean Pugh

    Hi Bernice,
    I finished reading your book yesterday, and really enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed reading of your journey mentally and spiritually. Thank you for sharing your life!
    Happy Trails,

  44. I am more than halfway through your book, enjoying it so much. Well written and knowing the author just makes it more special. I just read about your ride along the Fontenelle Reservoir on your way to Rock Springs. East of there is the Little Colorado HMA (herd management area) for wild horses. That is where Moose came from. I am planning to visit that area. Want to see where he came from.

  45. What a fantastic journey you have had! Welcome home to Montana! Waiting on the book, the documentary, and your next adventure and your next visit! Happy Trails!

  46. Dear Bernice, I just reread your story and how you got started and the beautiful horses and Claire Dog who helped you on your journeys. So inspiring. Can’t wait for your book and hope you get back to Silver City for a talk and book signing. I am sure more adventures await you. Safe travels, always.

  47. WOW, you`ve had a great ride, and that certainly does look like a cool cabin, and a nice spot for a break! enjoy your ride home, be safe . I’m so waiting for your book to come out, can`t wait to get it!

  48. Bernice, Like you said when we talked , this was a “big bite”! Oct until June But the lady long rider I know is just the one who could do it and you did,
    You should be proud !!!! Never was there a doubt, well, maybe once or twice! Burton

  49. Billie Jean Pugh

    THANK YOU BERNICE for sharing sooooooooooooooo much with us! Your life is one big ADVENTURE and I, like many other’s dream through your posts. And what you say from your open, honest heart and horse spirit really hits home for me. YOU ARE AN AMAZING LADY TOO just like the women you admire from history. WE should all live life bravely and honest to ourselves. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  50. so happy to hear you made it back to the states safely….what a trip and of course more here to get back to Trego…I`m sure the horses were as happy to see you as you were to see them!! stay safe and enjoy being home with friends…and then I bet you`ll be off again on another ride…take care, we horse lovers , love to see your updates and pictures and also we envy you ~

  51. Joan McRae Kleinlein, the medievalist

    Hi Bernice, We met in the Paris airport as you were finding your train to Bordeaux. It was such a pleasure to meet you and find out what you are doing. I have so enjoyed exploring your website and seeing how the France trip is progressing through your words and pictures. If you do come to Nashville, please let me know. I hope our paths cross again.

  52. I sure wish I would of know you were going to be staying there at Caballo.. I bet I drove by while you were there I would of loved to of met you. Save travels and maybe next time…


  54. Well you`ve made it there, safely….glad to hear all is going well so far. Enjoy your travels there and I`ll be waiting for new updates and pictures in 2 weeks…ENJOY!!

  55. That old house is where my grandparents lived.Beautiful rock house!

  56. Appreciation to my father who told me about this web site,
    this web site is really awesome.

  57. thanks again for the great update!! you certainly do get to meet some of the nicest people and they are lucky to meet you….keep on with the good luck and friends along the way…take care…looking forward to the next update..

  58. Hello Bernice,
    I heard that you’re going through New Mexico right now. I live in Carrizozo NM.
    This is my first contact with you. I have heard so much about you and read a lot about you for about 10 years. Ever since I stayed at a B&B near Socorro NM where you had just been. Anyway, I admire what you do and would like to learn more about long riders.
    I would like to ask you about your saddle and what kind you use for yourself as well as for your pack horse.
    Someday I would love to meet you!

  59. Robin Young, and also Rex Kleitz

    Bernice ~ Rex and I were THRILLED to have you, Montana Spirit and Liska Pearl stop over at the ranch during time our friend Scott was visiting ! All three of us Really enjoyed meeting and visiting with you and found the stories of your travels Very Inspiring !! We all hoped you had a chance to see the Super Blue Lunar Eclipse the morning following your visit.
    Trusting that you are Safely ensconced by now with family in Albuquerque. We are all somewhat worried as Rex came down with ‘the cruds’ on the evening of 01 Feb… Would feel terrible if he passed something off on you.
    PLEASE FEEL FREE to drop in at the Hwy 1 New Mexico ranch ANY TIME you are down this way !! Rex is rarely sick and promises he won’t be when next we see you all.
    You are ALWAYS WELCOME to stay as long as you like. We Really enjoyed your company !

  60. Hey Bernice, Just saying hello & checking if this comment box is still working, as requested.

  61. thanks so much on this follow up , i love this one !! the pictures are super, and the stone house ….fabulous! looks like things are going well and you certainly are having an interesting ride and meeting a lot of very nice people…have fun…keep the pics etc coming…

  62. Love the S/W. Updates Bernice , stay safe

  63. Billie Jean Pugh

    Hi Bernice! THANK YOU for replying to me and my comment, maybe next time around? Loved your new post and the photos, and yes Arizona I believe has it all, except the ocean. And I love our north/eastern parts of the state, perfect for summertime getaways. I was really close to Trego one summer vacation, hiking and camping with my dog. Wish then I had made that detour. Will your new book be posted on your store page? Enjoy all your travels and be safe!

  64. your trip amazes me everytime I see your pictures, it certainly is like I`m riding along with you..i never tire of your writings and pictures…keep them coming and enjoy your ride, and yes the girls are looking like they are too…beautiful, be safe.

  65. love these pictures, in my mind, my sister and I are riding along side you and rosie….have a safe trip now on your own, and keep the pictures and info coming on here…

  66. Hi Bernice! I am thoroughly inspired by your page. I was unable to send you an email. I was wondering if you could send me one so that I may be able to maybe pick your brain about a journey I would like to take that will bring me through Colorado, to Yellowstone, then to the Oregon Coast. I would surely appreciate any advice you could give me! Thanks!

  67. thanks again for another exciting update..i love these, but envy you two lucky ladies, what a great adventure you are on..keep on having a good memorable time…be safe travel happy…hugs to the horses…

  68. Dear Bernice,
    I love to read about your free-spirited adventures on horseback! Your stories and photos are such an inspiration to me.
    I am a member of Saratoga Back Country Horsemen in upstate NY. We met the winter you stayed in Ft. Edward when you spoke to our group, and also at a cozy dinner hosted by Nina Lockwood.
    I was wondering if you will be in our area at some point after your book comes out. There is a wonderful independent bookstore in Saratoga Springs called Northshire Books. It would be great if a book signing, and talk could be arranged. I don’t know how these things “work” but I would be happy to be an initial contact person if needed.
    Be well and be safe – I know you’re happy out there on the trail!

  69. Dear Bernice,
    I love to read about your free-spirited adventure on horseback! Your stories and photos are such an inspiration to me.
    I am a member of Saratoga Back Country Horsemen in upstate NY. We met the winter you stayed in Ft. Edward when you spoke to our group, and also at a cozy dinner hosted by Nina Lockwood.
    I was wondering if you will be in our area at some point after your book comes out. There is a wonderful independent bookstore in Saratoga Springs called Northshire Books. It would be great if a book signing, and talk could be arranged. I don’t know how these things “work” but I would be happy to be an initial contact person if needed.
    Be well and be safe – I know you’re happy out there on the trail!

  70. Billie Jean Pugh

    Dear Bernice & Rosie,
    You are coming down to Arizona next! My home and two empty corrals and lot’s of turn out and space for your rig is always open to you! I would be sooooooo HONORED, that is if you make it down this far in our beautiful Sonoran desert in New River. I would LOVE to take you for a ride in the Tonto N.F., riding out my gate not far from my home too. I met the lady saddle maker on an endurance ride one time, she helped to calm me down after my horse Yuri escaped during the night. Well, still following your rides and wealth of information and look forward to buying your book when it comes out. I wrote a book myself about my adventures (none of course like yours!) with my animals, nature and more. Just wanted to share my stories with love, and now my old guy Yuri has passed on and is forever immortalized in it. Well, just had to say HELLO, and hope some day to meet my mentor in so many ways, dear Bernice. Billiejean

  71. Hello Bernice
    You’ve been on my mind as I have been reading “Seven Sets of Horseshoes,” Lynn Lloyd’s account of her solo ride in 1973 from Pennsylvania to California at age 23, with two horses and a dog. It so made me think of you and your stop here in Flagstaff in 2008, with Honor, Essie Pearl, and dog Claire. I was sad to read of Essie’s passing but glad to see you’re still at it. I hope our paths cross again!

  72. who wouldn’t like a town called
    wow a “pie” town , who wouldn’t love that…glad to get these updates and happy to hear all is well…have fun and keep us all up to date on your ride….love reading these and the pics!

  73. oh how I loved reading this, starts my day off with a smile…so happy for you and Rosie and ” the gang.” sounds like you are having a great time, be safe and keep the letters coming….I envy you both…wish my sister and I could do that!

  74. thinking of you and your “girls”…..wishing you safe travels….so sad the fires are reeking so much destruction, plus the rains and now erma…so be safe…


  76. William Reddaway

    Dear Bernice, If you go to France next year, might you be able to meet with a few people along the ride? If I knew when you might be where, then its possible I could get over to France to meet and say ‘Hi’ for an evening, or an hour or so. Go well, and thankyou for riding.

  77. Sherry Hartline

    Bernice, good to see that you are well and still riding. I just came across your card from around 2009 from Naselle, WA. I worked at the Naselle Library. Just retired 4/1/2016. Keep riding. The very best to you.


  79. so happy to have this update and think of you and your 2 pals…” the horses” …..take it slow and enjoy…I`m 75 and used to ride, haven`t in quite awhile….so its nice to be part of your “long rides”…take care, stay well and have a good time and be blessed by new friends along the way….

  80. Larry &June Watt

    Hi Bernice, I really like the pictures! Thanks
    If you get anywhere close to Troy remember you can always stop at our little yellow house on Milnor Lake road and spend a day or six with us. You and the horses are welcome anytime! It has been a difficult winter for all of us, I so look forward to summer! Best Regards, Larry and June

  81. ellin rothstein

    Liska Pearl is a real beauty! So glad you have found each other after this sad year. I’m eagerly looking forward to your next adventures; any chance of a swing through Brooklyn NY? haha

  82. so happy to hear from you and the pictures are really something to see…… have some snow lady….I hope you are snug and warm, looks like you have ” snow insulation”…….stay warm, enjoy and can`t wait to see and hear more from you..
    happy to see the horses too….a new one I see, right ?….be safe and stay healthy…love your posts.

  83. Bernice,
    We’ve been following your rides for a couple of years now, and just thought I’d check and see how you and the critters are doing. Your last post was back in December, so I’m curious about whether you’ll be back online soon? Hope all is well and you haven’t had to shovel too many tons of snow this winter.

  84. Bernice
    I have only just leaned about your loss of Essie Pearl. I am so sorry. I am sat in tears as I write.
    I am thinking of you especially
    With love
    William, and Strider

  85. Hi Bernice just wanted to say i am enjoying your post & photos and just wanted to say Merry Christmas!

  86. Happy Christmas to you. I have followed your travels across the country and have been amazed and inspired by your stories. Wish I had seen you when you were in Western New York – near my hometown. It’s a beautiful area. Hope you are well and recovering from the loss of your beloved trail partner Essie. Blessings to you for a good 2017.

  87. love hearing about your adventures, so please keep me and others in on your travels…good luck and stay healthy….

  88. Nothing I can say that I haven’t already. Take care, be safe, stay warm! Burton

  89. Dear Bernice, thinking of you and your loss, or better yet, your love of Essie Pearl. You are such an inspiration and thank you so much for sharing your travels through your marvelous writings. You have given Essie Pearl an exciting life, lived to the fullest as few would have. Remember sweet lady your grief is shared and in horse heaven they always remember the touch of your hand.

  90. Dear Bernice, while I was absently playing the guitar I was thinking about Essie Pearl, and a little rhyme/song appeared in my mind. I hope you don’t mind if I share with you.
    Essie Pearl, Beautiful Girl, beneath the pines
    My love is yours, yours is mine
    our silver tomorrow’s had golden suns
    Down the next valley where the gentle river runs.
    Essie Pearl,Beautiful girl why did you go?
    Didn’t you know my heart would grieve so! But…
    I know that somewhere in a meadow beneath the sun
    Perfect and carefree my beautiful Essie Girl runs!
    Only when I was putting my guitar away did I realize my face was wet with tears for your grief.
    Much love June

  91. so sorry to hear this, I love seeing her with you and will always have her on my cd I got from you in Windsor , vt…you`ll have great memories to look back on and she will always be in your heart and thoughts;;

    • june, that was a lovely song you put to words for Essie, said it beautifully for such a loyal companion and friend, to the lady we respect and love watching on her quests… heart goes out to her and her faithful animals…I`ll never forget meeting her and only wish I`d have met her horses…

  92. It’s awful when our friends have to leave us. We are so accustomed to looking out on our lives with them in the picture. Suddenly they are gone and the picture cannot be complete; not for a while, anyway. Gradually, the picture completes itself again; inwardly, though, the memory seldom lessens; sweetens, perhaps, and becomes bearable. No one escapes, but other friends come to lift up our heavy hearts and hands….and we go on, not as we once were, however.

  93. Bernice, I can’t think of any thing more to say that I haven’t already told you one way or another. So sorry, thinking of you and Hugs. Burton

  94. I’m sorry you’ve lost your wonderful friend. Deepest sympathy.

  95. Mary Van Bronkhorst

    So sorry to hear of your loss! Essie had such a calm, beautiful spirit. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know it will be a long time before you will feel like celebrating her life and the rides you shared. First the tears, then the joyful thanksgiving.

  96. Burton Robson

    Hi Bernice , Burton

  97. Hi Bernice, When Larry got home from Troy on the 4th and said you were riding in the parade I was so sorry to have missed you again! I hope to be able to see you if you plan to be home for awhile. I think of you so often and I always smile! June

  98. Hi Bernice, My husband met you just the other day on 5th street here in Libby, and wow you are an inspiration to many. He gave me your card so I had to look you up. You are very courageous. So many questions I have but cant think of one except my husband wanted to know how many miles do you ride in a day? Here’s to wishing you many more happy trails.

  99. Hi Bernice, I met you 4th of July weekend at Yaak River Campground outside of Troy. I’m the lady who carried the little conure on my shoulder and you took our picture with Montana Spirit. We brought some carrots for the horses later the next day, but found you sleeping and didn’t want to disturb you. I left the carrots near your saddle blanket. You have become my hero because you are living out a dream of my own. One I can only believe will remain a dream. Thank you for the pleasure of meeting you.

  100. naomi j rusdal

    Be nice to have a reunion. Maybe we can go to the Red Barn again for old time sake.
    Have you seen any wood ticks???
    How far are you from Spokane?
    Does any of your travels take you to Phillipburg?
    Berniece says she would ramble on all
    We close with Love and Safe travels.
    Thinking of you Berniece and Naomi
    Myrtle is in hospital.

  101. naomi j rusdal

    Be nice to have a reunion. Maybe we can go to the Red Barn again for old time sake.
    Have you seen any wood ticks???
    How far are you from Spokane?
    Does any of your travels take you to Phillipburg?
    Berniece says she would ramble on all
    We close with Love and Safe travels.
    Thinking of you Berniece and Naomi
    Myrtle is in hospital.

  102. Hi Bernice, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in Winthrop, WA in late May. You are such a inspiration to me and to many, many others, I am sure. I especially appreciated your sense of humor! Your delightful presence is such a blessing, thank you so much for sharing in such a meaningful way with others. I was a pack cook in the wilderness primarily in the Pasayten in Washington state. I worked every summer from 1983-2014! I have spent a lot of time in the wilderness on horseback and had many amazing adventures but absolutely NOTHING to compare with the courage and strength you have accomplished. Hats off to you and thank you once again. Your new fan, Lauralee Northcott, bass player for Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, Western Music Association Group of the Year 2015

  103. My dad, Jim Johnson, Orley Dennis and many others built that community hall in the early 1950’s or late 1940’s. It had a little kitchen, serving area on the back. We went to many square dances and parties there. I learned the shotish (Put Your Little Foot) there. We lived in Stryker but mom and dad taught at the Trego School a bit…..once, when the regular teacher was fired because she wouldn’t let the kids in before school. In those days, Dad said, the kids, some of them, didn’t have boots or warm coats. At minus 10 degrees, the school board took a dim view of kids standing outside in inadequate clothing. Families, there, after the depression and the war, were poor. We would arrive at the community hall and it would be as cold as a tomb. I remember that vividly. No one wanted to leave the stove; but the music would start and the dancing would commence. It warmed up the place, considerably. Later, after treats and dances and games with the other children and running until our legs felt like falling off; we youngsters were laid out along the edge of the stage, wrapped in the piles of coats everyone had brought and shed there. I’d wake up in the morning in bed, wondering how I got there!

  104. Hi Bernice.
    I met you when you were traveling though Marblemount,Washington on 5/23/2016. Hope you and the horses are doing well. Thank you for letting me talk with you for a few. I will check into this webpage time to time too see how you and the horses are.

  105. Hi Bernice, I hope all is well with you and the horses. I met you when you were riding through Marblemount,Washington on 5/23/2016. I know we didn’t chat long but i hope your doing good. I just found your webpage so i will look into it time to time too see how you and the horses are.

  106. Marta Rensink

    Hello. My daughter and I saw you headed toward Concrete Washington a couple of days ago. I took a picture because my other 12 year old daughter loves horses (we have 2) and I thought yours were beautiful. But, I didn’t realize who you were until I saw it posted on FB oblong with your website. What a wonderful journey. I was curious if you will be coming back through Concrete. I would love to make sure my other children, especially my 12 year old, to see you. Will you be coming back through Concrete?

  107. HI BERNICE,

  108. William Reddaway

    11 May. I knew you would be on the trail again so I just checked your diary. Well, you and the girls are back into it! I am almost in tears (again) as I think of you. Its three years, yesterday, since Strider and I set off for the one long ride I am ever likely to do. Best wishes and hopes for 2016
    With my love

  109. Mary Van Bronkhorst

    Good morning Bernice! I just met you in Riverside, Washington 2 days ago. Lovely to visit with you and the girls from the Fjords. Just thought perhaps you could contact the Early Winters Outfitters for a place to put up for a night. You will see their place and their 90 or so horse friends about 10 miles outside Winthrop on Highway 20. There is a big white barn or structure with Early Winters painted in green. It is on the left side of the highway. Would love to meet you at Samish Bay when you get out here on the west side of the Cascades. If possible will meet you with veggie lasagna and ice cold beer. Best wishes for a beautiful ride over the pass. Mary

  110. Hello Bernice,
    I consider it a great fortune to have met you and your mares today. I stumbled across you near the small town of Wauconda, WA where you graciously gave me about 15 minutes of your time. From first glance I knew that I was witnessing something special and rightfully so, thought you to be a member of the Long Rider’s Guild. Being a lifelong equestrian, I can appreciate who you are and what you do. Your horses and gear looked immaculate from the feet to the poll and I applaud your courageous undertakings. Thank you for your time this morning and for the inspiration that you provide. Stay safe on your journeys and I hope to see you again one of these day.
    Happy trails,
    Doug Pyeatt
    “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner

  111. peggy mckinney

    am so waiting to hear more of your ride, I hope all is well with you and the horses…my sister and I met you in Windsor vt…and enjoyed your talk so much..we envy you for your times on the trails, we both rode years ago and miss it…please up date whats going on with you.thanks

  112. Was looking for a Long Rider blog to read having read Tschiffley’s Ride, Bernie Harbert’s, Wagonteamster and Free Range Rodeo, and found you. And discovered you live in a neck of the woods where I spent the first 6 years of my life. We lived in Stryker. It was there I discovered my love of horses, which has been a lifetime of heart-filled-learning. My dad taught school at Trego about 1950. We went to first grade at Stryker School which was a one-room affair with all 8 grades included. Fished often on the Stillwater River and “up” Sunday Creek. Ice fished Dickey Lake. Families in Stryker and Trego at that time included Iverson (at Fortine), Palmer, Johnson, Hilleker, Quatrockie, White, Berg, Rodell, Nordham, Dennis (at the Trego store), Ripley (at Fish Lake), Toussaint (at Stryker), Shay and Nelson (in a clearing just east of Fortine between Murphy Lake and Dickey). Dad worked, first, for the Great Northern at Stryker and other places after the war. My grandfather, George Allen, had been dispatching all up and down the GN all through the war from Elk to Cut Bank. We built a home in Stryker and Dad did other things such as hauling ties, logging and much hunting. Our family name was Baughn. Haven’t been down the road to Stryker since the mid nineties. Love your ponies. Happy Trails, Bernice.

  113. I have been watching you for years, Bernice. First saw your site when I lived in Lassen County but now am back in the San Diego County area. You are truly amazing and I wish you safe passage. I will surely watch you for years to come. look smashing in your picture with the “Hat”! Take care-

  114. Hi Bernice, I stumbled on to your story through the NY Times article today. For some reason, it brought tears to my eyes – I am so inspired by your courage and love of the animals. I hope I will be able to do something like this some day. If you decide to come through northern VT, we can put you up, either at my little farm or at my parents who used to have Fjords.Best wishes to you – onward! Sincerely, Kim

  115. Just finally had a chance to read more of your incredible entries–you are an inspiration. I was sorry to see Claire dog passed on. You may remember I sent you a picture of my dog, Meg, who could have been Claire’s litter mate. She passed on a couple weeks before Claire–almost 16 years old. Heaven for humans is not a sure thing for me, but I am sure there’s one for dogs. I hope they’ve finally met each other there!

  116. Hope you have many happy returns to a welcoming home. Sorry the wi fi was not working well here until today. Otherwise I would have wished a Merry Christmas.

  117. I was going through papers and found the card you gave me on your trip from Medora ND. I was the camper that blow the horn at you with the truck pulling it. Glad to know that you are still doing what you love to do. God Bless

  118. Thank you so much for visiting Newport, Washington. It was a pleasure to visit with you and hope you pass this way again. Carole and Howard hoped you enjoyed the eggs and that you will find good use for the cough remedy :).
    I think the kids gained a couple pounds while they were lounging in the Cowboy Campground. I look forward to more tails from the trail. Looks like that warm Pacific air from the south will give you some warm nights and nice days over the next week or so. Happy Trails!

  119. Hi Bernice, I’ve been following you and have donated to your trips. You are such an inspiration to me. Knowing you have done this has enabled me to plan my own long ride. I have two amazing 8 year-old Dales Ponies and plan to travel 100 miles in June of 2016. This is the month of my 60th birthday! If this goes well, I plan to ride from my home in Amherst, MA to Canada – taking a month.
    Somehow it is comforting for me to hear that you are going home for the winter. May it be replenishing and soulful.
    Much appreciation,

  120. So glad you will be HOME soon, hope your trip to the Olympic Peninsula in WA works out, nice trails there. I only have a two-horse trailer but happy to help out if you need it next year, would love to meet you all! I’ll be following along. Best, Laurie Morgan, Olympia, WA

    • Caught a glimpse of you off the side of the road Saturday October 23, 2015 off Leclerc Rd just north of Newport, WA. My gut yelled out to me, Oh my gosh that’s Her, that’s HER, I’ve got to go back! I turned my car around only to arrive at the spot I saw you to find you gone. I thought, she’s off into the woods. WOW, but I saw her if only briefly. How I had hoped to meet you and snap a photo. I read about you in the February 2015 issue of Horse Illustrated and your photo has forever been embedded in my mind. So in that brief second I knew it was you! 🙂 I too was riding a wonderful Norwegian Fjord mare this past spring for Therapy Riding as I’ve been recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Having been a life-long horsewoman hopefully one day I can become a Long Rider too. One day I will meet you in person. For now my heart and spirit travel with you wherever you go as I’ve thought of you constantly since that Friday. Perhaps we will meet in Chewelah next March. I can only hope. Take care.

  121. Bernice, it was a pleasure to meet you and the girls today. Glad that we crossed paths. May your journey continue to be safe and fun-filled. If there is ever a time you need to rest and need pasture, please give us a call. You have our information.
    Mark, Chelsea, Olivia and Oliver Earls
    Priest River, Idaho

  122. Sad about Claire, good soul. I read your adventures with great interest, have two horse-sized donkeys Trooper and Clementine. We like being outside.

  123. Bernice, I just saw your post with news of Claire Dogs death. I will think of you especially as you head for a home and she will not be there to greet you.
    With love, William

  124. Hi Bernice. The weather this week, since you rode away, has been excellent so we are hopeful your journey has continued well. It was lovely to meet you and Essie and Spirit. Please know that we enjoyed having you stay with us and hope the rest of your travels home are uneventful and that the weather is tolerable; no more smoke and not too much wind! Take good care Bernice. We crossed paths for a reason and I, for one, appreciate all that you’ve taught me. Be well Lady Long Rider!

  125. I just came across your story this week and have been pouring over your site, your adventures ! I love your spirit, your animals…..and the Fjord is now my new favorite horse!

  126. Bernice!!! I love reading about your travels and think of you often. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about this incredible life affirming journey you have been on!!! You are one incredible, one-of-a-kind woman! Looking forward to being able to connect with you soon~ Nina

  127. Christine Merrill

    Your friends at Skidmore College are happy to see that you are now in Montana and that you and the girls are in good health! We are looking forward to following the rest of your journey. Be safe!

  128. Wow, 70 mile winds. Good thing you got that hat off or you could have been pushed back to MN or even Ironwood. Good thing you did find some trees!!!! BR

  129. Laurie Steinhaus

    Bernice, We met on July 24,2015 at the Twisted Oaks horse campground in ND. It was so fun to hear your stories and share our meal with you. I think of you often and wonder where you are today. I hope to meet you again sometime. Safe travels.

  130. Laurie steinhaus


  131. I just enlarged you picture of the Garnet Mountains, beautiful area. I spent several days around the Garnet old town. I then found a fire look out south of there at the end of a two track. There was fire wood so me and Mal sit there for a long time. I could see I-90 one way and M-200 the other. Look out didn’t open until July so I was alone there. I hope you found it on the trail.

  132. burton robson

    I am so glad I made that u turn on a Sunday morning early, to ask where that lady with the big hat was headed. Montana she said, same as me. Since that day I have read many of her links, every time I am just amazed at this lady. My Malamute in my truck that day didn’t think much of her horse so we didn’t talk long with all the howling and barking. Good luck the rest of the trip. Burton & Sleepy [Mal}

  133. Glad to see the mule deer hide i gave you is holding up for journey back west. I’m certain that you will find more spectacular beauty as you cross Canada again. Happy Trails my friend. So happy that I finally got to meet and spend time last summer. It was my Honor to help you out.

  134. Checking in on you again from Lisbon, New York. Love to read about your exciting life. Stay safe.

  135. Hi Bernice I just finished a wall hanging quilt based (roughly) on a photo of you and Claire dog . You are an inspiration. I am not sure how to sens a photo of it to this site?

  136. Hi Bernice….just letting you know I’m still following your journey. You are sure having an adventure and are inspiring people all along the way. I hope one day we meet again…either when I visit my friends in Deerlodge, Montana or when you come back to Tupper Lake. Travel safe and please stay in touch as you are able. God bless! Love, Mary

  137. I was very glad to meet you on your way out of The Porkies/Ottawa National Forest here in Michigan this morning (I was the guy in the Jeep heading to work)! Best wishes for a beautiful, safe journey. I hope we cross paths again someday!

  138. I saw you and your beautiful horses in Ontonagan, Michigan yesterday. You are a true inspiration and lover of horses. Safe travels my friend.

  139. Ron and Lynn Vincent

    Hi Bernice, we would like to say it was and honor and a privilege to meet you and talk to you today while you were in Ontonagon. We hope you enjoyed your short stay and got to enjoy Lake Superior. We are glad you like the watch and hope it lasts as long as your travels do and then some. We will be following your journey on your website. Safe travels to you.
    Again it was a pleasure meeting you
    Lynn and Ron

  140. We are looking forward to having you visit us in Ironwood, MI! Travel safe your next few miles and see you soon!

  141. Bernice when you stopped in at the Brat trap for breakfast Kelley and I really enjoyed our visit with you we are located between Melstrand and munising michigan just in case you can’t remember where we met !!may God be with you on your journey and bring you home to safety!! Pray that our paths will cross again one day but if not iam thankful we did have a chance to meet you !! I admire the strength you have to make this long journey !! Keep it up

  142. Carol Waltman

    I believe you traveled up Deer Park road toward Lake Superior recently… perhaps after you spent time with our friends Greg and Christine Rathje in Newberry. You passed our home as you got near Lake Superior… if the hoof tracks and road apples along the way were any indication. I’m sorry we missed meeting you, and I wish you Godspeed on your journey through our beautiful UP. You will certainly be welcomed wherever you go.


    • Carol Williams

      Dear Bernice,
      We met in Merrickville, Ontario, before you went on to the Porters and the Czerwinski’s. I just wanted to tell you that your visit stirred me up and made me realize how much I needed an adventure – so that night I signed up for a 240 km walk from Ottawa to Montreal. I leave this Wednes.! It’s so good to be reminded of what we really want in our lives and your visit did just that.
      A month after you went through I happened on a road I hadn’t been on since your visit. The droppings along the side of the ride made me lift my arms in the air and yell, “ya hoo!”
      Lastly, you would not believe how many times I’ve shown the NBC clip to ansy Grade 7 and 8 classes. I don’t often teach elementary, so I feel I have to win over their trust really fast. That clip works. We enter into great discussion and things roll along very smoothly from there.
      Thanks so much for touching my life in such a significant way – and we only spoke for about an hour on the church lowan!
      All the best to you Bernice,

  144. Shelly and Curtis Osborne

    You truly are Amazing. Glad we met you last night in Little Rapids (near Thessalon Ontario) Good Luck and Happy Trails!

  145. Linda McKenzie

    What a delight it was to meet you. (Curiosity didn’t kill this cat!) You are an inspiration to my friends and I. We greatly admire your attitude towards life and your tenacity. Hopefully, our paths will cross again. Four things we are wishing for you: May your stomach never grumble. May your heart never ache. May your horse never stumble. May your girth never break. Happy trails. Linda

  146. Hello Bernice Ende
    We had the chance to meet back on the 26th of April. Between Merrickville and Smiths Falls Ont. We stopped to see why there were 2 horse , in a field with no fences.. My family and I are so happy we did.. Meeting you changed us forever. We quickly went home and told everyone we knew. I posted some pictures we took during the short visit we had. Also My daughter is doing her major project based on you… A magazine on LONG RIDING.. YOU are her main story.. it has to be 1000 words long and she had no problem finding words to say.. I wish I had it in front of me now but I am going to try and quote the last few sentences ” If you get a chance to stop and talk to her please do, meeting Bernice has changed my life and I know it would change yours. “..
    We got messages the next day that you were almost to Perth, then the following day we got a message you were in Ompah.. So glad to see your new post.. I posted it onto my facebook..
    Thank you for being you
    Cathy, Julie and Sean Coons

  147. Marjory Goodwin

    Thank you for connecting and leaving lasting impressions of courage,
    determination and caring.
    This was not a chance encounter…
    My little grandsons … Hudson and Kelson will remember your short but meaningful visit forever.Essie and Spirit are considered their friends and thank them for the rides.
    You are camp again in our back yard anytime.
    Such a beautiful encouraging spirit!
    Take good care…. Be safe.
    Huntsville ontario

    • Marjory Goodwin

      Thank you for your short but meaningful visit a couple of nights ago.You left us with lasting impressions of courage, determination and caring.
      Grandsons Hudson and Kelson will forever remember Essie and Spirit and above all you!
      You are welcome to camp again in our back yard anytime!
      Such a beautiful encouraging spirit! Take good care… Be safe!
      Huntsville ontario

      • Marjory Goodwin

        Bernice… Yout short visit a couple of nights ago has left us with lasting impressions of courage,determination and caring. Grandsons Hudson and Kelson will forever remember Essie and Spirit and above all you …. the lady with the biggest sun hat!
        You are welcome to camp again in our back yard anytime!
        Such a beautiful encouraging spirit! Take good care. Be safe! … Marjory (Huntsville Ont. Canada)

    • Marjory Goodwin

      Hi… Bernice
      So sorry for 3 similar entries on your guest book. Computer problems! Not memory!
      Please feel free to delete 2 .
      Received your post card yesterday! So pleased to hear from you. We are still looking for the bell!
      Following your accounts as you continue on your journey. Glad to know you are staying safe.

  148. My husband and I attended your talk in Canton, NY when you were in Lisbon for a few days. We enjoyed hearing about your adventuresome life. You are very brave. I will check in periodically to follow you home. Safe travels.

  149. Was such an honour to have met you on your journey through Ompah travels and thank you for the pictures.Safe travels

  150. Rebecca LaRock

    Just wanted to say think you are amazing .what I wouldn’t give to do something like this,your so brave and strong.


  152. I am so impressed by your journey..I live in Virginia and if you ever sre near Petersburg you are more than welcome to stay here..We are in the country but close to stores and restaurants..Please stay safe and enjoy all the beautiful sights..

  153. Hi Bernice, did you pass through Potsdam NY on April 18th? It was wonderful to see three fine ladies pass through our town. We did not know your story until I showed this short video clip to my wife Very inspiring!
    We are speculating how and where you will cross into Canada. I imagine the horses will not like to cross on metal grate bridges in Ogdensburg or Alexendria bay.. Best of luck to you!

  154. Dear Bernice: It is a small world. I saw on the Long Lake NY website that you passed thru there. I recognized you and your horses via the photos of a friend of mine, Jon Crandell. When he lived and worked in NY, we knew him and his daughters thru church. In 1986, Jon was “unattached” and spent countless hours, over a couple years, helping me rebuild a lakeside cabin in there in Long Lake. Had I known in advance, I would have driven up to meet you. He was a dear, selfless friend who is missed. Bon voyage! Here’s to hoping the spring weather is here to stay with your ride. Dave West

  155. Maryann Schulten

    Hi Bernice. We here in Iron River, WI have been thinking about you and are glad to see that you are on your way again. Take it easy since snowstorms can still come at any time. Good luck with the ride and know that we are keeping up with your travels and are pulling for you.
    Maryann Schulten

  156. As many others have stated, you are an inspiration. I found you a year ago as I was looking to see if anyone had attempted what has been in my heart to do – namely travel with my horses. What a delightful surprise to find you! I just turned 60 this past February and the time is now if it is ever to be. Doors have opened and it only remains for me to walk through them – not fearing to be a “foolish old lady”. Best to you, sister in the saddle!

  157. hello from a new follower in Brooklyn, N.Y. who sends good wishes for your journey and thanks for letting us city folk follow along. If I could have a horse in my three story walkup, I would!

  158. lynda Phillips

    I have been going through older country woman magazines that my mom kept. Sadly she passed away last year, but had tagged the article about you and your travels. She was 85 and would be game for such adventures.I read it and was so impressed and inspired that I just had to write and tell you. Very amazing. I see that you will be passing through Manitoba sometime. It looks like closer to Winnipeg, but if you do head north to the Swan River Valley, and head down HWY 83 back to the States, please know that we would be happy to put you and your horses up. We have beautiful country through the Riding Mountains and into our little valley.
    Take care and be safe.
    Lynda Phillips

  159. Darlene Farenell

    Hi, Bernice. Hope things are going well on your journey. I so enjoyed meeting you in Glens Falls and Fort Edward. I am inspired by your courage and strength. Tell all your friends in Montana that the folks in upstate New York are pretty friendly after all! God bless you.

  160. Rosemary Lambert

    I wonder which towns you’ll travel through in Ontario, Canada as my sister lives in Pembroke which is on the edge of Algonquin Forest. I’d love to plan a trip from west Michigan this spring or summer to hear one of your lecture/slide shows. Would be great to visit my sis and see your show. My sister’s husband has a forestry degree and is a bird counter, while she is an English professor. They may know where you could give a talk in the area if you haven’t planned your lecture locations already .
    I’m sure you are aware that the blackflies and mosquitos are pretty bad in early spring at least near Pembroke area.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Thomas Lambert

    • Bernice was seen on Kushog Lake Road and Hwy 35 at the Firehall Restaurant heading north west on May 5,2015. We stopped our truck and talked to Bernice Ende for a short time.

  161. Bernice,
    You are a wonderful lady and it has been an honor to meet you. It was destiny for you to winter with Darlene. She needed you as she recovered from surgery and her barns have been a great home for your horses. Ft. Edward will miss you so much. You are an inspiration to many. You are also the second best dancer I have ever seen at Sandy’s Clam Bar. Darlene of course being number one.
    God bless you.
    John Harvey

  162. Thank you! Spreading the word about your journey!

  163. Hi Bernice
    Offering a place to put up your ponies and pitch a tent in south east pa little town called Honey Brook surrounded by amish farms. Have fun
    Karyn Jones

  164. Glenys McNally

    I think what you are doing is awesome. Ride on , Ride on..

  165. I think that this is amazing that you are doing this and only wish that I could do something like this. Who knows, maybe one day. Safe travels and I’ll be hoping that you’ll be back on the East Coast soon.

  166. Mike Heffernan

    Dear Bernice, I was speaking to Heidi Thoma the other day about you and your trip through Sutton, Mills NH in October. I happened to snap a photo of you and your horses as you trotted past the Library on Main st. It is one of my favorite photos and I have sent it to one of my sisters who recently lost her husband. Your strength and conviction continue to be an inspiration to many. Our local Kearsarge Magazine is having a photo contest and I want to submit the photo of you with your permission. If it is chosen, it will be featured in a future edition and I will be sure to send you a copy. In any case, I wish you well on your journey. Our eldest son has been on a bike ride since October and is currently in New Mexico. Many people have opened up their homes and hearts to him. May you continue to find many of those people. Cheers, Mike

  167. Rebecca Ragland

    I can not believe that someone, a woman yet, has fulfilled my dream. I never have had the courage and so I applaud you and am so inspired. Hurrah for you and am so very glad that I found you. I send the best wishes and godspeed to you I can muster!!!!!

  168. Penny Froeschl

    Bernice, you are an inspiration to everyone ,I had the pleasure of attending one of your talks in Poultney, Vt.. . Thankyou for the wonderful evening .wishing you very Happy Trails good health and awesome adventures. You are a remarkable women and wonderful keeper of our beautiful country .Good luck on your ext ride to Maine.

  169. Bernice, I wondered how you and the girls are doing back there in this bitter, snowy winter! Good thing they are fuzzy and plump- unlike yourself 😉 Here on Grave Creek Rd, we have had quite a mild, dry late winter so far. Little snow today, but no ice on the property for weeks now! Take care and be safe. You inspire so many! What a life 🙂

  170. Hello Bernice – My close friend in NY State heard you speak and passed on your website to me. I am a horse rider and trainer and the long-riding is one of my future thoughts, tho being age 75, I better get on it Just hard to leave my current at-home responsibilities. Anyway, if you are ever in New Mexico (southern tier, Ruidoso area) let me know. There is a guest house for you, corrals, etc. You are welcome. 575-354-5808

  171. What i do not understood is actually how you are not actually a lot more smartly-preferred than you might be right now.
    You’re very intelligent. You realize thus considerably
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    it from so many numerous angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be involved unless it’s something to accomplish with Woman gaga!
    Your individual stuffs nice. At all times maintain it up!

  172. Dear Bernice,
    I’m still walking around with the biggest smile on my face eversince we met and spoke to each other on Skype ( what an invention ).
    As I said before, it was an honor to meet you and listen to your calm voice, explaining what you do. Your spririt is so inspiring and I hope
    that I can accomplish on my ride, what you’ve been doing all these years and miles.
    Sincerely, Kees

  173. Hi Bernice! I got your postcard and hurried down to the village to let the girls know you had been in touch! We are talking about making a road trip with some of the “hookers” to Fort Edward….when are you giving your presentation on your 2014 tour? How long will you stay in Fort Edward? Let me know when you get a chance, also, a mailing address do I can send you a CARE package from Caledonia in case we don’t do the road trip. Hope you are staying warm…
    P.S. Bob H. and my Bruce send their regards….

    • oh my goodness how very good to hear from you, YOU do not know how often I think go that wild bunch there in Caledonia, such a lively stop it was!!!! b

  174. Hi Bernice,
    Just wanted to let you know i think you are an inspiration to all women – your courage, dedication, and excellent care of your animals is outstanding! 🙂
    Wishing you the best for happy and safe travels.
    Kim Chappell – Cambridge New York

  175. Your talk at Crandall Library was truly inspiring. We share a love of the Tucker saddle. On your journey north we would welcome you to some North Creek hospitality if you’d like. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  176. I am SO SO SO disappointed that I will not get to hear you speak at Prestwick Chase tomorrow night. Do you have any more local speaking engagements planned for the future in the Saratoga area? I have hiked 10,000 miles myself through this lovely land and would really relish hearing your story. Good luck and bright blue skies overhead.

  177. William Reddaway

    I just finished my British IRS return and needed to look at something better and came to your website. As on previous occasions I just avoided breaking into tears. Very best wishes for 2015 for the three of you. And THANKYOU
    With respect and love
    PS Back in 1965 I won a prize at highschool and could choose any book I liked. I chose Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’. I can see it on the shelf from where I am sitting now.

  178. Hi Bernice, I saw the article about your adventures in this months Horse Illustrated mag. and remembered seeing you and your two Fjords on 15A the Garwoods Rd. on my way to Hornell, NY. At least I think it was you. I came home from Tractor supply and told my husband (Larry) that I had seen someone riding and packing Fjords. How cool is that, I thought. I have a Fjord gelding a Peruvian and a donkey. My Fjord (Baldur) is the sweetest guy. So easy going. Any way I won’t rattle on…..I just wanted to wish you a wonderful journey. Best wishes, Pam

  179. Hey Bernice,
    Just checking in with you! This is Beth Hamlin from Grayling, Michigan. I was with ya when you had to make the detour due to the Military, God Bless each and every one of them! I wanted you to know that riding that short distance (well long for me) was one of the highlights of my life! Your perseverance and grit are to be admired. It was 20 below today on the farm. Hope you and your beautiful Fjords (I do have Fjord envy now) are doing swell. Happy 2015!
    With enduring admiration.
    Beth Hamlin

  180. Jim, Janet and Donnie Bailey

    Hi Bernice-I just read your log and looked at all of your pictures/ It is all so fantastic to read about. We wosh you well and if you are ever in Opheim again look us up.

  181. If my daughter were still among the living, I would hope she would be like you. Tough and courageous. Good luck in your wounderful journeys and may you have many more.

    • Hi Bernice, Merry Christmas! I hope your NY stay is refreshing and rejuvenating to you and the girls. We enjoy
      All your posts and that was so sweet to see glory and Luke on your Christmas card. We were honored. You are doing such good
      Work, Bernice. Looking forward to the next chapter. CINDY

  182. You stopped in and watered your horses at our house in Michigan this summer. We received the horseshoe that you left for us, thank you so much! We greatly appreciate it! We still talk about your visit quite often. It was so nice to meet you and hope you have safe travels home. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  183. Hi Bernice!! I finally had some time to get on your website and check on you and the girls. You all look great! What a great pleasure it was to meat yous in Mt. Pleasant. I feel soooo fortunate to have been able to spend a few days with you. Keep going girl!!!!

  184. Cathy Gormanson

    I’m looking to a ride from Texas (approx) to Canada. Or thereabouts. Live in Wisconsin . Have a couple of friends who also might be interested. I don’t have a horse, but really want to do a venture. Do you have any suggestions as to do this?

  185. David Nahachewsky

    You know as a teacher and long rider that experience is everything. My daughters and I are planning to ride east to west across Canada when I retire. Would love to speak with you about tips to keep the horses safe and healthy.
    Your future students,
    David, Stacia & Teresa

  186. Hi Bernice,
    Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you a couple of weeks back in North Berwick when I stumbled across you at my pet sitting job. I have thought a lot about the courage it takes to do what you do and I agree with the others on here that you are an inspiration to others. It is so wonderful to see someone following their dreams and doing what they feel called to do. If you ever decide to come back to Maine you are always welcome to stay at our place. Travel safe enjoy the ride I’m praying for you and your beautiful horse. Take care, Jayme Reimels

  187. I just met this lady on Edgemont road Sunapee,n.h.
    I bought her a water and a snickers bar and talked with her for about 5 minutes before she said she had to get going before the light was gone, she said she needed to find a non-posted area were her two horses could graze and were she could sleep.
    she was dressed in full wool from her shirt to her pants. as a old logger by trade she will be as worm as toast.
    she was a nice lady and had more spirit and drive then any person I have even met in my entire life god bless this lady she has more survival skills them most of the survival teachers out there.
    Amgen jumping on a horse and heading across the country now with all the problems and traffic in todays world.
    she was full of life and seemed to have a drive that I never seen before in any person in my entire life.
    did I mention she was a women.

  188. I can not say enough how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you. First when you visited Simonds School in Warner, NH then when you camped at Musterfield Farm in North Sutton, NH. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us all! Safe travels dear friend!

  189. Bernice,
    I saw the Today show clip and am so interested in how the dog traveling box is constructed. I think it looks like a great way to have your older dogs with you. We pack in the mountains and i am really interested in how this is built and attached to the pack saddle. okay and any information on how you got through the trial period as well. Thanks so much for your time. You are an insperation

  190. I wondered if you have any talks scheduled in Maine, NH, or Vermont? I would love to attend a talk if you are going to be on the East Coast for the next few weeks.

  191. Congratulations Bernice, you made it! It hardly seems that long ago that we shared those wonderful garden salads on the lawn here in Iron River, WI. The frost has now consumed much of the garden and the snow will soon cover what’s left. What a wonderful achievement for you and your gals to have reached Maine and the Atlantic Ocean, I so hoped that we would make it out there this fall and meet up with you somewhere, but it wasn’t meant to be.
    Thank you so much for the postcard, enjoy your much needed rest. I’m so happy for you and can only imagine what your feeling now.
    Until we meet again, David

  192. Maryann Schulten

    Hi Bernice, so very happy to see that you made it to the ocean. What an amazing and thrilling feat! I’m glad you will be bedding down for the winter soon. I’m sure you and the the girls really need a rest. You’re in our thoughts here in Iron River, WI and we’re with you in spirit.

  193. So glad you made it ti Wells. We vacation there many years in Motorhome and now in hotels. We will be arriving in Wells Oct 17 , 2014 this year for a week. I remember seeing you as you drove through Seneca Falls . N.Y. , the home of the Women’s Rights Convention in 1848. You are so brave to travel the highways and byways of this great country. Would love to chat with you during our week in Wells starting the 17 th and ending 23 rd of Oct if you are in the wells area. We would love to hear from you prior to our leaving here or perhaps en Email from you . My cell phone is 585 747 9045 if we might see you somewhere for a short chat or by the barn where you stay at. Good and safe travels next year. love your website. Jay and Lillian Devries , Seneca Falls , N.Y.

    • “Your comment is awaiting moderation” above my comment to you, Do not know what that means. We will be in Wells arriving this week Friday 17 th of Oct , and leaving Wed the 22 nd. Love to have a coffee with you. Glad you enjoyed your stay here in Seneca Falls , N. Y.

  194. Fred and Linda Dolan

    We learned that you passed through our road, Barn Door Gap Road in Strafford, New Hampshire last week. So sorry we did not get to meet you.We are truly inspired by your journeys. Happy Trails!

  195. Tuesday, October 7, 2014
    It was of great pleasure to have crossed trails with Bernice today in Rochester, New Hampshire.
    I in my wildest dreams have never thought while taking a walk in the woods with my dog, Lil Ms. Dixie thought I would cross paths with a remarkable woman on such a journey through life. I was able to assist her in her directions as she was heading towards Lebanon, Maine nearing the end her eastward trip to Wells, Maine. I was so amazed when we met and I asked her if she was going camping. When she replied, no I have been riding since April, starting from Trego, Montana. It was when she so generously shared a post card outlining her accomplishments that I thought – by God this woman is sincere. I only wished I could have had more time to talk and hear of some of her other adventures. But, instead I will cherish the time spent on this beautiful fall afternoon and continue to follow her through her web site.
    Bernice I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and “Thank You” for taking the time to share a brief but life lasting memory.

  196. Hi Bernice, Hope you didn’t get too wet last night and that you made it safely through to Maine. We enjoyed our visit with you here in Strafford and hope to see you on your return trip. Mary and Jack

  197. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back

  198. Love your website and your journey! I live in Oregon with my 7 Lipizzans and 1 palomino quarter horse. ( Plus 2 Great Pyrenees dogs, 7 cats, and some wonderful parrots) Loved reading about your relationship with your horses and Clare dog. Very inspiring to hear about all the fine people you meet. People in this country love an adventurer and so many have deep feelings for animals, thank heavens. Your journeys are wonderful to read about. Another side of America……… Appreciate all you write and the great photos as well…..

  199. Howdy Bernice,
    I am glad you stopped at Pierce Store in Shrewsbury Vt! I am truly sorry I missed meeting you ,your steeds and dog! I see that you signed the guest book,thank you! It is one of the best items there!
    Deep in my heart I am always thinking of life on the frontier!
    Have a safe journey and when you get to Maine don’t forget to have some nice hard shelled Lobsters and a few beers! Also take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean it might be cold but refreshing!
    BE safe and take care of the beasts!
    See ya next time!

  200. Bernice,
    You were on the side of an obscure country road in tiny Newbury, NH, partially hidden by a vehicle, but I glimpsed two Fjords, one with packs, and a sombrero. An incredible sight, to be sure, but one I recognized immediately. I had spent quite a bit of time last year reading your blog.
    I will look for you tomorrow but if I don’t find you, I wish you, Essie Pearl and Montana Spirit Godspeed and safe travels. In the meantime, I’m back reading your blog to see where you are headed. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us less intrepid folks.
    Ashley Geddes
    Newbury, NH

  201. You were traveling through my area on September 15th. You were on Military Road in the town of Salisbury, NY & I passed you on my way to work. I wanted to tell you I think what your doing sounds so exciting.

  202. so nice to chat with you this evening! safe journey and stop by anytime if in Tinmouth Vermont again!
    Leo & Tami

  203. Bryan and Rachel Clothier

    You were an unexpected blessing! We were so fortunate to meet you and have you stay with us. We wish you safe trails on your trek.

  204. It was a pleasure meeting you today and hanging out with your and your horses. Your brief rest was well deserved. Enjoy the rest of your little ride. ;0) Sincerely Jim Schreiner

  205. Met you this morning on Sinclair Road in Edinburg, NY. If I had known more about you, I would have made a point of to hear more from you while you were in my neck of the woods. Godspeed and thank you for being a model of inspiration, embracing life to it’s fullest, and for sharing your adventure.

  206. I would like to buy the book about your adventures. How can I find out when it will be published?

  207. Dear Bernice: Loved your stories and your site. Would love to have you visit our community on the Columbia River in central Washington State if you venture this way. Miriam, Hope Espresso, Desert Aire, (Mattawa) WA

  208. Hi Bernice,
    Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your visit with our family. We will follow your travels and wish you a safe trip.

  209. Bernice, Saw my brother Mike, niece Shanon, and your brother Lawance all within the last two weeks. They all mentioned your web site and the fact you would be traveling in the NE this Fall. Jane and I live in Southbury, CT. and would love to have the opportunity to meet up with you if possible. If you can provide us with a time and place you will be at in the next few weeks, we’ll make every attend to meet with you.
    Your Cousin……………Dennis
    Happy Trails

  210. I am sorry to have missed seeing you in Mt Hope Cemetary and in Calendonia. I did not hear about your visit until days later. Beat of luck on your journey. What you are doing is wonderful.

    • Bernice, great to have met you today. We occasionally have horses traveling by being so close to Saratoga, but never would I have guessed that I would meet such a long range rider. Your horses are beautiful. Thanks for taking a few moments to visit, enjoy some grapes and allow your girls a couple of fresh carrots. What a free spirit you are. Safe travels.

  211. It was a pleasure to meet you Bernice as you traveled through Syracuse, New York, September 9,2014. I admire what you do. You give me something to dream about doing someday…but for maybe a week trip! Best to you on your journey. Kathy

  212. It was so exciting to see you and your two horses riding through Auburn, N’Y today. Best wishes for a safe ride.

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    He was entirely right. This post truly made my day.
    You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information!

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    • Hey Bernice, so glad to see that you made it to Seneca Falls safely. I know how much it meant to you to go there. Your description of the visit was wonderfully moving. Made me feel like I was there with you. We in Iron River think of you and wish you safe travels ahead.

  215. Debra DeJonge-Reisdorf

    I read about your current long ride in today’s Democrat and Chronicle! I am glad that you were able to visit New York State and see all that you did. Best wishes and luck on the rest of your ride!! I think that’s awesome that you are able to do this. Thank you for sharing your journey with us via this website!

  216. Hello! I am inspired by your journey, I invite you to visit New Ashford, Mass. on Route 7. There is a white house that has been restored where the first woman legally voted I have relatives in the area that I could put you in contact with if you wanted. North Adams, Mass is the home of Susan B. Anthony before she moved to Rochester. Thank you for calling attention to women’s right to vote. I am the fifth great granddaughter of Susan B. Anthony’s grandmother.

    • Correction. I am the great great granddaughter of Susan B. Anthony’s grandmother. My fingers must have short circuited with my brain. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Seneca Falls. I’m sorry I did not get to see you, but people are talking about you with much admiration. Come back again any time

  217. Mary Patrick-Grabowski

    Bernice – I just had the joy of witnessing you riding down my road (Barber Hill Road) in New York State, on your way to Rochester NY. What an inspiration you are, not only for women, but for everyone who dares to make their dream a reality. Safe travels to you and your trust steeds.

  218. Dear Bernice,
    We are very excited that you are headed for Rochester and the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House! We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday. You are an amazing inspiration.

    • I can’t believe you were right outside my office window at the University of Rochester, I wish I had known, I would have brought carrots for your faithful steed and treats for you. You are amazing!!!! I will continue to watch your travels, be safe, enjoy our countryside and keep on keeping on! Oh how I wish I could join you!

  219. Hi Bernice!
    If you ever come through Nebraska I would love to meet you. We have the love of the Montana cabin in common. I’ve missed you every time I’ve been there. I really enjoy keeping up with you on your long rides online. Safe riding!

  220. I’m only on the computer a couple days a week …..oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, and blueberries is one of my favorite breakfasts. Hlad you are safely past the ‘congested area of US, and so many good people are taking care of you. May God be with you. Lyla

  221. Hi Bernice
    So glad your trip is going well checking in on your progress now and then. Think of you often. Met you at Gil and Terri Ammans place

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  223. #CaneadeaSummer

    You passed by our house on your way to Allen Lake yesterday. My neighbors shared your story. Awesome. Enjoy your time in Allegany Co. , NY

  224. Just a note to share with you how close you were to our church camp Friday on Trowbridge Rd., Franklinville, NY. . My son, Eric, said that he wished he had told you about the camp. You could have had a hot shower and used one of the cabins or empty campers available. Eric said he mentioned the pond for the horses and didn’t know where you were staying. He has a pole barn and a huge garden across from where you stopped. Sorry we were not there to hear some of your travel stories. What an adventure you must be one. Best wishes to you and your horses.

  225. Glad you stopped in Spartansburg, PA. Thanks so much for the interview for the local paper, The Corry Journal. When it is published, I’ll mail a copy to your home address.
    Best wishes for health and safety as you continue on your journey. And may the weather be ever in your favor! 🙂

  226. Hello. Last night I was over visiting my sister, when my brother in law walks in and says… “What the heck are 2 horses doing in the neighbors backyard?” We live in town so this is not a sight you see everyday lol. So later on after talking to his mom who lives next door he explained that there was a woman staying in the backyard with her horses and dog. And that she is traveling up to Maine to stay for the winter and then on to Canada and down to California.
    I couldn’t stop thinking and wondering about this woman, so I did a Google search and came upon an article about you and then linked through to your website.
    I really wish I had gotten the chance to meet you as you rode through our small town! What an awesome experience it would of been for my children and I to hear of your travels!
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey, and God Bless!

  227. Laurie Zakostelecky

    Bernice, it was such a pleasure to meet you tonight, loved sharing the experience with my grandsons! I wish you safety and many Blessings as you travel. Sincerely, Laurie

  228. I just read about your ride in our local paper in MI. LOVED reading your blog. You’re an inspiration, and I’ll continue to follow your progress. Safe & happy travels to your gang!

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  230. I just checked up on you and am so happy you continue your journey. I loved meeting you and will continue to check in on your website to see that you are doing well. Say hi to the two girls for me, they are wonderful. Hope to see you again some day. If there is ever anything more I can ever do to help out please drop me a line. Take Care!!

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  232. Diane Andreassi

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and hear your story. May your journey be filled with rainbows.

  233. Hey Bernice , I’ve been following your rides for several years and wish I was a trail partner . . . I’ve planned a 1,000 ride from near Louisville, KY to Cheyenne, WY to get there for Frontier Days. Could you tell me about what percent of your riding is on pavement compared to gravel roads and trails? Thanks, all the best and happy trails! Austin.

    • a good deal is on pavement at this time, you really need to check out the Blacksmith Shop horseshoes that I am using the wear and slippage is a huge problem. thanks for the email B

  234. I have had a crash course on you, and your current cross country adventure, all in this day. Today, August 4th, you rode across northeastern Wheeler Township, in Gratiot County. I recieved a phone call from a neighbor named Dwight, and he was so excited to tell me of the stop you made at his home on Jefferson Road, to water your horses!He read me some of the info from your card, and I have been absolutely amazed by what I’ve read so far. I am hoping the “Middle of the Mitten” area of MICHIGAN continues to treat you well…….This is a great time to find plenty of HAY in this area, and we are so pleased that you left some happy tracks on a nearby road!! I wish I could have seen you. I owned horses for most of my life, and I spent a summer in Montana , (COLSTRIP), when I was much younger…..I’ll just live a lttle of a dream thru your writings! God bless you!

  235. Don and Patricia Courtney

    Thanks so much for the joyful visit to Iron River,Wi.Hope that you are well.

  236. Hello Bernice,
    Several years ago, when I first started up Horse Lover’s Math, I contacted you asking permission to use photos from your site for a post I wanted to create about one of your long rides. You kindly said yes. Well—time passed and today a post went up about the first ride you made on Pride back in 2005. When you get a chance, please check it out at: I plan on creating more posts in the future about each of your rides. I see that your current ride will bring you to the west coast of Canada. I live in Surrey, B.C., just south of Vancouver. I’ll follow along on your progress in the hopes I can meet up with you when you’re in the area. Happy Trails, Deborah Stacey

  237. Hey Bernice! Headed up to the cabin for the weekend . . . AND just returned from a week in the Bob Marshall. We both managed the 30 mile trek in 1st day, but only because we rode walkers! Think I’m ready to do NM with you next round. Saw deer and grouse. That’s it. Had to return home to find a grizzly sow + two cubs in the yard. Hope all is well with you & see you’re making good time. Got your postcard & have been keeping in touch w/ T.R. Have to check out that brewery on occasion you know. Enjoy the scenery & social life out east.

  238. steve kinsman

    hi bernce,i did not know how famous you are. im the guy in lovells mi on the quad going to look for army stuff and i showed u on the map to take skyhill rd to kp lake rd rd.i then saw u again that evening at stephan bridge rd by jones lake. u had your camp set up and i had just returned from the army camp returning that i phone i found. anyway hello! and how r you hope all is well i wish i could have gotten a picture and autograph.any if u r ever in this neck of the woos or were ever call and say hi.8109194035 it was great weeting u and good luck in all your adventures

  239. Dennis M. Wallace

    Hello Bernice
    This is Dennis from Crawford central dispatch center in Grayling Michigan, I am the one that the ACO officer talked to and got directions for you around the military action, hope the rest of your day and trip goes well for you

  240. Hi Bernice I met you at the diner in Epoufette Mi about 30 minutes west of the Mackinac bridge. My daughter Karissa thought the world of you. Please let us know how far down you go in Michigan so we can see you. Safe Travels

  241. Jeff FitzGerald

    It was great to meet you “twice” in two days in Gaylord Michigan. I think your adventure is amazing and I hope to see updates as you are able to. Also it appears you must have altered your route on this trip because you ended up in Northern Michigan. Are you heading through Canada to Maine or are you going south through Michigan across into Pennsylvania and up into Maine? Either way travel safe and God Bless! Jeff

  242. Gennie Morgan GENEVIEVE

    I wish you lived closer to CHEBOYGAN, we sure enjoyed your visit here, The Great Lakes will miss you!~

  243. Adventure. I like it. Good luck!

  244. It was so wonderful to meet you in Indian River, MI this afternoon! I enjoyed visiting with you and learning about your journey. Happy trails to you, Essie Pearl, and Montana Spirit!!

  245. Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges.
    It was truly informative. Your website is useful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  246. Deb & Jake Werner

    Sorry we missed you in Valley City ND, but looking forward to the next time you’re in North Dakota. We hope you have a wonderful journey and pray for your safe return home.

    • Bernice, After reading your comments about the upper peninsula of Michigan, I will put that toward the top of my camping location list. I had heard there are tons of black bears there– did you see some? We just got back from a short road trip- spent the last night in southwestern South Dakota- quite spectacular. Will be looking for your next post! God(dess) speed to you and the girls. Hugs from your friend, Mary

  247. Hi Bernice,
    I’m writing this note as you, Essie Pearl and Montana Spirit sleep peacefully in our back yard here in Phelps, Wisconsin. We are so glad to have had the opportunity to meet you and thank you for sharing your time with us as you cross the country on your 2014 to 2016, 8000 mile, 2.5 year mile ride. If you ever pass this way again, please know the door is always open. If we’re lucky enough to get honey this year, we’ll have to track you down and forward a jar your way to enjoy. Thank you for sharing this short time with us. I’m sure Terefech will never forget you.
    Good health and safe travels to you!
    All the best!
    Renee, Colin & Terefech Snook
    PO Box 123
    Phelps, WI 54554

  248. patti Ctrosby

    Finally got on to see where you are. wanted to let you know George passed away June 9th. I’m back to work & getting on with life.
    Will continue to follow your adventures! Patti

  249. Arlene Bozicnik

    It was a pleasure meeting you today in Boulder Junction WI! I am so glad that I waved and greeted you on Main St! and then found you at Coontail Corners! Enjoyed talking to you. I already have watched your DVD with friends it will be making the rounds in the northwoods. hope you enjoyed the strawberries and I know that Pearl and Spirit liked the apples! If you ever pass thru my town again please let me know. I will watch the local paper for the article on you and send a copy to your MT address. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me!!
    Safe Travels.
    Happy Trails to You! Bernice

  250. I’m going to be out of the country from July 7-August 3…hope you’ll not be passing through western PA then,
    as there are several of us who would like to meet up with you. Can you offer more specific information about what
    parts of the country you’ll visit, and approximately when?

    • greetings Lynda well lets see I am going to be coming thru your area the first or second week of August. I can send more information when I get to Detroit area. thank you so much for your interest. Bernice

  251. Hi Bernice,
    I work at the Iron River, MI post office. Happy to tell you your parcels are here. I was so excited when I read the information on your package. Of course I googled you as soon as I got home. Your journey is indeed something I have dreamed of doing in my lifetime. Family, job, and responsibilities have happily filled my life. Maybe one day not on as grand a scale.
    We have a menagerie of critters on our farm. It is located maybe 1 mile from the poast office. Lots of room for your ladies, and a camper trailer ( with air conditioning) for yourself. If you would care for a break. A day, days whatever. We would love to meet you and possibly hear your story. My phone # is 9064581090. If this works for you we would be so happy. If not, hopefully I will be working when you pick up your parcels. Yours sincerely
    Gina Giuliani

  252. It was so lovely to see you ride in to the Equestrian Cooperative in Ashland on your beautiful horses, loaded with gear. What an inspiration you are to all of us riders. I wish you clear trails, health and good fortune for your journey.

  253. Wow you are awesome! How will I know when you are in OH so I can bring you a cheeseburger and meet you? I have 6 horse and have a ball with them. I am in lower Mi about 20 miles from the ohio line right off. US 127. Route 20 across OH is Amish country too. I will drive down and meet you if you want. Have a great trip kindred spirit adventurer. Have you heard of the group Michigan Trail Riders? They have made a trail across MI and up and down too. You can put your horses on a ferry near the Mackinaw Bridge and ride them on Mackinaw Island.

  254. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto
    a colleague who had been doing a little research on this.
    And he actually bought me breakfast due to the fact
    that I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this….
    Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this matter here on your

  255. Some people enter our lives for a reason and today I know Bernice was one of those people. As I was planting my for sale sign on my property she rode up and we had a wonderful conversation. How wonderful that people like you still exist in this world, doing the things that inspires others. What a bright spot in my day although I wish your horses ate more of the grass so I wouldn’t have to mow. Happy Travels!

  256. Robert DeLong

    Hi Bernice!
    Dave Brown just let me know you were off on a ride and we will try to follow you on the web. We live in RI and would love to catch you on your swing thru the Northeast. Sharon is doing well and sends her best from Portland, OR. Rob, Allie, Alex and Sam.

  257. Marlene Kingsley


  258. I just became aware of your travels through a post made by Ed Streeper on a Facebook group called Trail Riders of North Dakota and Minnesota. I am definitely following your adventures!

  259. You are living my dream!!!!!!!!!!!! Ata girl! You are riding for all of us………..

  260. Very nice to meet you–Happy Trails…peace

  261. Hi Bernice,
    I hope you have another great time on the road, with lots of beautiful sceneries to see and many great people to meet.
    I have a question for you concrning your sponsors.
    How did you get your sponsors ??? Did you wrote them with questions and requests for gear and so on, or did they just handed you the
    things you requested ???
    Thanks for your time and effort.
    Safe and Happy Trails,

    • Kees no It has taken years to develop a list of sponsors, takes time to develop a reputation.

  262. Bernice, I so admire you for living your dream on horseback. I live my dreams of horseback travel vicariously through your posts. Both my steeds are quite old, 25 and 28, but I think my 25 YO Morgan would have loved to have done what you are doing. I haven’t followed you recently, but saw a thread about your most recent adventure and have been reading what you have posted so far. Love to hear / read about your adventures. Good luck and happy trails.

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  264. What an adventure. You must be highly intelligent as you have FJORDS ;). I have a quote i like:
    “I will not die an unlived life.”
    This seems fitting for you. Enjoy your travels.
    Jo CA

  265. gabrielle mathiesen

    You are doing in US what is my dream to do in New Zealand from top to bottom i imported Fjord Horses into NZ 20 years ago and have been breeding them ever since, if you fancy a change of scenary you have my email.

  266. Dear Bernice, Its a long time and over 2,700 miles with Strider last year since I have spent time on your website and felt the strong tugging on myself for your rides and team. My admiration and sense of awe has grown even greater. And my mother would have been pleased with that bit of Percheron. Her grandmother bred them for brewery dray horses in London. Now I must give real time to my family and accept that Strider and I are pretty idle, but I am able to encourage some others here in England who are travelling and even if I cannot give any real advice I can be ‘with’ them and make sure they feel that they are right to be doing it. And maybe in a year or two we can get back on the road for a bit. With love and thanks for the inspiration you gave and give, from William, and Strider

  267. Billiejean from New River, AZ

    Hi Bernice! I sooooooooo look forward to reading every time you post! I am living through your journeys, filling the void of a long ride “someday”. Just dreaming…..ahhhhhh Question: Do you still travel without a cell phone? I still don’t own one, and really don’t want one……it’s just in case of an emergency maybe? But, we all know that there are still a lot of remote areas where one can’t get a connection anyway. People think I am crazy for not having one. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORDS THAT FORM BEAUTIFUL PICTURES IN MY MIND! RIDE ON BERNICE!!

  268. Hello Bernice – I am Kim Hagen (Moxie). I just saw that you left Medora a day ago or so. I live 12 miles northwest of Linton ND and would like to offer you a place to stop along your way to MN. Hwy 13 runs from Linton to Wahpeton, ND (boarders MN at Breckenridge) and offers a very quiet ride. Should you decide to take that route and want to stop at the Homestead, you are more than welcome!! The Homestead is 25 miles south of Sterling, ND (runs along I-94) go south on 83 past Temvik about 1 1/2 miles to Will Lane. Go west 4 miles. Look for red metal roofs immediately west of the bridge. I hope to be home Thursday and Friday but if I am not there put your horses in the corral by the grey barn and close the east gates leading to the creek. If my horses are in the far north pasture you can close that gate and let your horses have the east pasture with the creek. My Australian Shepherd “Buddy” has a harsh bark but he likes women – just say his name and talk to him – he will be fine. Make yourself at home and relax until I get there!! Would love having you. It’s a modest homestead Bernice – I live a very simple life. No tv or internet there!!

  269. roger robinson

    I see you re-shod the horses. hope my shoes are holding up for you. good luck and happy trails. roger

    • Roger they are fantastic!! I could not be happier with your horseshoes!! I am going to write about them on my update this evening!! please look. Bernice

  270. De Nice Curry

    Heard you on the radio talk show this morning from Forsyth, Montana. I thought what you are doing is so awesome!! I grew up in Forsyth and now live in Miles Ctiy. Best wishes for your journey!


    hi Bernice, so you are on your way, wish you happy trails and hope to hear during the ride or via your web side.
    love as always, T xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  272. Hello Bernice,
    Happy to see your riding aspirations for 2014. I have been wanting to do a long distance ride for some time, having never done one before but growing up with horses… i am nervous still. I have decided my goal is to ride from Denver Colorado to Aiken SC. I am nervous to do so alone and would appreciate some advice or references. I only found you after starting my research for the ride and was so happy to see a lady long rider. Would it be possible to join you part of the way? I just want an idea of the skills i will need. If you were to consider my proposed route do you think sept 1st is a wise departure date seeing as the south is unbearably hot in the summer?
    happy trails thank you for being out there all ready and giving me hope

  273. Hey Bernice!
    Hope the first week or so of the ride has gone well. We are thinking of you here. Sending you courage and hopes for the perfect campsites to present themselves all along the way.
    Loving and happy trails to you!
    Lisa, Art, and the animal crew here on Indian Creek

  274. Christine Quilling

    Bernice, today I have enailed my friend Cindy Lacasse from Jackman, Maine about you…she is on FB…My folks had camps in Jackman for many years and I spent many a summer in Jackman growing up…Cindy has been a friend since then…We are messageing right now…never know the possiblilities!!! Blessings, Chris ps we rode horses and ponies together…the hardest ‘bucking off’ experience I ever had was off her 12 hand pony into a patch of nettles!!! Didn’t know what was worse, the nettles or having the breath knocked out of me!!!

  275. Bernice, when you are planning your trip back through Canada, consider taking Hwy 11, when headed west out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It will be much quieter a ride than Hwy 17, which has far too much track freight traffic.
    Hwy 11 will carry you along a great wilderness route and eventually to Rainy Lake and the wonderful little town of Fort Frances. I live here and I’d be happy to give you a place to hang your hat on the journey. You are an inspiration to us all. 🙂
    Safe travels!

  276. I so wanted to do this too…..short notice for this year but if it is ever done again I want to do the ride as well.

  277. Hello Bernice, I heard you may be riding through Maine this year, if so, I’d love to know what route you may travel, I like in Central Maine and have been following your travels off and on for a while. I too, as many that write you, have longed for horseback travel. I have no idea if it’ll ever happen for me, but I don’t cross it off my list, ever. If you make it up here, I’d love to come and ride with you for a day or so, i’ll heed your warning of being a “Military General” to ride with, I’m working with my horses to make them good reliable trail mounts. . . Safe travels, Amy

  278. Bernice, did you mean west across Canada during 2015? I have marked my calendar and intend to follow along on it! Be careful in the eastern USA…of the cars and the people! I wish you were coming more south…I am under Tallahassee but would come up to the Georgia foothills to intercept you, lol! Have a wonderful time, we’ll be praying for you! Will try to donate if next month’s commission check is decent!

    • Yes Karen that is the plan. I need to leave as early as possible in 2015. Please stay in touch perhaps you’ll make it out for a visit. sincerely Bernice

  279. Read the article in Country Woman and visited your web site. What an extraordinary woman you are for having the determination and fortitude to take your trips. The freedom and scenic routes, meeting all the fantastic people and spending time with the horses. Sounds a little like heaven. Thanks for sharing your story.

  280. Colleen Kesterson

    I so enjoyed your talk at the Grizzly Claw on Saturday Jan 25, 2014 in Seeley Lake, MT. I hope the article that I am writing for the Pathifinder, the local newspaper will do you justice.
    I found a picture of my class at Swan Valley Elementary School in your archives of photos. It was taken in 2008. All the kids are much bigger of course now. I was glad to find it as I don’t seem to have one. Now I do. Happy Trails to you, I am sure there will be many trails! CK

  281. Hi Bernice. Are you still planning your two year trip across Canada? How are the plans coming? Hope you’ll share some of your ideas and preliminary plans with us. All the best Jim & Marney Webster, Calgary

  282. Hi there,
    I just found out about your rides. Over the course of the last 15 years I have travelled thousands of miles on horseback myself, my trips all is central Patagonia, a land and culture still dominated by horse travel. I would love to meet you sometime, no idea when that might be as I live in Alaska but….???? You never know. Enjoy your rides! Nancy.

  283. Any plans to head east? Or is that not where your trail leads?

  284. hi there! We purchased a small bottle of Kool Arnica with MSM and Glucosamine from you. How may we order some more?

  285. Linkedin would not let me sign up on your request. You stopped hear yaers ago 8 miles East of Moxee, WA and we showed you a place you could bed down for the night. I think we might have given you produce out of the garden. Greg Olsen, Moxee, Wa

  286. Hi Bernice,
    Just checking on the possibility of you coming to the state of Rhode Island if your next trip is going to cover the New England area for 2014. I would be interested in having you speak in the town of East Greenwich RI. I could you supply you food, lodging for you and your horses/mules/& dog. I can also pay you you for speaking.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time.
    Randy Osga

  287. Jean Babler Dahlheimer

    I was very surprised to see the article about you in Country Woman magazine. I knew of your long riding because of an article a couple of years ago in the local paper here in MN the Crow River News. I grew up nearI you in Hassan I’m sure you know where the Babler farm was. I was the oldest of Edgar and Muriel’s 3 daughters so never knew you because I’m older than you. I knew your parents. I wish I had read the article in Country Women before we went to Whitefish MT in early Sept. I understand you live close to there. I really am in awe of what you do. I could never do it. We have been to Texas so have some understanding of the distances that you travel. I understand you were close to Loretta Berning. Her son John is married to my husband’s sister Carmen. Small world isn’t it. Sat my sister and I drove past the old farmsteads. things are sure different out there now. Best of luck on your ride next summer across Canada we visited Lake Louise and Banff I really like that part of Canada.

  288. Greetings from Seattle,
    Hi Bernice,
    This is Janna’s old friend and godfather of her children, Mark. We last spoke during your visit and slide show in Seattle over the summer. You were without horses and dogs at the time. I have given your contact to a friend, Jody, from Vancouver BC who is one of your kindred spirits. She is a horse woman and is excited to hear about your latest adventures. Jody may even want to join you for one of your rides. I believe the two of you will enjoy one another’s company. She will contact you as she can. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving.
    Happy Trials,
    Mark Ukelson

    • Hey Mark greetings and thank you for the email, well lots of people want to ride with me but I tell you I am unbearable to be with I turn into a Military general and all bets are off I am a total ‘bitch” of sorts so…. fair warning to your friend all smiles Bernice

  289. I am anxous to hear that you are home, safe and warn and cozy and great plans for the long cold winter ahead.

  290. Sharon (Sherry) R. Cochran

    I just “heard” about you & your adventures in Country Women magazine. I am so impressed with what you are doing. Following your dream is something not everyone can do. I admire people that do. I will check in when you travel your 2014 “trail ride” I understand you are coming to Canada. Be sure to come to the Okanagan of Beautiful British columbia. If you make it here I’ll buy you a coffee!

  291. Dear Bernice; I just want you to know how lovely I thought our meet up was on cold creek. I am so happy to have met you, and I would like to do that again. It is gonna be about 2 degrees tonight and I hope you are warm. When you come back I have some wonderful blankets that I would love to share with you . One thing about montanans is they never want to see anyone freeze to death. I consider myself a montanan now after 18 years and it does get cold, and plenty hungry here. Please don’t forget to keep in touch as much as you want. My address is Ayla Williams, 64634 Cold Cr Ln
    St Ignatius Mt, 59865 . Wonderful to meet you and I know we will meet again. You certainly are an inspiration . Love Ayla

  292. delores rouillard

    i spent a week with carol@jim in alaska. i am your 1st cousin adeline, daughter where are carol and jim now ? GOOD LUCK would like to here from you.

  293. I am enjoying seeing your journey and hope to make one of my own someday! If you ever make it to Va would love to meet you.

  294. When I saw the article about you in Country Woman something struck a cord deep in my heart. I have just finished reading about how you came to be a long rider and your recent blogs which are fascinating. They speak of an inner strength and peace that so few find in this world as society runs at a furious pace to emptiness. I am encouraged as you share about the help of generous strangers – encouraged to know that there really are many people in this beautiful country that are good, kind and compassionate. I am on a long ride of sorts myself at the moment – on an unexpected road on my journey in life. Your story has made me sit back and examine my attitude about my expectations of how life is “supposed” to be and rethink my abilities as an older woman. It takes courage to venture into the unknown, whatever form it takes. Thank you for offering inspiration and hope that life can be lived “outside the box”, so to speak, and be filled with joy.

  295. I read about you and your riding in the country women magazine, It is wonderful that you are doing this. At age 10 my Father and Mother decided to take us 6 kids across country in a covered wagon drawn by two white mules. It took two summers to go from Ct. to Nebraska as we had to go home to go to school. What a wonderful trip, now I would love to go the rest of the way. But on horse or mule instead of a wagon. Don’t know if it will happen but reading about you sure gives me the idea that I could do it too. God Bless you.
    Linda Smith

  296. I’m a freelance writer living in Manitoba, Canada. Are you traveling anywhere near Brandon, Manitoba in 2014? I’d sure like to interview you if you are I live on a ranch 29 miles.north west of the city. Read your story in Country Woman. Look forward to hearing from you. Have a safe trip.

  297. Weather forc ast is not good. I pray you are safe and warm.

  298. What are the chances of joining you>?

    • well I will in all honesty not take anyone any longer it is just to risky and I am truly unbearable to ride with, its my way or the highway, smiles and thank you for the interest Sincerely Bernice Ende

  299. I am a program planner for a national organization called North American Trail Ride Conference. We are distance riders that for one short weekend a month live the life of horses and their care over many miles of trail. In February 2015 we will be presenting a convention for riding enthusiasts from all over North America. It will probably be located near Nashville Tennessee. I would like for you to be a speaker if that is possible. What do you think?

  300. You are an inspiration ! This is exactly what I want to do someday! Love it ! Hugs Lauren from Ohio

  301. Great fun to read your adventures….and dream….it is something I’d like to try someday.

  302. Bernice,
    I read about your Long Trail Rides in the Parade Magazine section of the Dallas Morning News.
    Your travels are very endearing to many people, myself included. What a very special way you
    have found to explore and document so many wonderful northern outback areas of the U.S.
    Your Horses and canine companions are faithful to the core. So happy to know about you & your
    trips via your website and other press.
    God bless,

  303. Stumbled across a clipping of your long ride in the Chester Progressive dated June 6, 2007 and googled your name and found your blog. Here’s to living life to the fullest! I’ll enjoy reading your blog now.

  304. I saw your article in Country Woman magazine. Very inspirational; You are amazing! Thanks for blogging and sharing your adventures with us!!


  306. I’m in New Hampshire and would love to meet u p with you. My goil one day is too also ride the open spaces. Your adventures have inspired me. I’d be glad to help with hay and water for your horses, food for the dog and of cours a meal for you. Keep in touch.

  307. Billiejean from New River, AZ

    Dear Bernice,
    You are such an inspiration to me! I started reading about your travels on the old web site, your ride with Honor…..and love following you and your words out there! I am 60 now and my horse Yuri is 20 and my burro is 14. I know Yuri could not do a long ride now, so I must seriously think about getting another. Last summer I took a road trip with my dog Lacy to see western Montana for the first time, stopping to camp and hike along the way but way too short a trip of just 11 days. So many times I had wished I had my horse. Several people said to me before I left, “you are going alone?! ….camping alone?! I hope you will be carrying a gun!” And of course me being a woman made people question me even more. I must admit I was a little apprehensive, but like you everywhere I went people were so NICE AND HELPFUL! The trip renewed my faith in humankind. Today you hear a lot about not being able to trust people anymore. Now I don’t fear camping alone with my critters. I never feared riding alone on day trips, but camping was another story. But once I was out there in the wilderness surrounded by so much beauty, it didn’t take long at all to feel so at home. I hope that I too can just take off on my horse one day, before I am unable physically to do it! YOUR ARE MY INSPIRATION BERNICE! Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean dillydally squat anymore! May your mind, body and spirit keep riding! HAPPY TRAILS!

  308. longriders guild is down . im going from ar. to the ca. coast . need too know about the water situation in the high desert . mainly nv. any advice is welcome . gus

    • yes I to am not to computer savy you ask about water in the high desert well it is ify but if you have cattle then you will have water, depends on the time of year, follow a storm thats a good time to cross dry areas, lets see you must always ask ranchers ask ahead before you do a 60 mile stretch, there are stock tanks, not good for you to drink and pretty awful as the year progresses but try to ride ranch to ranch..let me know how you do..sincerely bernice ende

    • THere aint alot stock tanks find out where the stock tanks are from local Ranchers Bernice sorry to be so late am just getting in

  309. sorry bernice im not tech savvy . anything about the high desert would be welcome . gus

  310. If your ever passing through NJ, my fjord “Hagar”, and I would welcome you and your horses to camp in our fenced in field with hay and a water tough 🙂
    Happy trails!! Christine Odegaard

  311. Sally Holliday

    Bernice, you lift my spirits as you share pictures & commentary about your travel experiences. My father, with two friends, drove a farm truck through many of the towns you mentioned in you most recent blog…during the Great Depression. When he needed to return to his folks’ SE Kansas farm to resume its care in late summer, he rode the rails, hobo-style, all the way home. The tales he told of his adventures!

  312. I read that you will be heading to the Northeast soon. If you are in the Albany, NY area and need anything please drop me a line.

    • Wow if I keep getting these invites I should think It will be a very gregarious trip thru your part of the country. Hope to be out there next fall sincerely Bernice

  313. Do you ever allow a person to ride along with you.

    • No Not any more it is simply to dangerous and I have so little patience, it must all be done my way and I do not make much of a traveling partner Bernice

  314. Kari Gabriel - Kalispell, Montana

    You are an inspiration, Bernice! I’ve enjoyed tracking you on your blog and hope to meet you and perhaps even take a ride with you someday!

    • Bernice,
      I received my Country Woman today in the mail & read the article about you. You are a very brave lady to be on a long trip. If ever passing by in the Midwest of IL. you are welcome to stay the night on our 5 acre place. Would love to meet you! I have always loved horses but never had one. Safe & happy trails to you.

  315. Hi Friend, meet you in Eldorado Texas at the fair ground a couple years ago. I am back in NE Montana at Plentywood right now; am following you and loving it . Myrt Overby

  316. Hello Bernice, I am workiing on your story in my upcoming magazine, “Thunderting Hooves” and will send the link to the finished piece soon!! Be safe…….. michael

  317. Bernice:
    For memory’s sake, when you rode through bozeman 2 years ago, we met at Marie o’neill’s and you camped at our place in Churchill. Tim Nd I are continually following your rides. We talked at length about heading to chile and long riding. It is still my heart’s desire so when you are ready lwt’s ride! I am considering doing my first long ride next may. I will start slow riding about 500 miles. I am excited planning the trip. If you get close to Churchill let me know and I will join you riding for a bit! Keep on trucking, hugs to you and your. Rw!
    Wendy and Tim

    • yes yes yes of course I remember you. Has a matter of fact I am setting up a series of speaking engagements for this winter last week of Jan. thru the first week of Feb. would you like to help set up a talk in your area, will be in Bozeman at the Senior Center, not sure of the exact date but will let you know it will be posted. Hey I am so glad to hear that you might take a ride. Let me know if you need any questions answered. Bernice

  318. Any recent contact or information on Bernice? Just worrying after her a bit! thanks!

  319. Happy Trails Ende! I’ll be doing my 3rd and last long ride in 2020 on Moki, the son of Shawnee. (Shawnee carried me 3,000 miles from California to Virginia in 2001.) I recently read a National Geographic article that explains us. According to the article, we are not adreniline seekers. We are dopamine seekers. The daily challenges produce high levels of dopamine. Whatever the reason, I too know the challenges and rewards of the trail. I wish you all of the best on your current adventure. Lisa

  320. Loraine Yusten

    What a great exciting reading when ran across your story in AARP of April. Tho’t I’d read all of it before, guess not! Interesting to hear your travels. We traveled in RVs for over 37 yrs after kids wee out of college, Worked summers as could not find winter jobs to support us so could travel in summer. We’d also taken Farm and Ranch magazine tours to place sin Saw lots in Canada, most of US. Miss it but had to quit in 08 as husband was getting dementia so now in assisted living facility in Scottsbluff Ne where out daughter lives.

  321. Would love to meet you Bernice—have done some riding–wrapping up the Chief Joe this year–gotta love your approach though–just need to get retired though

  322. Osiy Bernise! I’ve just learned about your travels, am so inspired and look forward to following your current adventure. I am a fellow LongRider, completing a continuous, 1200 mile ride with fellow rider Eva Palohemo as Hags On Nags back in 2001. Have been back to Sea since then, am now back on land and the long ride is stirring in m blood once more. As I get back in riding shape and look for my equine partner I will excitedly follow your journey. God speed and Happy Trails!

  323. Hi! My husband and I met you on Silver Butte Pass off of the Vermillion road the other day. You were one of the highlights of our trip to Idaho/Montana. And that’s saying a lot because we visited Glacier National Park, saw amazing sights and wildlife. We’ve had a great trip and enjoyed meeting you. Be safe and…ride on!!!

  324. Tom From Water Valley ,AB.Canada

    Hi Bernice,Well have not heard from you so i guess your all set for your website.Have a great ride and we will see you up here in Canada next year,Happy Trails Tom{:

  325. I am intrigued and inspired by your story. You are a wonderful role model. I recently retired and you have shown me the possibilities and choices for my “next life” are limitless. thanks, Lee in KC

  326. I’ll be following your adventures this summer. You are inspiring. Safe and happy traveling.

    • Laurie Morgan

      Gees! I’m having so much fun reading about your travels. I especially liked the post about crossing Death Valley after a storm, so there would be water, if I remember correctly. I have two mammoth donkeys and dreams. All three of us are out of shape and fat!! Still dream about riding though. I love the Eastern Sierras, Death Valley, parts of Arizona, Montana, Idaho. Stuck here though, can’t take off, too much obligations (promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep!). Thanks for sharing, really important to me. Best, Laurie Morgan, Olympia, WA.

    • I am so in awe of a lone rider inspiring so many people to follow their dreams. Are you going to be near Spokane??

      • No I will be heading the other direction but still thank you for even thinking of me sincerely Bernice Ende

  327. Hi Bernice, I read about you in the April AARP and am fascinated by your adventures! You sound like an amazing woman! Thank you for setting such a great example as a true pioneer!

  328. Hello Ms Ende. Was thumbing thru April’ s AARP magazine and read about you journey for May 2013. What an inspiring woman you are. May God travel with you and his Angels keep you safe.

  329. Hi Bernice!
    The longest distance trail ride I have been on was about 20 miles. You are indeed an inspiration. Good luck on your ride!

  330. Cyndy Bradley

    Read your article in AARP. Amazing and inspirational.

  331. Connie Barrow

    Read the article in AARP , wish I could travel with you. My theory is if Queen Elizabeth can ride well into her 85th year then so can I! Wishing you a very safe, and happy travels, meeting people, and see the country! Peace to you.

  332. Hello! I read the article in AARP and am mightily impressed! Wishing you all the best on the 2013 ride and beyond. Get in touch if you’d like to learn how to trick rope!
    Warmest wishes, KQ

  333. Greetings! I am planning a horseback trek from Sante Fe New Mexico to Bozeman in 2014 that will focus on faith and climate change. I am most concerned about the deserts of Wyoming and Northwestern Colorado. I am concerned about finding enough food and water for the two horses I will be using. I see in your blog you once travelled through this region. Any suggestions?

    • Don, I am also trying to figure out my trip I am from Edgewood New Mexico, Good luck on your trip. I have a grea m ule for it but my horse is too flighty right now at 7 years of age. What route are you taking? Have you done this before?

    • Don It is not a difficult stretch and yes I have ridden it, more than once. You will need more than faith however, skill, attentiveness and caution are the first in my book. YOU MUST BE PREPARED. find out even drive your route that will help immensely. Look for stock tanks and cattle and there are people just about everywhere just ride up humbly apologize for the intrusion and ask for water. It s not that hard really good luck sincerely Bernice ENde

  334. Dear Bernice – it was so very interesting and entertaining to read about your miles of travel with your companion dog and two horses. I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to attempt even a feat a fraction of that size. It just amazes me that you traveled basically thousands of miles with no human contact for much of it. It was heart warming to hear of your encounters with people along the way and how they were so welcoming and helpful to you on your journeys. I wish you had come my direction – you surely would have been invited to camp on our small 5 acres and I would have loved to visit with you face-to-face. I am, as we speak, in the beginning stages of recovery from a bad fall from my young horse. It is suggested and probably rightfully so, that I do not ride again – I too am 58 years old soon to turn 59. It is inspiring to hear your story and I wish you the best of luck on your continued “long” rides. God surely must be riding with you keeping you and your “family” safe just as he was with me the day of my accident – it could have been so much worse. I am o.k. with my riding life coming to an end – but I will never give up my love and passion for God’s most noble creatures – he is just showing me a different path to take now and I will follow his lead:)
    Take care and keep the blogs coming. I look forward to a book from you!!
    Mary Hill

    • Thank you Mary and I to look forward to “that Book” its taking me long enough. sincerely Bernice ENde

    • Cathy Gormanson

      Don’t ever let age dictate your abilities. I have a friend who is 70, still riding and has her own horse. I envy her abilities and dedication and love for her connection to the horse world. Blessings to you-keep your commitment to your love of horse and you will live and long and healthy life

  335. Good for you. I have gone back & forth traveling in the car at various times in my life. It is a beautiful country. K

  336. Bernice,
    Just saw the article about you in AARP magazine. You are awesome. I wish I could do what you are doing. Have you ever thought of having someone videotape part pf your journeys. This way everyone could enjoy experiencing the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains.
    Robert Gunn, Little Elm, Texas

    • Yes there is a documentary film maker out of Calif. that is interested so we shall see. Many thanks for your kind email Sincerely Bernice Ende

  337. Chris Deluna

    Just got my earthstone necklace love it and it smelled good! Thanks

  338. Bernice, when do you start your 2013 trip? looking forward to seeing some of your plans for the trip and then following along on the blog. All the best, happy trails.

  339. Carol Raines

    You are one interesting lady. I can’t get enough of following your trips.

  340. frank and irene w.

    good luck on your new adventure in 2013……..stay healthy and safe…

  341. I saw you riding through Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and I had to turn my car around and say ‘hi’ and get your story – I am so glad I did – it’s wonderful to live vicariously through you…amazing!

  342. I admire and envy you so much. You have rode by my house on Sinclair Crk (blue house) a number of times and I finally got to take a picture and yell out at you. I hope you have a book written some day of your adventures and trips with photos. You have done what a lot of us only dream of doing. I have your DVD and it made me feel like I was traveling with you. Follow your dreams and Happy Trails to you. Be Safe!!!

  343. Robynne Catheron

    I just watched your interview for the Today show, and it was great! They say you’re planning on riding to New England to see the fall colors,, how exciting! It’s definitely spectacular, that’s for sure. I live in upstate New York, and I would be honored to meet up with you and bring you hay and fresh water, and whatever else you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

  344. Robynne Catheron

    I just finished reading your section on the Longrider’s Guild website, and I’m even more excited to begin my own long ride! I’m planning to ride from New York to Texas in April 2014,and your website and blog have become essential to my planning. Thank you and may God bless you with the wind at your back and a lifetime of good health and soundness for all.

    • I love your creed and deed and wish my horse and i could make this kind of trip.We are about the same age I know my sister would do it .Maybe if the trip was shorter …we are always talking about how great it would be. I’ll follow your trail.Good luck .HAPPY & SAFE TRAILS..Giddy- up

  345. Brenda Flemmons

    I admire and envy you … Happy Trails…..

  346. Curious, is your dog an Australian Cattle dog? We have one and she looks quite similar

  347. Hello Bernice! When I saw your story on the Today show I thought , what an amazing women and how awsome it is to see a women traveling like you are. How awsome it must be to see American in this way. Coming across you and your travels is an inspiration to me. Happy Trails and safe travels!

  348. You are an amazing person. I leave you with a simple line from an old cowboy, ” Happy Trails to you ” .

  349. Charmaine Ashley

    Hello Bernice,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing life and journeys with all of us on our computer and tablets. I will be following you on this journey. Please take care of yourself and your friends. If you have not traveled to the eastern Sierras, you might consider that ride. Lone Pine and Bishop are wonderful areas to visit also.
    Happy trails to you! Respectfully, Charmaine Ashley

    • Hello Bernice – I have thoroughly enjoyed you sharing your amazing life and journeys also I find you truly inspirational! I am looking forward to hearing about your next journey!
      Sincerely, Tina Hamilton

  350. I enjoyed the article about you in the April, 2013, issue of the AARP Bulletin. I just e-mailed it to my horse’s vet. She is somewhat younger than us, but your story reminded me of her and I thought she’d enjoy it. Take care!.

  351. I love reading your story and certainly align with the deep love of silence and solitude and in the company of animal friends and partners. Wow! you inspire me. thank you for sharing your story you are a YES, and woman!!

  352. It doesn’t seem like much fun for the horses that are forced to ride these long distances with tremendous loads on their backs….

    • Fran I have given what you said on the guest book posting a great deal of time and thought. And all I can say is please, please do not judge me and my life with my horses until you have come out and met us, spend a day or camp an evening with us. The horses do not carry tremendous loads on their backs, they may look big but they are not heavy and I remove the packs every 2 hours if the day is hot. If you were to meet me and my animals I truly believe that you would find contentment, ease and truly healthy happy animals. They are my family and their care and well being is first in all decisions that I make. Please do not judge to harshly until you have met us, many thanks for your concern and for taking the time to respond to those concerns. sincerely Bernice Ende

  353. I read your article in aarp magazine and was drawn to your last name. My maiden name is also ende which is a very unvommon last name. I was wondering if we are some how related. My grandfather was albert H ende. He lived in rock island Ill.

  354. Have you ever considered anyone joining you? I live in Heber City, UT and just got downsized. Could you post where you are riding and maybe consider some company for a couple days? Thanks, Sally 813-760-0676

  355. Thanks for sharing your travels. I’ll be checking in from time to time.

  356. Bernice, i read that you may travel to New England. if you do, and you make it to Maine, i’d love to know about it! I’d come ride with you for a ways. . . . i dream of riding around the country like you are. . .

  357. You are the stuff of my childhood dreams! I’m so glad to know that you’re out there, so that the rest of us may live our dreams vicariously through you –
    I’m thrilled to have stumbled across your website!
    I’m curious to know if you’ve ever come across Jody Foss, the mule trekker. She has written a couple of books about her adventures & I was happy to meet her near Spray, Oregon. May we expect a book of yours one day?
    Your horses and dog are beautiful & look like very good company — long may you ride 🙂

  358. Just wanted to say, If you ever find your entarage in the Custer South Dakota area and need a place to camp, we have 7 acres (undeveloped) between Carroll Creek and Red Star Rd (all dirt roads) and 4 of it is good pasture, there is water there too, not fenced, in the Beaver Creek NF. I am 55, and cant wait to get out to develop our property someday when we retire (we are from the New England area, CT), My Dads family had a small farm and had horses growing up too, and I want to get a couple of Appys and go exploring myself, someday, if you google maps on the address 25691 Red Star Rd, Custer, SD to find it, i have posted some pictures on google maps site, you are welcome to camp there as long as you like, that property is about 5 miles from the middle of the Mickolson Trail that goes from Edmonton, SD northeast to Lead/Deadwood, SD short ride 110 miles, its an old rail road from the gold days, that has been converted to a trail. Happy trails to you, hope our paths will meet someday!
    Terry Baruffa

  359. Hello Bernice from Maine, Just read a piece on you in the paper this past weekend and looked up your website. I to am a trail rider and only dreamed of what your doing….you are amazing. If your ever in Maine looks us up!
    Diana and Harley

  360. MY SPIRIT joins you on/in your incredible journeys. Life to the fullest! My two daughters, both now mothers and grandmother, rode with me before they wre born and after. They had their own horses and ponies by the time they were 3 yrs old. I believe the horse is the most beautiful animal, and they are definitely good for children. (and mothers!) Prayers for your continued good life.

  361. Susan Lejonhud

    first time I have been on your website, but i plan to visit many more times. This is awesome!

  362. Barbara McQuiddy

    Hello, I saw you on TV and wanted you to know that you make all of us women very proud. God Bless has you continue you life style. Our thought and prayers are with you. B

  363. Dear Bernice, Your stories are wonderful. You give inspiration and hope. Horsewomen every where wonder if they will ride as they grow older. It is a powerful sight to see you doing what many of us only dream. Best wishes, Julia

  364. I’m obviously not doing enough.

  365. Pamela Ende Crosby

    Hello Bernice, As you can see I am an Ende also. I always try to contact anyone I run across with the last name of Ende. . My Ende family is small as far as I know. . We are third generation from Germany. Most of my family now lives in Florida.. We are all around your age so I am wondering if you might be a cousin. The name is an odd one. It was changed upon entering the United States. So hope to hear from you.
    Pamela Ende Crosby

  366. Hershel Franklin

    I’ve often wanted to do what you are doing. Worried about mixing horses with automobile and truck traffic, that seemed to be a disaster in the making. I really admire your grit. I’m older than you and I doubt now that I’ll ever get to get on a horse again. But, I really enjoyed reading of your adventures. Happy trails to you.

  367. Bernice, what a gal you are….Thoroughly enjoyed your website and descriptions of some of your travels….charge on gal, you are a NEAT lady. God Speed!

  368. You inspire me!! I don’t ride horses…tho I have some kind of affinity with them…I also longed to walk and walk and keep walking to see what ever will be.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and intriguing story. Many blessings to you and your beautiful animals.

  369. My son and I had the blessed opportunity to visit Glacier National Park last summer. I feel in love. It is the most amazing place. I went to a local bookstore in Kalispell and got a couple of books on women and homesteading in Montana. I always believed I woul have been one of the women if I lived in those times. I admire your courage and strength to do what you do. I read the article in AARP and had to login io the website. Good luck in your future travels.

  370. Hello Bernice: I too am doing what I did as a child, back to riding horses and barrel racing after 32 years without. Have a safe journey. Why don’t you include Washington state in your travels; we’re friendly horse women! I’d like to shoot a few photos of you, or maybe you would like to speak to a few horse organizations. I could organize. There are many possibilities.

    • Oh but I have ridden across Washington state twice now. Nice country the problem is there are to many great places to see and equine travel so slow smiles Bernice

  371. You are living your dream, riding through the most beautiful part of the country on horseback. I ride the iron horse, and have lived my dream and rode the paved trails of that same part of the country, sometimes thinking of how it must have been long ago to ride that same area on a horse. Thank you for sharing parts of your journey with us, so that we may know. Hope this note finds you in good company with the Spirit. Ride on Ms. Ende.

  372. What a surprise to find you in the AARP Bulletin!! I sure do miss our Aerobic classes. Now living in Mancos, CO (that’s in the Four Corners area). Want to keep on touch. Marge

  373. AARP delivered the interesting story but you delivered the inspiration. Many thanks.

  374. I also wanted to say that I have a goal to ride a horse in every state and as many foreign countries as possible!

  375. I just read about you in AARP magazine! I have owned horses my entire life and love to trail ride! I am an ovarian and uterine cancer survivor and you are an inspiration to me!

  376. I also read about you, for the first time, in AARP. What wonderful adventures you are having! My husband and I are traveling in your area this summer, but by car. We are interested in following your ride on computer. How inspiring you are! The safety of you and your animals are in my prayers. Best wishes.

  377. Bernice, you are an amazing woman. I admire your courage. Be safe. Inspire.

  378. page 7, AARP March issue. Glad i bothered to open it and see “She Takes The Long Trail Home”. Horses & dogs of all the animal kingdom are a part of who we are as you know. One might suppose we are losing sight of how much we need them because of the way the river of life is flowing, but then life flows from the best practice of the extraordinary, the outlier, the DNA synapse that breaks the chain and models a better way.
    There is a inde fim on a horse-whisperer who travels the country and helps horses that have an issue or disconnect from a healthy relationship with life. i think Robert Redford used the gent in making his main stream movie. This man had a much harsher farmland childhood.
    and i only mention it as a movie of your life would merit an A+ on the big scoreboard in the sky even if it never gets made (i am not suggesting i want to make a movie, just that i would go see it, LOL)
    There is a huge chunk of mankind that still relates to the great outdoors and a smaller chip that are just plain in awe of how precious the whole deal is even counting the bent dog ears and entropy not avoidable by anything in the matrix of life. And i think that may well be everything that is, so i have decided to turn reason on it head-cogito ergo sum-becomes Life is therefore it is. And so it goes. The best to you always. Never met you and doubt seriously i ever will, but your willingness to be profiled was wonderful. Thank youl

  379. Bernice, I love what you said in the article(AARP) “Uncertainty. You must accept the unexpected, turn yourself over to the ride and develop attentiveness, caution, and skill.” What a great motto for life and living our lives. From Lisa Jackson, Mississippi

  380. You go girl! Although I once had a Tennessee Walker myself I would not attempt the rides that you endure/enjoy, I admire your adventurous spirit! On the other hand, my late husband would have been the first one in the saddle to accompany you on any of your long rides. Just reading about your adventures puts visions in my head of the beauty in your trips and the friends you have made. I envy that. Life is definitely work living, Bernice, and I hope you continue to make me envious. I’m also glad to hear that Hart is doing well.

  381. An article about you was published in the Electric Consumer magazine. I was asked if I had read it since I too am an avide rider. I had read the story and told a friend that if you and I were baseball players, you would be in the majors, on the all star team, and making millions. While I would be watching from the grandstands having paid to get in! I both admire and envy you!

  382. Christina Lilienthal

    After recovering from an auto accident, I am well enough to get back on my horse and ride again. Your inspiration is helping me to look bigger in that I would like to take some long trips in the mountains. I am not as ambitious as you with your endurance mileage, but if you can do that, then I can do a little! I appreciate your independence and grit. Thank you for publishing your experiences for us to enjoy!

  383. When I saw an article about your adventures, I thought what a great person ~ to accomplish your dreams in this day and age. I have always wanted to travel from the east coast to west coast, only by car…..but if I were half the horse woman you are, I would love to go with you. I have always been an adventurer. Love to travel!! Good Luck to you, and you will be in my prayers.

  384. What an inspiration! Was so thrilled with the write-up in AARP that I’m determined to concoct my own adventure.

  385. Bernice, I read the article in AARP magazine, have signed up to follow your journey – looking forward to reading each and every blog you write. Safe journey to you
    and your animals.

  386. Enjoyed your stories as you rode. Been riding since I was a kid, however, nothing like you. You bring out thoughts of a modern day cowboy/girl that
    parallels the old timer’s and what their rides must have been like. Thanks for sharing.

  387. Bernice, just saw the article in the new AARP mag about your rides.. Wow, you are my hero. I love horses and have owned two and ridden in several states, but never to the extent you have. Would you ever consider taking someone with you on one of your rides? I know from the article that you will be riding in May. Could I please talk to you more about this some time? It would be a dream come true for me. Thank you for your courage and determination.

  388. You go girl….and inspiration to all of us who dream to have the courage, energy and gusto to do what you are doing. Nature, horses, dog….can it get any better????

  389. Bernice: WOW what a amazing story! I admire you so much for what you are doing for there are so many like me dreaming to be so brave like you to follow such a wonderful dream. Be safe!

  390. Elizabeth Hickford

    Where will you be traveling next for 2013 I really admire what ou are doing.

  391. you’re coming thru CO anytime? i’ll ride out to meet you. sorry, not horse, but QUIET BMW motorcycle.
    well done!
    zigy ? Boulder CO

  392. Laura Simoneaou

    Just found out about you in the AARP newsletter and was immediately interested in learning more about you and your travels. I logged onto your website and have spent the last hour or more reading about you and your adventures. You are truly an amazing woman with great spirit! I feel like I am repeating what other people have written but it is so true, you are truly inspiring and I plan to follow your next ride coming up. It was such a treat to learn about you..I am very excited to follow this next journey. It is wonderful to hear how you enjoy each day to the fullest! Be safe and my husband and I cannot wait to follow your travels coming up! Laura in Conneticut

  393. I’m very impressed and would like to know how much food you bring for your horses?

    • I do not like to carry much food for the horses but rather fill them with feed at town stops other than that they eat from the ditches or for the sides of a field. I do carry salt and the Source micro-nutrients though Sincerely Bernice ENde

  394. Gail Benvenuta

    One of the millions who now know of you, thanks to the AARP article. Have just spent a long spell on your website. I, too, am re-inspired on many levels by your story and thanks to your willingness to be visible to us all. Blessings on your Journeys. You rock!

  395. Hi Bernice. Bravo !!!! You inspire me and touch my soul with these rides. I felt the pain when reading your story of loosing your beloved mount . Its difficult and we remember with tears of respect and love whenever the memories resurface.
    If you are ever travelling to New England I would welcome you to stay with us.
    Happy Trails,
    Donna Jean
    Ellington, CT.

  396. Casey Blumenthal

    I was so excited to read about you in AARP (aack! are we really old enough to belong?)! I so fondly remember our days of dance class at the Saddle Club in Whitefish until I jumped ship and moved to Helena. I miss you AND class!! I’m still in Helena, not dancing (mostly due to schedule), but doing a lot of biking (mountain and road) and skiing in winter. It is such a blast to read of your travels; I am not at all surprised. It seems like you were made for this, like no one else I know. I would love to cross paths with you one day again. Happy Trails to you!
    xoxo, Casey

    • Casey Yes wonderful to hear from you wow what are you doing are you still In Whitefish, oh my goodness memories are flooding in..smiles and thank you for the email and just now getting in from this years ride Bernice Ende wow

  397. You are quite the inspiration-I will be following you on your safe journey-God be with you…it is inspiring to read about someone who follows their dreams…

  398. Laura Cartwright

    You are such a inspiration! When I was a child I only played house only because my sister wanted me to. Then we traded off and we played “cowboy” a game that consisted of us saddling up on saw horses and pretending to camp in our backyard the Cascade Mountains. Watching wildlife, picking berries and telling stories around the campfire (n real fires used in this game). I wanted to be a cowboy not a cowgirl. I was told girls can’t be cowboys. I gave up on my dream and you have just awakened me to the reality that I can and at 54 I could still become a type of lady like cowboy of my childhood fantasies! I will follow your trail and begin to dream again. Thank you Bernice.

  399. love what you are doing, i would love to be riding with you , have fun , be safe, and let us all know what you are doing, , happy day EYDIE

  400. marie and wax brackett

    You are an inspiration!
    If you ever find your way, on your next coast to coast ride, and in need of a good place to stop and rest in Belchertown, Massachusetts, we have a country setting with two fields for the horses, water and gardens to pick – and we think good company too – do look us up. All the best to you!
    Wax and Marie
    (413) 284=0051

    • Hope to be in the Northeast next fall thank you for the invite if you follow the rides and I am close I’ll be there sincerely Bernice Ende

    • many thanks for your email and I do plan on being in the Northeast next fall so perhaps just perhaps you shall see me. many thanks Bernice Ende

  401. Bernice, Girl You’re the bomb! I read your story in AARP, I would give my eyeteeth to do a LONG RIDE. … Ladies like you keep old gals like me go’en, I am a retired Competitive trail rider. I’m 68 years young and takiing ladies on long private trail rides and camp with them if they wish. Thank You Bernice for the encourgement to keep on the trail. I plan to follow your adventures and maybe strike out on the Arizona trail for a short jant, I live near Tucson. God Bless and keep you safe.
    So many Trails and so Little Time
    Judi ,Mo and Jake
    ps Mo’s my horse and Jakes my dog

  402. DeeDee McMillan

    My mother just called me to say : “You have to look this up! There’s this woman named Bernice that does these crazy, long horseback journeys. She sounds like a real character and it made me think of you.” Well Bernice, you are an inspiration and since I was a kid I can remember dreaming about riding a horse across the country. Life has taken me some different routes since my childhood and for the last 25 plus years, horses weren’t a part of my life. Last August (2012) I fell in love with a Friesian cross, brought her home, and that dream of being in the saddle for extended time periods is pulling on my heart strings again. I live in Livingston, MT so if you ever pass this way, please please look me up. I’d love to join you for a day or two and cook up a fine feast over the fire!
    Here’s to you and whatever adventure calls to you next! I’ll be keeping an eye out for you!
    DeeDee McMillan

    • You are doing what I have dreamed of doing all my life. You are awesome! Keep on riding to see this beautiful land!

  403. hi, check out our web site. if you ever want a nice winter rest visit our sanctuary. i walked over 500 miles with six burros on PCT in 1991. hardest thing i’ve ever done. I’m 56 and would love to share some time with you and your animal family some day. it would be refreshing to met a kindred spirit again. Happy Trails………………………diana chontos, wild buro rescue

  404. this is something i have wanted to do for a long time. i have been riding since i was 3, jump a little, but just love to be with horses. i plan to retire in a year or so, i will be 67, and i want to ride from coast to coast., but not in a group. i have concerns about handling bridges, such as over the mississippi. would love to talk to you about how you do such, and how you handle busy highways, no place to camp, etc.
    if you have a chance anytime, give me a call, 203-226-1490 or email me at the above address.
    many thanks.
    becky ward

  405. Just saw your picture in the aarp magazine. My partner (male) has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and I just lost my job. It was refreshing to me to see what you are doing, know that there is life to be lived again. I love horses too, just turned 58 and lived in Victor ID for the past 6 years. I moved out here to be with Buddy ( ( a wonderful man who devoted his life to climbing in the Tetons and being a musician for local Dude Ranches-a singing cowboy) after a 30 year marriage in MN. Now life changes again, and I hope to include horses. It helps to see people do things such as you are doing; it is inspirational . Have a safe journey.

  406. Joe & Fran Brunn

    We are fascinated by your travels. Although we live in Georgia, we love the west and travel there often. We will follow your trip this year. Be Safe

  407. Bernice,
    I was born in Missoula, and lived in Montana most of my young life. Now living in California and read the article about you in AARP News. What a great story and much fun to see your photos and more on the website. It’s hard for many of us to imagine being without our cell phones, Ipads, computers for a few days let alone long enough to face our own fears of being alone! I love the thought of it but will just follow your adventures for now.
    Happy trails to you, and I’ll say a prayer for your safety and joy! I am a 70 year old and really admire you.

  408. Phyllis Reutzel

    Hi Bernice, WOW! I sure enjoyed reading about your travels. I wished i could do the same. My love for horses have been all of my life. Living in CA, kind of the fast lane sure can make a person crazy. I have always loved the outdoors. I wish you travel mercies as you go. Tks for sharing your adventures. GBU!

  409. debby honderick

    Loved reading about your courageous travels! I so much admire your love for your animals and your ability to travel so far .I wish you love and many more safe trips around our beautiful lands!!

  410. Your story in AARP by Stephanie Stephens really uplifted my spirits. What a great adventure. I agree in unloading yourself of things. Things mean nothing in life. Would love to hear more of your story.

  411. Hi Bernice:
    Thank you for inspiring my day and making me smile. Keep pluggin!

  412. I loved reading about your journey’s in the AARP magazine. Wish Dr. Phil would step up and have the DNA test done on your dog, Claire. It would be interesting to know her breed lineage. I think going along on one of your rides would help anyone who deals with a lot of stress. Hope you continue riding and I will check the website for updates. God Bless You and keep you safe!

  413. Caroline Brown

    I would like to ask how your knees are holding up? I taught modern dance for 30 years, retire, now age 70 and do a lot of dance exercising for my own fitness. I would love to ride horses more but my knees don’t enjoy being kept bent for such long intervals.
    Saw the article on you and the fact you taught ballet. What a great story.
    Caroline Brown. Sierra Madre, California

    • Yes I know I have been asked this question before, but you know I do not have any problems with my knees, back or ankles or feet. I do ride with a straighter long leg and I do not ever simply rest in the saddle I am always a bit up lifted and engaged, some-days I float the saddle all day. but even at a casual walk I do not relax the muscles supporting the knees. I also walk a fair amount and I do exercises and stretches every day. I have said many times it was my years of Ballet that have kept me in the level of fitness that I am in and I do not think I could still be doing this long riding stuff if I had not the years and experience with the body that dance gave me. I hope I have a few more years left in me.. Many thanks for the email, just getting back in from this years travels. Bernice

  414. Let me know if you are ever near Simms (30 mi west of Great Falls). You can spend a night here at Montana Horse Sanctuary. You are living my dream.

  415. Diane R. Noahr

    Hello Bernice…your spirit of adventure blows me away. I am soon to be 69 and have been a trail rider since my mid 30’s. Love the smell of a horse and the connection between us. Read about your rides in AARP magazine. So hope if you get to the west side of the Cascades, in Washington I’ll be able to attend an event and meet you.
    I will be following your ride this year….ride on Bernice!!You are in inspiration to so many women who are fearful of the unknown!!My kind of traveler!!

  416. Hi from California! Read about you in AARP Bulletin today. You’re amazing! happy trails to you.


  418. I am very curious about your trail or roads. How you handle thunder and rain storms? Have you encountered cattle guards that are impassible?
    A gal friend and I (I drove the rig pulling the horse trailer) rode a couple weeks last July in Eastern Oregon and Washington…intending to be gone 3 months.
    We were discouraged by the Forest Service saying that there was non-passable roads for the truck due to too much snow and ice.
    We ended up trailering way more than we intended. Would love to talk with you. You have my email if you’re interested. Blessings – Judy

    • Oh my Judy, just now in from this years travels and your questions, briefly I ride mainly roads some trails mostly back roads county roads dirt roads, Thunder and rain storms are well…just part of the ride, I ask and ask and ask “what do you hear for weather.” the advantage I have is I can usually see that a storm is brewing and I find shelter get ready. yes many times I have had to take a fence apart, go thru and put it back together. very interesting stuff this long riding..smiles and many thanks for your email. The DVD covers my first 10,000 miles and covers some of the difficulties I encountered you may find it interesting. Sincerely Bernice Ende

  419. Raised in NM and CO, been on a few cattle drives, and wild horse gathers but nothing as long as your trips. Also used to guide in Canada, Central Ontario north to Great Trout lake and Hudson’s Bay also, later guided between Williams Lake and Bella Coola. If you get that far west on this trip take the time to get out to the coast around Bella Coola, beautiful. A caution in B.C., You ride out into a small clearing, about 2 to 5 acres. Trees al around but just grass in the clearing with a little pool of water in the middle. Remember to keep moving, no trees means there is nothing but a mat of grass over a small lake. It will support a horse easily but if you stop for very long you begin to sink. Take care and enjoy.

    • Wow wonderful tip there, and I do hope to get that Canadian ride started here soon. many thanks Bernice ENde

  420. Just read the article in AARP Bulletin about your adventures. You are definitely living “my” dream. I am 66 years old and still do as many trail rides and guest ranches as possible. I love the southwest. My best to you and your future travels. Sky

    • marlene rector

      I too just read her article in AARP,and yes she is living one of my dreams too.I love all her pictures and the western land,Do you ever invite other rides to join in the ride for a little bit?Well anyway, keep the sun on your back, wind in face,thats what a floridian says or the other way around.Have peace-Marlene

  421. Enjoyed reading your story! Sent a message earlier, however, did not get sent. Loved to hear about Clair Dog. I have a rescue, Sweetie, what a girl! As said before,
    ride safe and enjoy life out there! Looking forward to hearing more about your next adventure. Keep the good news comming! All best! Tug

  422. What a great life! May your rides be long and safe. When you get to Arizona give us a big Holdei!

  423. You are doing such a wonderful thing. It will be good to see you when you get to the Naselle area again. Seems like a dream come true to see all the friends and help you get along the way. There are wonderful people outthere. God bless you, Kay

  424. Bernice, someone is asking for $$ via my email; so watch your email account; they are saying they are struck over seas and need $$ to get home!

  425. Hi I have been wanting to go on a long ride for a long time now! I saw your story and found your website and I just have to say I’m even more inspired to go on a long adventure and learning experience. I am 27 years old, currently living in South Florida I have a white fox trotter mule that is a coming 5 year old. I’m not sure when or where I will be able to head out from but I love reading your blogs on your experiences. My boyfriend said it can’t be done when I told him about my dream to do long distance riding around the USA so it was great to be able to show him someone who is already doing it 🙂 I can’t wait to be the next generation of long riders!

  426. Kevin Stensether

    I just ran across the card I got from you during your 2006-2007 ride. We bumped into you in Siskiyou County near Dorris/Macdoel, California. Glad to see you are still out there riding.
    God Bless!
    Kevin Stensether
    Gazelle, CA

    • My goodness Kevin thank you so much for sending this email. That ride was by far the hardest thing I ever did. Riding a single horse 5000 miles what on earth was I thinking,,,Smiles and Happy Trails to you BErnice Ende

  427. Just stumbled upon your story and wanted to say “Hi” from upstate New York. You are truly amazing!

  428. Sister Traveler ~ I’m awed by your courageous inspirational journey! Would love to be joining you and in my own way I am. Have begun a new chapter of life, having just driven cross country east to west. Left a wonderful job, family, home in Connecticut on August 16, 2012 and have just arrived in California. Every step of the way, trusting the unknown, following my intuitive impulse step by step ~ Connecting, Creating, Collaborating along this Souljourn Adventure between Eartha & Sky. Meeting you in the space of inspiration and warm blessings!

  429. Where are you planning on ridding in 2013?

  430. Bernice, Just checked out your website. You ARE an inspiration. Keep riding and I hope to meet you some day.

  431. You are an inspiration!

  432. Okay, Lady Bug…I am DEFINITELY impressed. I am so glad I followed links to this site, your story. I, too, am a retired teacher, and I wondered what I would do now, for the rest of my life. No, it will not be as a long rider, although as a native born Texan and horse rider from so long ago, I dont remember not being able to saddle up and ride, I have other visions. You have inspired me and so I figure that its all your fault. And since you wont care, I am free to do as I choose. Just as you have been to undertake this and the other rides. God Bless You and Your Horses and all who ride with you. Thank you and I hope to hear of future endeavors as well as how you spend the winters and just whatever your heart inspires you to write about. You have a beautiful voice! You write what you feel and it shows and we are captivated. Ride on Cowgirl, you not only are a long rider, but you show the American Spirit is alive and well. Nemaste…Linda

  433. Glad you are home now that the snow is flying! Take care!

  434. You’re inspiring!

    • Ginnette Messick

      What an amazing and inspiring woman you are! I happened to this site by chance as I was looking up any information on my old friend, Teddy Rice. Wow!! I hit a goldmine of adventures of an incredible woman. As a teacher looking forward to retiring, maybe I know what I want to do with my free time. Thank you!

  435. Bernice!! How are you did you and the family make it home?? Laura and I were thinking of you today! We both hope you are doing well and missed having you around last shift. I have your email its just buried in my truck but I would love to hear from you when you have a chance. I will email you soon. Take care

  436. My riding partner and best friend ET told me about your story. How wonderful and inspiring!!! Should you ever pass through western Pennsylvania, we would be honored to assist you. In the meantime, I will be checking up on your adventures on a regular basis.

  437. Bernice! Glad to read you are back across the border into Montana! For those who missed seeing the segment on the Today show with our Lady Long Rider, if you pull up the Today show online, go to archives and find September 24th show. The story was by Bob Dotson. You can view it there. Great segment on our beloved Bernice. Whoo hooo!

  438. Hi Bernice, It was a pleasure meeting someone who enjoys each day as much as you do, and fun sharing a bite with you at the Sheffields’ in Libby! (And what a small world that you should know Tim Thier, as well!) Keep puttin one hoof in front of the other! All my best, Tonya

  439. dear miss Ende i met you at 17 mile in montana where we were building a new bridge and helped you cross the creek it was my absolute pleasure to meet such a spirit as yours i admire what you are doing and my only hope is to meet you again to chat about your stories of the trail sincerely in awe of your rides Marc


    What a wonderful and inspiring journey you have chosen. My daughter Martina has always spoken of taking horses and riding across America. Your way makes it real. Thank You and as as the Roy Rogers saying goes… Happy Trails to You!

  441. It has been a life long dream of mine to do a long ride as you do. So far the longest one has just been for a couple of days. My family thought I was crazy when I loaded the tent, sleeping bag and took off to a state park 30 miles from home. Stayed the nite and rode back the next day. What satisfaction i had! Now I long for a longer ride, don’t know if I would have the guts and know how you have to do what you are doing.
    Its still on my bucket list to make a long ride, maybe to Colorado from Missouri where I live. The mountains and prairies of the northern states are in my blood. Such a longing I have when I travel up to those states. I was born in Deadwood, SD and I guess its still in my blood for that country .
    I have hauled to Colorado every summer for quite a few years now to ride at a friends ranch on the front range, but to travel the whole state on horseback would be phenomenal. Well hands up to you and your travels, prayers for your travels with safety and wonderful friends along the way!!!

  442. We got your letter today. It is always great to hear how things are on the trail and how Hart “Kid” is doing. Paige read the letter to me while sitting in the truck outside the office. It is so hard to believe that Hart was grazing out in the front field just 3 years ago with no job and now he has covered over 5,000 miles with you. Dad is truly smiling down on y’all and probably could hear him saying ” hey Bernice, I knew that long legged paint could carry you to Alaska and back”!! Hope we get to see you all sometime. Mom has the Today Show recorded but I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. Keep safe and give Hart a big pat and a howdy from the Wright Family here in TEXAS:). Take care and Happy Trails. Tyler Wright. Menard, Texas.

  443. I am happy Ms. Swenson referred me here and I got to know about you; I am taking her documentary class. I can’t wait for her to complete filming this project because you, Bernice, are a very quotable person. You have that free, indomitable spirit, that at the same time posses all the kinks of a human heart. Good luck in your journey ahead!

  444. Hello Bernice, Just wanted to say I admire you for having the strength and courage to go on these long journeys. You are truly an inspiration. I love the fact that you take your dog on all your journeys. You are so lucky to experience our beautiful country, more people should see what they are missing. Canada will always be one of the best places for you to visit. Good luck on your next adventure. I will look forward to reading your updates as you post them. Please take more pictures to show us.
    Best of luck
    Janis Radu, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

  445. How wonderful to see you on the Today show. The way you embrace freedom with this lifestyle is so inspiring!

  446. My dear lady you are living a life that so many including myself have only tasted and dreamed about! I have only gone out 2 weeks at a time on elk hunts in the high country!
    I hope you get to follow your dream as long as you want! You are a special breed of women from the past that was once cherished for the bravery and fortitude that it took pioneer women to thrive and exist in the beginning years of the settling of our great country! Never give up the dream!

  447. I have imagined many times doing what you are doing. You’re an inspiration… and most interesting. Safe journey…

  448. Please write a book about your adventures and publish all your awesome photographs. I thought I was a strong woman but you the real deal!!!

  449. I LOVE you Bernice!!!! You go girl.

  450. Bernice,
    What an adventure you must be on! No better way than to slow down and see the beauty of our Country at a pace where our eyes are open, are senses alert to each sound, smell and sight of this land. I enjoyed your story and hope that each day brings you new beauty and friends along your way. Stay safe and enjoy your ride!

  451. I didn’t get enough of this story on The Today Show, so I went looking for the whole story. What a story it is, what a woman you are. Truly inspirational and courages as it comes. I can only wish you and your animals as safe journey.

  452. Amazing story Bernice. I have 2 kids, a full time working mom, and I find very little time to spend in solace. I would love to just wander away and spend some time in woods , listen to the cuckoos and paddle in the water. Its just a distant dream in this chaotic city life. But I would do it someday. Cut off from this hi-tech world and stroll away just like how you are doing. Good luck on your journey…you are definately my inspiration.

  453. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. What a fascinating life you have. My name is Bernice also, don’t meet very many with that name. Keep on going in your journey and enjoy every minute of it. Thanks for sharing!

  454. Dear sweet Bernice! I needed a little uplifting today and Bob Dotson’s story on you,came on (Today Show) as I was walking in the door after a bad doctor’s appointment. You have put things into perspective that life is the journey and if we ever reach our “destination”, that would be a sad day. You put into perspective that I do not need to rely so heavily on technology, that I need to teach my boys about simplicity. It’s funny that “simplicity” can teach them work ethics more than any university. Simplicity in the hard work in caring for your horses and dog. The simplicity in getting from point A to point B without a GPS or Siri. The simplicity in knowing how to set-up camp, instead of complaining about making up your feathered bed in the morning. The simplicity in knowing that 4 hours of daily chores “just is” and nothing to complain about. You truly are a gift and will forever be a teacher for students of all ages. Happy trails!

  455. just saw the story on The Today Show this morning and LOVED it. I lived on my bicycle in the 80’s around the U.S. and totally understood what you meant about the “goodness” of people in this country. It’s so opposite than all that we see on the news all the time. Hearing your story I felt I had seen a soul sister ! I now live in my RV full time and totally feel that home is wherever I am. ( I, too, found myself divorced at 50 with no children. My former partner and I had always travelled in the RV with our work, but now I’m reinventing life alone on the road and loving it) Seeing you this morning was such an inspiration. Seeing your joy and love of meeting total strangers. I know that feeling. I loved hearing your laughter … thought you might enjoy my favorite quote that I discovered this summer while living on the Nantahala River in the Nantahala Gorge in the mountains of Western North Carolina. “To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. To change without journeying is to be a chameleon. To journey and to be transformed by the Journey is to be a pilgrim.” Thank you, my fellow pilgrim sister ! Journey on ! Godspeed. – karole sessums (originally from jackson, Mississippi)


  457. Tara Savage, New Brunswick Canada

    What a delight to learn about you and your travels. In these times of technology and turmoil, it is so inspiring to meet such an adventurous and enthusiastic journeywoman. So many people bend their lives around loss, regret, and reluctance rather than embrace all that life has to offer. Stay strong dear Bernice and Happy Trails! Tara Savage, New Brunswick Canada

  458. Met Bernice just south of the Canadian Border on Moyie River Road headed south to Moyie Springs and then back to Montana from there. It was a pleasure sitting campside and chatting with you! Blessed Ride!

  459. Bernice on the Moyie River Road!!
    Snyder Guard Station then on to Meadow Creek.



  461. Michele & Jon Justice from Buckeye, AZ

    Hay Bernice! I check in on you periodically! so glad to see that you and your close friends (ie animals of course) are trekking and on the end of what looks like a beautiful journey. Just know that y0u have touched so many lives! I wonder when will you be on the Today show! I want to record it and check it out! I am sure it will be fabulous!
    so take good care, Happy Trails and Enjoy the ride
    From Michele & Jon Justice

    • Greetings Michele and how are you doing, I STILL have the leather-man that was gifted to me on my ride thru your country.. Bernice

  462. Just thought I would like to say hello. I passed you and the horses on the Flathead River road, on the 4th of September 2012. I truely wondered what you were about. I am so glad that I took the time to find out about your travels on horseback. I hope that you will have a safe trip through to Trego Montana.
    I too wish that I would have stopped to talk with you and get to know more about your journey.
    I wish you the very best.
    Happy Trails

  463. I finally got around to writing a short piece about our meeting. I hope you enjoy it. You really have been an inspiration to me.

  464. Bernice, you are an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you on your travels through Alberta.

  465. As a British Columbia Game Warden while on patrol in the upper Flathead watershed checking hunters and anglers I encountered Bernice on September 2nd . She had her horses picketted and her tent set up along side the Flathead river in a meadow. Bernice was doing really well, excited to see me and tell me about her endeavour and her plans to travel down the Flathead river and then over into the Wigwam river and eventually back to Eureka Montana. Fortunately I was just coming off a 3 day patrol and had plenty of food left to offer Bernice as she was getting a little down on food supplies. I was extremely impressed with her ride, its not every day you find a lady out riding in the middle of no where with few supplies and travelling hundreds of miles on a horse. For those following Bernice I can advise you she was doing well and in great spirit.

  466. Hope you made your Pincher Creek deadline. and Kananaskis Country and the Highwood and their magic of the high wild places captivated. For adventurers and good writing on a part of Canada you haven’t, er, touched yet (mosquitoes carry horses away up here)!, you can try reading a lovely piece of writing by Bruce Kirkby published in the GLOBE AND MAIL – link at:

  467. Hi Bernice
    It was so nice to meet you on August 11, 2012 at McLean Creek. Your horses are beautiful, your dog is adorable and you are a very amazing woman. I hope you enjoyed the peach pie that we sent with you. We hope you had a safe and enjoyable trip through Kananaskis Country. Hope you have a safe travel home.
    Happy Trails.

  468. Hi Bernice, we think about you and talk about you often. We hope you are well and still enjoying your unbelievable journey. It was such a pleasure to meet you on Hwy 40 in Kananaskis country. We were down in the Crowsnest Pass yesterday and kept our eyes peeled looking for you but to no avail. 🙁 Take care of yourself and your crew.
    Best wishes
    Pat & Peggy

  469. Hi Bernice
    Hope everything is continuing to go well. By now you should be with the NBC group in or around Pincher Creek, Alberta. It was a pleasure meeting you at McLean Creek, Alberta on Saturday, August 11, 2012. Your horses are beautiful, your dog is adorable. and you are an amazing lady. Hope you enjoyed your peach pie that we sent with you. All the best and hope to see you again sometime.
    Safe travels
    Ruth & Stephen
    Calgary, Alberta

  470. Hi Bernice,
    Hope your ride through Alberta is going well and that you are enjoying your journey. My wife and I are big fans and hope to meet you someday. All the best, you are a great inspiration.
    Jim & Marney Webster
    Calgary, Alberta

  471. Collin and Jill Watson

    What thrill to meet you in MacLean Creek Alberta as you travelled through.
    We have posted some of your pictures to our facebook site as well as your website address.
    Happy trails to YOU and your crew.
    What a grand woman you are and such an example of the “old pioneer” spirit that sadly is lost.
    Many you continue to have health, happiness and many more rides.
    Collin and Jill Watson from Calgary, Alberta

  472. Sandi (Bird lady)

    Tom from Cremona, Alberta just told me about you. What a wonderful time you must be having.
    I would have loved to meet you and hear some adventure stories from your rides…I look forward to reading your past blog entries.
    Hope you enjoy your Canadian trip 🙂
    Calgary’s Very Own Bird Lady

  473. Denise Anderson

    Betty from Bett’s Trail Rides suggested I take a look at your web-site. You are an amazing woman and I love your site! I look forward to checking this site often. Wishing you 1000’s of more wonderful safe riding miles. Wish I could ride along side of you!

  474. Hope all your travels are great and safe. Wish I could share your journey but I can read your blogs and wish I was there. Have lots of questions about your trip and what you take with you but they can wait.. Happy trails corky

  475. Hi Bernice ,
    I saw your article in Cowboy & Indians and then cliked on your site . Your travels and new found freedom is a true inspiration to say the least , I wish you and
    your PACK all the best where ever the trail takes you . Not sure if you are on facebook , but if you are , friend me as I would love to hear about your travels and
    adventures .
    Best regards :
    Walt Schonauer

  476. Have been following your journey and hope you have escaped the worst of the wind, rain and heat. Thank you so much for taking time to share stories of your incredible life with me and our readers. The link is to the online version. Hugs to all and blessings, Elisabeth.

  477. Jennifer Canfield

    Bernice, Read about you today in Cowboys&Indians. My life long mentor, a cowboy named Leonard Ott, passed away a few years ago. He was my life line in so many ways. He rode from the Seattle World’s Fair to the New York World’s Fair in the 60’s and I had dreams of doing something like that to commemorate him. He was my hero. But reading about you awakened the dream. You are now my hero. Please know you can share my campfire and corral here in NE PA anytime if you travel east. I don’t want to leave my farm and my horses to hit the trail for a long distance. But I would sure love to join you for a couple of miles. You go girl!!!

  478. Hi Bernice,
    Saw that you’re out on a new ride and will follow it as much as I can. You inspire me in so many ways.
    I wished I could meet you on the Trail. Hope you have a safe journey. Also love your new website.
    All the best….

  479. BERNICE,It was a pleasure to ride with you today and visit on your lay over,May the rest of your ride go well and enjoy the Tucker saddle,Tom{:

  480. mary ann ende

    Hi I did it I have
    email, and I can not type onthis fine new lap top., but all is well here, susan and jane and susan s say hi. sounds like you are doing very well up in CA, hope that continues. So this is a trial run,, hope you get this message. much love, Mary Ann

  481. Hi!
    I saw you coming across the #21 highway north of Kindersley. I say your in the distance and thought you were a moose, then 2 deer, and then I realized you were horseback riding! I kind of gave you a weird look, sorry if you noticed. It was a classic small town stare. I talked to my family and neighbors about it and no one had seen you but I was glad to look in our local community paper and there you were “‘lady longrider’ on a horseback voyage across the prairies.” Kudos for what you are doing! I wish I had stopped to say hello. I’ll be following your blog and sorry again for my small town mind 🙂

  482. Calene and Rick Smith

    Howdy– How’s it going? Did our/your package arrive YET?? Sure hope so…. Are you ready to get back on the trail? We’re thinking of you, and smilin’! from Forsyth, MT

  483. Hi friend,
    A short note from your caretakers! Spent a wet weekend on the mountain getting cabin ready for it’s builder. Judy et al coming for two weeks early July. All is well there & here . . and sounds like your having the time of your life. Still:) Keep calm & carry on. Your bro-in-law slept over 2 pm’s en route to AK.

    • delores rouillard(zahler) your cousin

      my daughter and i spent a week with carol and jim in alaska a few years ago they are wonderful hosts .aunt alice ende passed away i spent some time with kathy it was so good to see her she looked great larry was there also .i will keep tracking you on your trip good luck -have fun. DELORES_ZAHLER_ROUILLARD

      • delores rouillard

        i had lunch with all you girls in rogers a few years ago.isat by carol she said she lived in alaska -i said you are so lucky cause i always wanted to go to alaska. she said come on up we would love to have you ityought she was kidding -a few weeks later she called me and asked when i was coming .we booked a trip that day and spent a great week with carol and jim what great people they are ill never forget that good time we had. you<rcousin delores(zahler)rouillard

  484. Martin from Springfield

    Thursday eve hope weather is good to you ,good luck save travels hope to see or meet again we will be thinking of you every till u get yo ende of trail’

  485. Miss Lady Long Rider, it’s been a long time… Glad to see your happy and healthy. Just wanted to check in and say hello ! Your old friend Sue from Minnesota

  486. Nicole Jamieson

    Hi Bernice
    My name is Nicole. I met you at Cabri, Saskatchewan. I was the girl with the two horses and dog who delivered you a coffee on your way to Abbey. Just letting you know that you really inspired me today. I was reminded that there are no limits when you dream and love the simple things in life like a good horses under you, a faithful dog, and mother nature. Hope your journey is a safe one.
    ps I had a really great night checking my Dads cows on my Tennesse Walking horse Tracker.
    Take Care

  487. Ken and Tara Undseth

    Bernice, it was a pleasure to meet you, we met you and your horses by Cabri Saskatchewan. Seen your tent and horses off the gravel road. You are an amazing women and we feel so blessed to have met you, you are an inspiration to us all, We wish you all the happiness on your journey! Happy Trails! -from the “young couple”

  488. Hello My Dear Friend, Bernice! I pray for you daily and follow you religiously! I love to get out the maps and pinpoint your exact location when you are able to post. You are never alone and the storms allow you to hunker down and cuddle with your critters and with mother earth. You are loved my all who are lucky enough to be in your presence!

  489. Steve Ullakko

    Hope you are having a good trip and somebody with you to keep you company !

  490. Hi…Berneice, it was so wonderful meeting you and your horses, I fell in love with them right away, they were so gental, and they had this peaceful effect on them. Also Claire reminds me like that to. we couldn’t stop petting her. I hope you have a safe journey, along your trail. And we will pray for you also. May God Bless you and thanks from the bottom of our hearts for stopping by……With all our love…..Ponteix Colony.

  491. seen berniece we exchanged information. enjoyed reading your latest. do you have blinders on the horses???
    we are on our way to fargo. finally got my crown with a post glued in–
    berneice wasgladto hear. will visit with her again.
    safe travel bernice and emily and horsesand clair.


    enjoyed your article and pictures good to “see” you and emily. talked with Berniece. we hope you have safe travels.
    i well be looking for your updates. Bernice you have a gardian angel with you .

  493. Kathy "mum" McKee

    Hi Em and Bernice, Hart, Essie Pearl, Montana Spirit and of course sweet Claire, Wishing you a wonderful Canadian ride.My thoughts and good wishes will be with you everyday. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Try to stay away from the wild ones! Love, Mum/ Kathy

  494. Hey, girl… glad to hear you are on the trail again, and even more excited that you have some company… hope that works out for both of you, I am sure it will give your 4 legged friends a relief that they don’t have to be the only ones listening to ya… lol… just kidding. Things are starting to worm up a bit here in SE Idaho and thinking of what to plant when it really decides to be spring!!! Wish I could have the power to surprise you with veggies and berries, a jerky bush, and a massage table along your path and a few bottles of pickled beats or green beans… i guess you will have to just come back to Idaho to get those!!!!

  495. Bernice — its been a pleasure meeting you! You are truly an inspiration. I look forward to hearing about and following you and Em on your Canada adventure and meeting again upon your return!
    “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

  496. Dear Bernice, wishing you a safe journey (humans , equines and canines:)
    Will be following you from across the dam here in Norway!

  497. Good luck on your new travels. I am glad to see you have a human companion along to share the trails with you. Can hardly wait for your first post of the next adventure.

  498. Bernice
    I had not looked at your updates for sometime now. Good to see you are still going strong. We have a day here in Eastern WA like the day I met you when you were hunkerd down in behind a shed and I was working on a irrigation circle. Cold wet rainy and a good wind.
    Denise says hi. Hope to see you again somewhere.

  499. I haave continued to follow you across the country. Hope you get backk thru St. Johns, Arizona. I am still at the Fairgounds. There has been alot of changes,
    I did lose Sheba over two years ago. I have another queensland named O’mar . i got him from the dog poiund as a two month pup and Shema helped me
    train him. He is a very good guy. Good luck and best wishes for your Canda trip.
    Your friend

  500. Nice website Bernice and it is good to see that you are forging ahead. You always have a place for you and your stock to R&R here at the ranch in west central New Mexico if you ever pass this way again. I missed meeting you when you came through this country during the winter some time back as I was on the road but someone is always at the ranch with trucks and trailers if you ever need assistance.

  501. Just a note from another longrider. I am just starting out in the past year and have had quite a learning experience. I am currently wintering in Utah in order to re-work my gear and save up some traveling money. This past summer was traveled 1500 miles through Nebraska, Wyoming and down into Utah until my horse developed sores. It was then I decided something completely different needed to be done to guarantee his comfort. In the spring I will head out again, this time with a pack horse to relieve his load and also the promise of greater comfort for me. I am currently working on a new custom saddle fitted to him and myself along with a Corrector pad from Len Brown. I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the trail. Perhaps we’ll meet somewhere along the lonely trail.
    Scott Taylor

  502. Bernice, Changes in my days mean I have not looked at your website for a couple of months. The new one is great. And it was good to read that you have a new horse with Percheron blood. My great-grandmother bred them for the dray horses of Watneys Brewery in London, England. Good luck with planning Canada. After over 5 years of dreaming I am now 15 months away from a ride in England and hope the horse will pass the vet on Tuesday and I can ride him home at the end of the week. Thankyou again for the inspiration you give me. William

  503. Hey, thanks for the wonderful letter you wrote to me. I really appreciated it and it made my day. Will put your picture in my comfy LQ trailer and will be thinking about you on your Canadian journey. Can’t wait to hear how Montana Spirit adapts to Long Riding and will be excited to see pictures.
    Will keep you in my prayers for a safe trip for you and animals.

  504. hey Lady! sending you love and sweet trails xcb


  506. Dear Bernice: Enjoyed your letter and the new website. Will check out Backcountry Horseman and talk to MaryAnn soon. Wishing you a safe and wonderful Cana da trip. Hope Hart’s ear is OK. Hope you stay warm this winter. Keep in touch. Judith of eDGEWOOD NM

  507. so glad you are back on the webside and I love it.
    specialy the “line” of incuragement for every one to live a live “wel worth living”
    till next time.
    love t


  509. Hey looking good

  510. Love the new website Bernice!

    • Hello Bernice, Its been along time since we talked. Hope you remember me. Your life is amazing. Drop me a line sometime if you can.

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