2014 – 2016: 8000 miles

8000 mile 2 1/2 year International Ride

map of 2016 ride

Departed April 1st, 2014

I have wanted to ride the eastern half of the United States for a couple of years. I knew the sight of the Atlantic ocean… via horseback would be particularly thrilling for me, and it was. Now 7000 miles into this journey I am preparing to leave on the final 1000 mile jaunt to the west coast and back. Last fall, 2015 I rode as far as Chewelah, Washington (and then 200 miles home.)  I have never done this before but I will haul back to Chewelah and resume the ride. Gary Bellinger is handling contacts and arrangements there, assisting in any way he can.  Having this much help, my goodness you have NO IDEA how it makes me feel!    

I will definitely need help getting thru the Seattle area. Shea Carpenter from the Puget Sound area is already sending emails loaded with suggestions. Bellingham, Washington will be my farthest point west and round trip it’s not far, less than 1000 miles. I should complete the ride by the end of June,2016 if not earlier.

The horses Essie and Spirit are fit as can be- I might add, bored after 4 months of pasture time. Spring of 2016 has arrived, TIME TO RIDE!

Remember when I left in 2014 Montana was celebrating its 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. En route to the east coast I visited the homes and gravesites of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Matilda Joshlyn  Gage, to pay homage – to say thank you. Perhaps three of the most remarkable, certainly important historical suffragettes, they paved a dirt path women trod for centuries.  Please see the archives for complete stories. These women, their courageous hearts their ideas, their pursuit to improve women’s lives remain in the saddle with me as I complete this 8000 mile adventure.