Commanda, Ontario May 11th, 2015

One never knows, its just that simple, one never knows what is ahead, the people, the smells the sounds that make up a community. You can look at a picture of course but now until you’re actually there – actually clip clopping down the hard pavement in-front of homes and business building, the yards, tidy and groomed, shaking hands, receiving smiles, explaining yourself, do you actually get to know what you have ridden into.
You can go anywhere in the world and people will love the Canadians. They have a casual, easy way about them, generous, hospitable, welcoming.  Commanda is yet another village on the list of my Ontario stop overs. The community has been kind enough to let me camp in their fenced in area next to their community owned, Commanda Community Center. I attended a wonderful Yoga class this morning. I must admit it reminds me of home!!!! Wood stoves, home cooked meals, a community of earthy, warm, loving people sharing lives together. It’s nice to be here, nice to feel welcomed and at home. thank you

Hard rains have us stopped for a couple of days. Pat Wolf, member of the Canadian Fjord Association is coming on Wednesday to haul me up the expressway to Sudbury AND to do an interview for the Fjord Magazine.


Ontario has been tricky in some areas as the roads are limited, but for the most part I have made my way zig zagging a path thru Ontario’s back country roads, its been lovely.
I know it must seem I am forever riding off into the sunset well now I truly am doing just that.
When I reach Michigan and have access to my computer I will fill in my Ontario stretch, there’s simply to much to post while I am stopped at a private home. I feel it a bit inconsiderate to be on the computer when I should be visiting. 
Until later, thank you so much Ontario, “I could not have done it with-out your help.” Sincerely,  Bernice – Thank you