Brancroft, Ontario Canada May 2nd, 2015

We have been in Canada one week, crossing at Ogdensburg, New York and thru customs with papers all in order all went easy.
The weather has been perfect and as usual the Canadians are so very friendly. The last time I rode in Canada in 2012 I went home and said, ” I am so glad that these Canadians are our northern neighbors.”
This is a short posting as I am at the private home of the Glen Burkholder family.  Glen stopped in his car when he saw me and the horses resting by an empty building in Hartwood Lake. He invited me but he and his family lived 30 miles down the road.
Well as I pressed on two ladies from the town council of Bancroft stopped as Mark Williamson has called them to let them know I was riding into town.They took my heavy saddle packs which let us pick up the speed, we rode into the Burkholder home just past 7pm, Mark came out from his home as I rode by earlier in the day. He brought out fresh maple syrup, carrots, and apples.
THEN stopped again to make sure I was doing ok and  brought water more carrots and apples. Oh my… this is Canadian hospitably!!!
I am having a wonderful ride. The horses are in good health, moving well and this is just a shout out…Hello and thank you so much all of you that are helping me to make my way across Ontario, Canada.
Happy Trails Bernice