Departing Soon

Date of Departure: April 4th, 2012
Guest Rider: Emily McKee
Horses: Hart, Essie Pearl, the new addition of Montana Spirit, and Claire Dog
This is a unique ride. With three horses and a guest rider. We have a new website, thanks to Emily. We have an online store (which will be coming soon!). And this journey will make me an international rider. I am thoroughly looking forward to visiting our Northern Neighbors and sharing and exploring the diversity of Canada.
The complexity of arranging a ride such as this is enormously time consuming. I’ll have a more detailed update before leaving.
Happy Trails,
Your Lady Long Rider,
Bernice Ende



February 13th, 2012

We are in full training with only 7 weeks left before  departing on our 2000 mile Canadian ride. Montana Spirit is the new girl on the block. A 4 year old 3/4 Fjord-1/4 Percheron draft cross that I am delighted with! Montana Spirit is bright and willing and eager to learn, she is slightly lighter than Essie Pearl and will be a bit taller but the pair are,as you can see beautiful.  She will be my riding horse and Essie will remain as the sturdy,reliable pack horse,responsible for her precious cargo-Claire. Montana Spirit comes to me from Swede Granstrom and Dotie Smith that raise the Fjord/draft cross. They have a herd of about 30 and you will find more about them on the SPONSOR PAGE. Essie Pearl,Hart and Claire have taken to our new Spirit as much as I have.
photos by: J.Caflish who caught me out on a very very cold day.

Preparing for the Canadian Ride

January, 2012 – Preparing for the following:
Canadian Ride: 2000 miles, April 2012 to October 2012
From my winter camp in Forsyth, Montana we will be traveling north in to Canada crossing the border north of Plentywood, Montana. We continue north into Saskatchewan passing east Regina and then as far north as Prince Albert where we turn and face the setting sun each night. We will then travel as far as Edmonton, where we face south and head for home.  Riding along the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies into Glacier International Park and back into the United States  hopefully before the snow fills the mountain passes that take us back to Trego, Montana– in time to vote!