February 13th, 2012

We are in full training with only 7 weeks left before  departing on our 2000 mile Canadian ride. Montana Spirit is the new girl on the block. A 4 year old 3/4 Fjord-1/4 Percheron draft cross that I am delighted with! Montana Spirit is bright and willing and eager to learn, she is slightly lighter than Essie Pearl and will be a bit taller but the pair are,as you can see beautiful.  She will be my riding horse and Essie will remain as the sturdy,reliable pack horse,responsible for her precious cargo-Claire. Montana Spirit comes to me from Swede Granstrom and Dotie Smith that raise the Fjord/draft cross. They have a herd of about 30 and you will find more about them on the SPONSOR PAGE. Essie Pearl,Hart and Claire have taken to our new Spirit as much as I have.
photos by: J.Caflish who caught me out on a very very cold day.