Opheim, MT

We headed to Opheim last Tuesday.  Beautiful scenery; rolling fields, blue skies, plenty of surprising creeks. People have been very helpful throughout the way! With supplying potable water, giving good suggestions on routes and directions, and proving some shelter and good conversation.
We arrived in Opheim on Friday and were welcomed by the Baily family who have been most helpful and generous. We have been here three days and we have already met so many great locals. It has been a windy and rainy all weekend, so we have bunkered down this weekend and will head out to cross the border tomorrow.
Currently sitting at the lovely Outpost cafe (which has wireless  internet!!) and chatting with locals and listening to stories of homesteading and the last gun fight in the area. Opheim has truly been wonderful to us.
Heading across the border tomorrow! Hopefully the border patrol won’t take apart the bags too much!
Will update  more soon!
Happy Trails!