March 7th, 2016 An overcast cool Montana spring day.

“I leave next month,”

…..that is music to my ears!   I’m so glad I rode as far as I did last year because I met a host of folks that are now offering to help with the last stretch of the ride. I will get off to a good start. I know it’s only about 1000 miles but it may be one of the most difficult stretches I’ll ride on this 8000 mile adventure. Last week I spoke with Gary Bellinger from Chewelah, he’ll be helping facilitate my staging point – talks, horseshoes and boxes that must be shipped from Chewelah. He’s an avid horseman himself and a member of Back Country Horseman a group I will be speaking for on the 21st of April.(more info later).

I have two library talks scheduled when I arrive in Chewelah next month.

Last week:


I had guests from Canada! David and Hania  Nahachewsky came down to pick my long riding brain.  David and his two daughters,(one is a Vet and the other a Vet-tech.) have been following my rides for years. I have been visited by several individuals over the years seeking “how to do a long ride” advice. Sometimes they leave and I think, “I hope they never do the ride because the horses will be the ones that suffer.” But after spending two days with David I felt confident their ride will be successful and the ride done with care. They are attempting to ride with 5 horses from Manitoba to Vancouver, B.C. next year.                                                                                                                                

While the Nahachewsky’s were here they stayed at THEODORA”S HIDEAWAY a lovely vacation rental literally next door.

Response from David and Hania: received March 9th

Good morning,
I just wanted to write a note to all who follow Bernice Ende and her 
amazing horses.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to spend time with Bernice while 
she was preparing for her next season of riding. We spoke for many 
hours about equipment, techniques, safety and philosophies of Long 

My two daughters and I have been planning our first long ride for some 
time now. The two sessions with Bernice will help my daughters, myself 
and our horses stay safer and enjoy the trek even more. I couldn’t 
help but feel Bernice’s energy, strength and passion for the lifestyle 
that she has fallen in love with. More importantly, I felt that she 
was blunt and honest towards my idealistic thoughts of a long ride. 
Bernice brought experience and reality to many aspects of what we are 
going to attempt, but did not discouraged us in anyway. Thank you!!

I also have to mention that we stayed at the amazing “Hideaway” which 
is part of Theodora’s Garden operated by another great lady. Theodora 
Brennan, better known as Teddy, has her Masters Degree in herbalism, 
and is truly magical in her field. My wife spent much of her time 
walking, taking photographs of the area and learning about Teddy’s 
remarkable skills.

Thank you both for everything, 
David and Hania

I am pleased to welcome Theodora’s Hideaway to my Sponsorship list. IF EVER you come to Montana and would like to visit and or wish to pick my brain for long riding tips, you now have an affordable, lovely place to nestle into.

Theodora Hideaway RC-1 (1)
Theodora Hideaway RC-2