February 22nd, 2016

I do believe winter has given up. Snow recedes beneath trees, lawns are once again reappearing even song birds and daffodil buds have arrived. I suppose being sick made this winter seem particularly long. How quickly we forget once the sun’s warmth hits our faces. I am riding ever day now. The horses look like dirty woolly mammoths at this time of the year/ I look like one after I slide down from their backs in the afternoon.  I give them a break from packs and cinches and ride bareback all winter, besides it’s warmer.

This Monday I have a couple coming from Canada to pick my brains about long riding. David and Hania Nahachewsky will be staying over night at  THEODORA’S HIDEAWAY, Theodora’s Hideaway literally next door. We will cover as much as we can with the time that we have. Saddling and packing, how I use the equipment and preventative measures are of great interest to them as is feeding, shoeing, maintenance of equipment and safety. I will take photos and let you know how it goes. As I am asked  by many, “How do you do a long ride,” I am considering offering workshops and even taking out a rider or two for a week long training ride. We shall see how it goes. I do enjoy sharing the information and God knows I have enough experience! smiles

I am also, much to my surprise, delighted to be teaching a few ballet classes each week at Eureka’s Creative Arts Center. When I ended my career in 2003 I said,”I’ll never go back.” Now here I am and its simply a joy to be back in a dance studio again. I feel like I never left.  I will post a few BALLET photo’s next week. A contrast to all these horsey photos!!

Other than that I am still on my “health regime overhaul” and will be until I leave in April.  I’ll make a short trip (via airplane)the first week of April to New Mexico and visit sisters. When I return…it is pack up, shoe the horses and head out. Lets complete this 8000 mile odyssey I began 2 years ago!!


Bernice collage 3

Dolly and John Foss sent this lovely collage last week. As the story goes….I rode by their home heading east, it was a late fall evening. I had “campsite” on my mind.  A large yard in back, a friendly dog and the look of a place that might just welcome a lady long rider with her two horses. I actually rode by but turned around, I am so glad I did. “Of course,” came the reply. I had dinner with Dolly and John, washed my clothes and took a shower. After breakfast the next day I said, “Well I might be coming back this way on my return, should I stop?” I did. It was colder, I needed a coat, John found one in his closet – they even made me wear a reflector vest as hunting season had begun. I had another set of parents when I rode out. We have stayed in touch. More friends, goodness my saddle bags are full of wonderful memories!!!

there is more….

I had not talked with Angela Bates in years so our phone call last week reached into the late hours. We have over the years always managed to stay in touch. Angela is Nicodemus’s local historian and responsible for putting this once thriving town on the the National Historic Registrar. She also has her hands full managing a restaurant in the town of now 25 I think she said. THIS is definitely worth a stop if you are in Kansas. Such a remarkable story of a people’s tenacious desire for freedom and the will to make it happen! Angela sent the video yesterday. I had to share it with all of you. The photos are from my visits to Nicodemus, one in 2008 and the other in 2010. Bravo Angela, Bravo.

The newest Nicodemus film
2006 - These are the Buffalo Soldiers Barry is center, he is a farrier extraordinaire and did Honors shoes
2008 – These are the Buffalo Soldiers of Nicodemus. Barry, Angela’s good friend is center, a farrier extraordinaire who did Honors shoes in 2006 when I passed thur Kansas but east of Nicodemus.
Angela and I in 2006
Angela and I in 2008
Angela and I saying goodbye in 2008
Angela and I saying goodbye in 2010
what can I say Cowgirls and Hats! Angela with her cousin and Lisa Eades who came up from Texas to rendezvous with me
2010 What can I say Cowgirls and Hats!
Angela with her cousin and Lisa Eades who came up from Texas to rendezvous with me.