Crosby, North Dakota Divide County Historical Village –  July 31st, 2015

The land has opened to display a specular panoramic view of the prairie. I always think of Willa Cather and her books about the Nebraska prairie she loved so much. I also love this country. I love the expanse and how the eye rest calmly upon the undisturbed horizon. It is all about wind, sky and now wheat, cattle and an occasional skyscraper(grain elevators)reaching for that blue sky. This once again will be short as I am at the private home of Lloyd Nygaard. Lloyd got the horses all settled in at the historical village in a 100 year old barn, it is very, very nice., the horses may refuse to leave in the morning. Then I came out to see his Fjord horses and use his computer. When I reach Plentywood, Montana in a few days I will have time to do a full length update but until then, this is short just letting you l know we are fine, traveling well nearly in Montana.
Happy Trails Bernice
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