July 13th, 2015 Langdon, North Dakota

Well it has happened again…A BLUE RIBBON COMMUNITY! Langdon, North Dakota is one such community. Not only was it so very pretty, with flowers on mainstreet open fresh looking, the many parks and store fronts creatively decorated but the library, post office and businesses were all centrally located. But ofcourse the frosting is always in the hospitality!. From the chief of police who let me stay in the town park ( I carry a pooperscooper and clean up after the horses) to Michelle Schefter at the Langdon Hardward Store who provided supplies and then the smiles and handshakes and well wishers that I passed as I rode thur town, it all adds up to ….you got it

Am now spending a few days with Juli at her home east of town preparing to re-enter Canada. Juli’s home reminds me of the home I grew up in. A midwestern farm that her great-grandfather settled. The cool shade from big cotton wood trees makes me want to not leave. A much needed stop over to regain my composure as I ride some very hot, humid weather. The horses are doing very well. The saddles come off every 2 hours and we ride only early mornings, form 4am to maybe 10 or 11 am. I continue to update at libraries so the posting is short. I am heading for Rolla where I will prepare to re-enter Canada.
Happy Trails