Please Keep in Touch

We are thrilled to have so many people interested and following Bernice and her adventures. We want you all to keep in touch, so this is what this post is about.

Photo by Jay Bergman, Kafe Utza, Miles City, Montana, 2011.

Bernice is camping, without internet, almost full time. She is online briefly, once or twice a week – reading emails, filling book orders, scheduling, and then catching what messages and comments she can. Also, her personal Facebook page just reached the maximum number of Friends allowed, so no more Friend requests can be accepted. (We were receiving 100 per day – Thank You!)

Here are the ways you can follow Bernice and not miss a single post.
– Ende of the Trail website blog “Current Ride”, (please enter email to subscribe)
– Facebook personal page, “Bernice Ende” (please Follow)
– Facebook professional page, “Lady Long Rider – Bernice Ende” (please Like and Follow)
– Instagram account for the film, “Lady Long Rider” (please Follow)
– Website for the film, “Lady Long Rider
– Email:

The first three options above – her website blog and both Facebook accounts – all have the same posts, so you won’t miss anything if you prefer one format over another. On her Facebook accounts, you can choose among Follow, Get Notifications, See First, Notifications On, etc., so you need not be a Facebook “Friend” to get Notifications.

Thank you ALL, so much, for your continued interest, enthusiasm, and “heart”.

2020 Postcards

We just ordered the 2020 postcards. I love these photos!
Thank you Linda Vigil, and photographers Lydia Hopper and Olivia Harlow.

Photographer unknown.
Photo credits:
Close-up photo – Lydia Hopper
Both insert photos – Olivia Harlow

New Year 2020 – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

“Human affairs are governed by one thing – Change.” (I wish I could remember, or find who said this!) Anyway…. another year passes. The days grow longer. Another year of gains and losses, and interruptions and surprises, loves and troubles, of growth and miracles. Here we come 2020, ready or not!

There are, I suppose, many reasons why people find my rides and life as a Lady Long Rider compelling enough to follow along (for which I am grateful to have the company). People who send aid, words of encouragement, or invite me and my horses in for the night. People who follow the journey and ride vicariously – an equestrian traveler – in their own way looking beyond themselves to find themselves.

This new beginning and old year passing is time for me, your Lady Long Rider to say, “Whoa,” step down off my high horse, and put both of my feet firmly on the ground instead of allowing four sturdy equine legs to carry me. Time to let those of you who have once again this past year found the time and resources to aid and abet this one woman’s journey and her desire to share it, know how much you are appreciated.

To all that follow the ride, and to my companions, Montana Spirit and Little Liska Pearl who grace me with their daily presence, a humble but hearty and sincere, Thank You.


“Really? Really, we won that?”
EQUUS Film Festival Literary Award.
(You try making these two stand still!)