Thank You, from Bernice’s Family

Montana Spirit, Bernice, and Liska Pearl.
Santa Fe, NM, 2018.

The family of Bernice would like to thank each of you for the kind thoughts and wishes we have received since Bernice’s death. We are grateful to all who assisted Bernice on her Lady Long Rider journey. Many people helped her along the thousands of miles she traveled. She was always appreciative and thankful for your kindness.

We have been asked about her two Fjords. They will stay together here with me. My sister and I will take them on rides throughout the mountains. A wonderful way for us to have Bernice close by.

Again, thank you all for everything you have done for Bernice, Lady Long Rider.

We will be closing down her blog and website in the near future as Bernice requested.

Essie Pearl, Montana Spirit, and Bernice.
Photo by Ben Allen Smith, Missoulan.
Essie Pearl, Montana Spirit, and Bernice.
Cover of Outfitter’s Supply catalog.
Photo by Jay Bergman.
Essie Pearl and Bernice on Montana Spirit.
Prospectors’ Days Parade, Republic, WA, 2016.
Bristol Library, Canandaigua, NY, 2018/2019 Book Tour.
This was one of Bernice’s favorite pictures.
Bonners Ferry Herald, 2018.
Liska Pearl, and Bernice on Montana Spirit.
Truth or Consequences, NM, 2019.
Photo by Nancy Dodd

Painting at sunset.
Bernice on Hart, and Claire Dog on Essie Pearl.
By Marlane Quade Cook, one of Bernice’s former ballet students in Trego, MT.