Jeddeloh Residence – Elk River, Minnesota

I am developing a writer’s cramp (not really). Truth of it is I am so loving the book tour, although it is more than I had bargained for.

Okay, here it is April. The weather can not make up its mind. And I must go north into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which still has a foot of snow on the ground. Fortunately, I have lots of help once I get into Michigan and Burton Robson in Portland, Michigan will be making sure I get through all of this “Michigan Madness.”

I have seven more weeks remaining. May 22nd I wrap up the tour in Glens Falls, New York. How or why this old blue truck is still running and running like a champion – only amazes me!! I can only thank Bill Griffin who gave the truck to me years ago. What a trooper it has been. Don’t think I didn’t look at that old truck and trailer way back in September of last year and say, “YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND, BERNICE.”

This is Deb Dehmer from Rogers, Minnesota. Her family farmed nearby our family farm. I have known her most of my life, used to ride over on my horses, racing fast on soft dirt roads to visit her. Meeting friends I have met on the road is moving enough, but to have these childhood and high school friends suddenly appear is simply touching me with gratitude.
A barn which is in remarkably good condition near the Dehmer farm.

My oldest sister, Kathryn, who may complain of my putting this on the website. My earliest memories are of her holding me as an toddler and I am screaming and crying and reaching for Spot (the old crippled Welsh pony that embellished our lawn.) Kathryn’s book club came to her home with many questions–a round table of sorts. It was lovely with wine and cheese, and what, 20 women!

And last but not least, I must thank Greg and Sue Jeddeloh for hosting a one week stop in Elk River. I have known Sue for many years. We were once hot shot waitresses at the Rogers Truck Stop. She’s been to my cabin many times with her brothers and sisters, and their husbands and wives. She’s an x-ray tech at a nearby hospital. Her husband, Greg, is on the Minneapolis police force–I won’t say which division. When I think of how I simply ride into smiles, day after day, I will think of him, because he drives into the worst of the worst that humanity has to offer, and yet he remains a kind and gentle soul, a loving husband, and good neighbor. I think, now if this man can do what he does and still retains a positive out look, then I say, “So can all of us. Be kind to one another.”

Sue, she wants little Liska Pearl!
Sue and Greg in the front right seats, with family. We had a fish fry–walleye and northern, the best fish I have EVER tasted. Thank you so much Greg and Sue.
Oh, so tired, what will they say when we resume travel by hoof and foot?