Trego, Montana July13th, 2017


Our jaunt to and from Carol Guthrie’s home, about 300 miles was as pleasant as could be, more like a little vacation ride. I have shaved Little Liska’s mane as she needed a VERY good cleaning and the Fjord mane and tail are beyond thick, impossible to get to the skin. She looks like a mule.

I forgot to mention some time ago. I’d been sitting on my front porch at the cabin when a new red pickup truck drove in and out hopped a small spry woman. Turns out it was 76 year old Rosie Rollins with a copy of her book in her hand.

She’d driven from Tennessee with one of her beloved horses destined for retirement in Nebraska. Well she thought, “Might as run up and see if I can find that Lady Long Rider,” and well she did.

In her Author’s note she says, “In search for a motto that fits me, I settled on one by an anonymous writer. “She flung herself upon her horse and rode madly off in all directions.” She began her rides in 1960, and refers to herself as a “short lady long rider,” as most of the hundreds of miles were 200 mile rides. But still she’s packed a great deal of miles in all over the United States. On the back of her self published book she writes, ” Any ride on a horse is an adventure, and most folks can only dream about the places she seen from the back of her horse.” Needless to say, I was honored by her short visit.

I hope to see Rosie again this year as she may chauffeur me and my girls on the upcoming book tour.