Trego, Montana – September 3rd, 2016

This is how I feel sometimes when I come in, just plain hard to readjust to stationary life, life without that constant change and surprise.  But I am settling in. My Mountain Cabin is a respite a place to rest and find peace in stillness.
I had a wonderful time at the Fjord Horse Show in Sandpoint, Idaho last week. Not only was it a good turn out for my slide-show presentation but many folks I had met from previous rides attended. Always gets me screaming with delight. I did not ride over as I had planned. Essie Pearl had health issues (she is fine now) but I could not take her so I drove over. The show was well attended, a very friendly down to earth group of Fjord enthusiasts. I could not help but admire the show Fjords, so different from my girls who are roughed and tough looking.

Below is the Thank – You letter I have sent out to my sponsors.

  1. Outfitters Supply Tucker Saddles
  2. Sunbody Hats
  3. Skito Saddle Pads
  4. Source- MircoNutrients
  5. Cashel Company
  6. Montana Mountain Horses
  7. Mt. Vista Veterinary Clinic
  8. Ariat International
  9. The Blacksmith Shop
  10. Climb-On-Skin Care Products
  11. Soroptimist Foundation
  12. The Blacksmith Shop
  13. Benchmark Maps
  14. Tangeleo’s Cinches

Dear Sponsors,                       July 24th, 2016
I have completed my 8000 mile 2 ½ year international ride. I set out on this adventure in the spring of 2014 and completed the ride June 17th 2016! I write with saddle bags full of gratitude and appreciation for both the support and encouragement you have shown me on this epic journey. I must say it was by far the most successful ride I have thus far ridden. No injuries, no accidents, and the horses returned liked shinning stars. I returned filled with a sense of accomplishment, seasoned as never before. According to the International Long Riders Guild a round trip coast to coast continuous ride had never been done before. Add to that story- I rode solo, with no support vehicle what so ever, no cell phone or GPS, a 62year old woman. The east coast surprised me with their bountiful enthusiasm. I gave 32 talks thru out the New York winter. (2014/2015.) I had hoped to ride more of Canada but circumstances prevented it. But I swam the horses in 3 of the great lakes, raced on the sands of the Atlantic Ocean and touched salt water in the Strait of Juan de Fuca off the Washington coast. We crossed for the 8th time both the Rocky and Cascade Mountains and made more friends than anyone deserves. The year I embarked on my ride – 2014, marked the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in Montana. In collaboration with the Montana Historical society I paid homage to three of the most prominent historical suffragettes in New York State. A highlight of my ride. I continue to remind people of the freedom we enjoy in this country and the goodness I find in its people. I also sincerely hope my rides inspire and encourage female leadership. Now at the end of 12 years and 28,000 equestrian miles I do not feel “finished.” Already my head fills with plans for the 2017 ride, another east coast ride. A short 1500 mile journey from Southern Virginia north to Massachusetts or ? with talks scheduled through
out my route. I will most definitely ride a few more years. I know I have that much left in me. The rides are arduous, and never easy and of course there are many times when I ask myself, “how much longer can I do this?” Even more the reason I appreciate as I do your continued support and knowing I have someone backing me, that you are there if I need a saddle-pack replaced or a veterinary question, horseshoes or more supplements. You are there and I count on you. Besides providing me with your products and services your businesses also add credibility to my rides which leads to more speaking engagements, ie my bread and butter. I take having your support seriously. I want YOU also to shine. I want you also to benefit from sponsoring me on these lengthy equestrian journeys I make. Believe me when I say I appreciate your support each and every day I am out there making my way across the country. With sincere appreciation for all that you have done for me, I send a hearty thank you!
Your lady long rider,
Bernice Ende P.O. Box 284 Trego, Montana 59934
I begin teaching ballet classes next week at the Creative Arts Center in Eureka. I am looking forward to working with the young dancers. Last year I taught a few classes. It had  been 15 years since I had set foot in a dance studio. I wondered if I would remember how! But after nearly 30 years of teaching it all came flooding back so easily.
I am busy making wood and getting in hay for the horses. Russ Barnett owner of Outfitters Supply (and long time sponsor) has been up to the cabin a few times. His business is located 50 miles south of here in Columbia Falls. He’s helped with wood and hay. Winter is not far off. The horses are thickening this is their kind of weather, northern bred girls that they are.
I have had guests from back east last month. Jane King from Sutton, New Hampshire stayed a week as did friends from Minnesota. John Adamski a professional photographer from New York, (he did a beautiful story and lay out for The Finger Lake Magazine) a friend from Vermont and another from Boulder, Montana are coming in this month. I must admit I love the company, it reminds  me that I truly did do the ride as these are people I met in 2014 and 2015.
All for now,