Trego, Montana – Home for the winter – December 14th, 2015

Greetings, yes I am alive…
I call the Tobacco Valley home. The Kootenai National forest on one side, Glacier Park on the other. Majestic ,imposing mountains with spectacular vista’s.  My cabin is snuggled on Edna Mountain’s east side, covered in snow. The horses are Happy, Happy Girls in this weather, they are after all Norwegian Fjords. It’s good to be home. Friends and smiles and hugs abound. But I tell you New York and last years winter months are buried deeply in my heart and memory. I simply had a wonderful time living on the edge of Fort Edward, New York. It was my best ride ever.
However, I came in very sick and am only now getting back on my feet thus the delay in posting the website. I’ve been receiving emails,”where are you, what has happened to you?” I so appreciate the interest and the concern, truly I do. I must rest, get my health back or I may never go back out.
Riding east with the westerly wind at my back is far easier than riding into the belligerent westerly winds .It took seven months to reach Chewelah, Washington before calling it “enough already.” I have heard stories of women going mad, literally mad from the persistent, unforgiving winds that rage across the open plains of eastern Montana and southern Alberta, I can relate. Its not the first time I have ridden west into those winds but there was a constant gnawing at the back of my mind, “are you going to make it? – wearing me down. The really long rides do this to me. And so I arrived home, quite sick.
The horses however arrived in great shape. We were traveling light and fast and they came in fit as a fiddle.
Here it is the end of yet another year, holidays upon us. So far winter in Northwest Montana has been mild, for which I am grateful. (Lest we forget New York’s winter last year) I am 7000 miles into this 8000 mile ride. Weather and health permitting I will resume the ride in the spring of 2016. A short 1000 mile jaunt to the west coast and back will complete this ambitious ride I have set out before me
I’d like to remind you that “THE STORE” offers some very nice Lady Long Rider Christmas gifts. If you’d rather not use the Paypal, just email me at and I will send your order out, you can mail a check back. The purchases will help immensely in getting me back on the road come spring.
Until later, with deep appreciation and gratitude to all of you following my rides, filling me with the encouragement to continue. I thank you, I simply can not thank you enough- Happy Holidays
Your lady Long Rider,
Bernice Ende