January 26th, 2015 Fort Edward, New York

Our hostess Darleen greeting us to historical Fort Edward, New York

Filled with slide-show presentations, snow & ice, rest, books and new friends, our time in the Glens Falls, New York area – the winter of 2014/15 is slipping away.

Gave a talk for the members of Fort Edward’s book club, (a lively bunch)

Horse Illustrated did a very nice article by Dusty Perin in the Feb. issue.

Glens Falls lovely historical Crandall Library

Essie and Spirit are happy, healthy, full of mischief. Thank you so very much to those of you who have generously donated hay, grain, brought apples/carrots and attention for the two deserving horses.

There is much more snow on the ground now. These are collapsible water buckets from OutFitters Supply in Montana… they work great as feed bags!!