Rochester/Seneca Falls New York – September 4th to 6th, 2014 -next stop, Matilda Joslyn Gage Home and Museum – Fayetteville

1-IMG_0763 from Leo Roth – Democrat & Chronicle

Susan B. Anthony grave-site

September 4th, 2014 11:30 am

“In the past week I have met the Mayor  of Caledonia. I have spoken with the Master of the Hunt from Geneseo, I’ve been interviewed by a half a dozen news reporters. I’ve visited with a young teenager who is captain of the soccer team and I have spoken with a farmer managing a dairy herd. They all have one thing in common and that is they are all women. And like me who has ridden across the country-alone-a single woman, we are walking through doors unlocked by this courageous, self determined woman –  Susan B. Anthony.
She was the glue that held women together long enough for the radical idea of female emancipation, for not simply the right to vote but to self-govern themselves to take hold, sink into the minds of millions until finally, there was no going back.
I have ridden here from the Northwest corner of Montana where we commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. I am here to pay homage, to remember, to say “thank you.”
Please let us not forget these “brave beyond words” women and the men who supported the novel idea of liberty for all.” Bernice Ende
“Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.”
“The older I get, the greater power I seem to have to help the world; I am like a snowball — the further I am rolled the more I gain.” ― Susan B. Anthony

Debra Hughes & Montana Spirit
Debra Hughes & Montana Spirit

visiting the Susan B. Anthony home
visiting the Susan B. Anthony home


Rochester Mounted police escorted us into the quiet lovely neighborhood
Rochester Mounted police (officer Cicoria center) escorted us into the quiet lovely neighborhood


September 4th, 2014

From Caledonia, to Rochester New York. Sergeant Gary Cicoria from the Livingston Mounted Patrol hauled Essie, Spirit and I to Mt. Hope Cemetery.  We unloaded the 3 horses nearby and rode in the north gate greeted by friends, press and representatives from the Susan B. Anthony foundation. Debra Hughes – director of the Susan B. Anthony home was also there with warm welcome. I was asked “how do you feel?, “what are your thoughts?” …. What do you say to  a woman who devoted her life to unlocking doors you now freely walk thru? What do you say to the woman who cleared what was once a pitiful path to become what is now a free-way that I travel on. I simply could not even believe I was there! I was moved and humbled to simply be there. From the grave site Sgt. Cicoria then hauled us across town for our visit of the Susan B. Anthony home. Where two more officers (whose names I sadly did not write down) from the Rochester Mounted Patrol joined the festivities and once again we rode into a neighborhood setting where history was made. In the park were bronze castings of Susan B. Anthony and Fredrick Douglass sitting in chairs having tea. If you EVER have the chance to visit Rochester please do see the Susan B. Anthony home. The home has been restored and is packed full of sentiments left behind from a time where women had only begun to see the possibilities. 


The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House was the home of the legendary American civil rights leader during the 40 most politically active years of her life, and the site of her famous arrest for voting in 1872. This home was the headquarters of the National American Woman Suffrage Association when she was its president. This is also where she died in 1906 at age 86, following her “Failure is Impossible” speech in Baltimore.  A sincere and heart felt thank you to all of you who work so hard at keeping these historical sites functioning and available to the public. WONDERFUL

Following our visit: Denea Van Bartel  hauled us out of the city to Bloomfield, NY where Beth and Peter Harrison hosted my night and I camped on their lovely farm with Essie and Spirit in a large paddock. We enjoyed dinner and wine with Denea and her two young  children as well as Sophie and Alexander Harrison  who showed me nearly everything in their colorful bedrooms. Thank you all of you, thank you.


I spent the night in Geneva at the Taylor residence. Tommy Taylor invited us in when I stopped him while in his pickup in front a big red barn (behind it would have been a good spot to camp, so I raced up before he drove off) The big red barn contains one of his businesses “TOMMY T’s” party tents and tables. Well long story short. I had delicious NY steak and visited with the whole family and had a wonderful time, even slept inside, well in the screen porch with the horses nearby, it stormed that night. I was up early as The Women’s Rights National Historic Park were expecting me at 2pm and I had about 12 miles to ride on hwy 20&5, very busy road.

The Women’s Rights National Historic Park



“All Men and Women Are Created Equal”

Gathered together on two hot days in July of 1848, one hundred women and men echoed these words with their signatures in support of the Declaration of Sentiments. Just 10 days earlier on July 9th, five reform-minded women met at a social gathering in Waterloo, New York and decided to hold a convention, a very common way to promote change in 1848. They published a “call” in the local newspaper inviting people to “…a Convention to discuss the social, civil and religious rights and condition of woman.” The convention was to be held on July 19th and 20th in the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, three miles east of Waterloo. Relying heavily on pre-existing networks of reformers, relatives and friends, the convention drew over 300

This is really where it all got started!! I tied the horses up behind the building and with in a few minutes Kimberly Szewczyk came walking out with a host of other women visiting from Buffalo one of which was Deputy Major Ellen E. Grant. Kimberly has a great knack for bringing the past to present and I was very impressed with her ability to connect yesterday with today.  It truly was an important stop for me. I have read about, studied about this town and how it provided the backdrop for these extraordinary women to mount up the courage and do something!!  John  on of several guides and interpreters  provided an excellent tour as we visited Elizabeth Cady Stanton home a 1/4 mile away on the other side of the Erie Canal. I found my self whispering “I am in her home,” “I am standing on the same porch that her  and Stanton wrote speeches.

Elisebeth Cady Stanton home with other guests touring
Elisabeth Cady Stanton home with other guests touring

The town of Seneca Falls is beautiful, the architecture unbelievable.  I would have ridden 5000 miles to visit these two sights I truly felt honored to be there. Very exciting for me. Thank you Kimberly and the park attendants that watched the two horses as I toured and visited the sights.

Thank you also to Jeff Shipley who works with the Seneca Falls Chamber of Commerce. He assisted in finding me a place to camp at Vince’s Park north of town where I now update the website. Thank you so very much all of you!!!


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photos from John Adamski

Kimberly Szewczyk chief of education and interpretation
Kimberly Szewczyk chief of education and interpretation


We now head east for Fayetteville to visit the Matilda Joslyn Gage home. I plan to arrive Wednesday September 10th,2014     10155850_236670743205702_1329745890219506050_n


I must share a few photos from the Caledonia stop. It was here I waited at the Fair Grounds for two days got a good rest, well kind of, it was pretty peppy at this stop also. What a pretty town Caledonia is, and so many people out on the streets walking and visiting, shade trees, park like setting and a roundabout in the center. I wish I had more photos. As I said earlier JoAnne Crossman was my overseer, in charge of my stay. The “Chamber Chicks” as she called Lisa Burns and Laura Lane called her and said “she’s coming in a couple of days, take care of her” or something like that. I don’t think JoAnne really knew what to expect but she is the kind of gal that hits the road running…

5-IMG_0757Here is Laura (Chamber of Commerce Geneseo) directing traffic, ie all of us!         She did a great job as did Lisa Burns organizing the event. I think it went very well and we had a fair amount of people who came and many many emails continue to  come in.4-IMG_0754
The Mayor Debbie Davis and Joanne Crossman came out to see us off.
Sergent Gary Cicoria mounted police hauled me in with his horse saddled in a Tuckers Endurance saddle I might add. Here we are ready to shake, raddle and roll into Rochester. There had been a shooting in Rochester the night before and one of his comrades a young police officer had been shot and fatally killed. The atmosphere  was a bit somber  on this morning
2-IMG_0748Bob Hilderbrant was the fair president and manager of the facility I could not believe this party that happened the night before I left.  Bob built a fire for heaven sakes , the sky’s cleared and we drank a bit of New York’s finest wines and how nice was that!
Here is all my stuff out side the library which was closed for the day.
AND last but not least there are the Caledonia Hookers yes that’s right each and every one of these fine ladies are a”HOOKER” and what a wild bunch they were when Joanne and I popped in to the WOOLERY down town.( before the party to invite them of course) Who’s their leader?  Major Davis!!!
Oh yes they hook rugs, beautiful rugs and wall hangings
I so enjoyed this visit, thank you all of you I leave with a big smile on my face.