August 7th, 2014 N.W. of Flint — the Amman residence


Work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of

having value:

Perhaps that is what I do?  I’d never heard the term until yesterday when a

friend of Gil and Terri Amman told us when we drove to Mt.Pleasant for a box

I needed containing horseshoes and a repeat stop at COPS AND DOUGHNUTS.

The Amman residence (northwest) of Flint will be my last stop in Michigan.

riding into the Amman residence
riding into the Amman residence

Gill hauls me over to New Hudson in the

morning where I’ll pick up a long

haul from Clyde Miles who will take me and my

girls east of Cleveland, Ohio. I

came in Tuesday afternoon when Terri found

me at the Brant corner near

the store looking lost and forlorn. She came

over rather hesitantly, “are you

the lady….?” She’d seen me on the COPS AND

DOUGHNUTS Facebook page.

Well long story short she took the lady long

rider home and it was fast friends

Gil leading us to our luxurious paddock
Gil leading us to our luxurious paddock

in a very short time.

IT HAS BEEN A DELIGHTFUL STOP….and I needed help with shoeing, boxes

and I needed to make a new pair of riding breeches, this was a perfect stop.

Funny how it always works!

So I bid ado to Michigan, to the first half of my ride, to many,many good

people and breathtaking scenery, it’s been a spectacular ride thru Michigan!!

The list of people who have helped facilitate this part of my ride is lengthy, it is

quite impossible to do these rides without the assistance of folks like Gil and

Terri, or Dee Dee Carter.

new friends
new friends

A heartfelt thank you goes out each and every day. Tomorrow in New Hudson

I’ll be meeting family members,friends and media. I then haul over to the

Pennsylvania/ Ohio border to continue this lengthy 8000 mile international


“To each and everyone whose path I cross a sincere thank you for the interest

the support the encouragement, I could not have done it with out you.”

Happy Trails
Your lady long rider Bernice Ende

List of a few news media from the past month:

Beth,friend of Terri Amman reading me a story in the Morning Sun (Clare, MI.) about a lady long rider
Beth,friend of Terri Amman reading me a story in the Morning Sun (Clare, MI.) about a lady long rider
Maarja Anderson,Reporter
Morning sun Mt Pleasant, MI
WCMU Public Broadcasting Mt.Pleasant
Roscommon County Voice
Gaylord Herald Times
Midland News