Forsyth, Montana Rosesbud Fair Grounds – May 7th, 2014

It does seem odd traveling without Claire sharing each and every morsel with me. But she and Hart have remained home and are safe, content, in loving hands.

APRIL 8TH TO MAY 8TH. Approximately 450 miles. Wind, the eastern half of Montana is all about wind. Belligerent, pushy wind. The kind of wind which drove early pioneer women mad. The kind of wind that drys clothes in 5 min. – if you can keep clothes on a line. The kind of wind you want to ride in, only if it’s at your back.  Essie and Spirit clipped out 30 mile days, weather was cool, water in the ditches, plenty of grass, packed light.


Calving time for ranchers. Wheat and dry land crop farmers are behind from inclement weather. Spring wheat erupts from the earth with promise. I love this country, calming to the eye.


Much of the ride from East Glacier to Forsyth was a route I followed in 2006. I rode Honor with Claire at my side. Not only was it a reflective stretch for me, but also an opportunity to say thank you to many people who extended help in one way or another. The ride in 2006, a 5000 mile ride was the most difficult journey I’ve yet to make. A novice long rider and a 8 year old Thoroughbred mare who moved with jitters for 1000 of miles, it was amazing I made it. To cross this wide open spacious country once again after 9 years of traversing the United States and Canada, reminded me of how far I had come as a long rider. I met several people who helped Claire, Honor and I in 2006, tears, gratitude and smiles ensued.

We rode into Forsyth, Montana on April 30th. Long stop, rest,visited with friends, resupplied, re-shod horses, look ahead. Thank you to Vicki Fink, Rosebud Fair manager, she moved me inside when the weather took a turn sending sleet, strong winds from the NW bringing the horses and myself inside. Very gracious of her. We all  leave rested, the horses are growing restless. The length and breath of this 8000 mile ride has set in. We have a long way to go and only by staying focused, determined and careful will me make it. The next stop will not be until Minnesota, I’ll be crossing into the land of 10,000 lakes in one month.

Thank you, each and every one of you who have contributed this far.

Happy Trails Bernice Ende