August 17th, 2013 final preparations for 1000 mile ride

It is late and this will be short.  WE leave, “we” being all of us… Essie Pearl, Montana Spirit, Hart and yes even Claire dog will be riding out with me this time.  We shall see how she does. I had not meant to stay in this long  but here I am mid August just heading out.

 Essie Pearl ( uninvited guest) having lunch at Theadora's Garden
Essie Pearl ( uninvited guest) having lunch at Theadora’s Garden
  •   The horses have had a good rest both Essie and  Montana Spirit did very well on the fast short 600 mile ride we did earlier this year. The weather was hot the entire time we stayed on here at Theadora’s Garden where I rent the barn facility. You might wonder that I am taking Hart out again.  Yes the big horse will come with, carrying only a light 40 pound load.  It is because I still need him!  The two mares are simply not ready for busy- in town traffic and Hart is like a steady train pulling us thru the thick of chaos out there. I will only ride  him when I need that extra steadfast lead horse that I have come to depend on from him.

  • Because there are fires east of here in Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness area  I am heading due south once again.  First stop will be the McCurry Tennessee Walking Horse Ranch where I will visit Al and Judy McCurry.  Mac McCurry and Evelyn have passed away and now Al their son has taken a great interest in the horses.  As some of you already know Pride, the first horse that I used on the 2005 ride came from the McCurry ranch.  Pride now 18 yrs old is with long time veterinarian Nancy Haugan in Eureka.  After that we will make our way down to Hot Springs, Montana where I decide whether or not Claire should continue with us. I am meeting up with several friends there for a much needed soak in the therapeutic

    Essie Pearl  grazing in front of "the coop" a guest cottage, looking for treats no doubt
    Essie Pearl grazing in front of “the coop” a guest cottage, looking for treats no doubt

    mineral baths.   From there I hope to get over to Boulder, Montana which is due east of Hot Springs about 300 miles. Again to visit friends and maybe soak in more mineral baths.  I would like to ride south from there into the Centennial Mountain range south of Dillion, Montana near the Idaho border.

  • I set out on this ride with this in ride late into the  year.  To experience northern winter riding. I have ridden many miles thru out Arizona and New Mexico thru winter months and I have ridden early spring in the northern states but I have not ridden into the late northern winter months.  So this I would like to try, see what it takes to keep the horses in good health and myself warm!  If it gets to the point that it not safe for the horses well of course I will get back home some how.

  •  September and October are two of my favorite months to ride. The heat of summer cools, mosquito’s and fly’s lessen, there is less of a rush on the roads, a quieting of the year as it comes into its fall season.  But before I sign off here I would like to thank Claudia Sieman, Nancy Newman and Theodora Brennan for helping to care for Hart and Claire while away.  I also would like to extend a thank you to my much appreciated sponsors (please see sponsorship page) who provide me with the saddle, packs and gear, nutritional supplements, vet checks, boots, hats. All of which are indispensable to my rides. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU. Happy Trails to all of you that follow the rides.

  • Sincerely, Bernice Ende, your lady long rider

    Harts new set up that I so ingeniously created
    Harts new set up that I so ingeniously created

    OK I know this is getting ridiculous but she needed a shade umbrella
    OK I know this is getting ridiculous but she needed a shade umbrella