May 20th, 2013

Greetings to all of you that follow the ride.
I have been out riding for over two weeks now.  Essie Pearl and Montana Spirit are moving well, fast and snappy. I do miss Claire and Hart but they are both in good hands and better off at home.
I am updating from the home of John and Robin Webb, of Thompson Falls, Montana. We met John and Robin coming down the Vermillion River. They were up cutting wood and stopped to visit and  talk with the two dirty looking horse back riders. They have been kind enough to invite Kelly Cott, my guest rider and I into their lovely home. Kelly and I have been out for a week now. We met up in Libby got ourselves and her little Halflinger pony all ready and out we rode. We have had a great week of riding. But unfortunately Kelly has been called back home. She and her partner Ben own a garlic farm and she is needed back there, it just could not be helped. So we are turning our ponies around and are heading back to Libby where she will haul back home to Moyie Springs, Idaho. I will head back out after she is safely off. The weather is spectacular, blossoms show off the future bounties of wild fruit, winter snow is cascading down raging rivers and creek, the birds can not help but sing. Spring is in full glory.
The following photos are Marion Eash setting on horseshoes with drill tech (a hard surface that prevents the horses from slipping on pavement). He did a great job. I feel that the horses should have a professional farrier set on the shoes once a year just as they should have a vet check each year, and that is photo #2 of Nancy Haugan from Mt. Vista Vet Clinic in Eureka, Montana giving the horses shots and a vet check. The next few photos are of Kelly in Libby, Montana and then there she is on her beautiful pony Copper. They both did real  well, it is not easy this long riding business, but they both did very well I will update more later. Thank you for following the rides and please, if you see me out there send a hello to the guest book and it will help others know where I am..Happy Trails
Your lady long rider Bernice