Water Valley, Alberta —august 6th, 2012

Greetings to all that follow the ride, I apologize for the long over due update. I am currently  at the home of Tom Woolings who is graciously helping me thur this part of the country, more traffic more to consider when traveling this close to a large city, Calgary is only 60 miles east of here. I have a lovely campsite on the Little Red Deer River and will be heading out on Wednesday the 8th traveling south along the foot hills of the Canadian Rockies, Kananskis country… should be a beautiful ride.
I am having probably the best ride I have ever had. Canada is delightful and the people are frinedly, gracious and very interested in the ride. And although I have not been able to give many talks I have been treated with such kindness that it has me already thinking of where I shall ride next in Canada
To recap the past month: I left Sheerness and rode east thinking I was going to stay in the Special Area for another month but the mosquito’s were horrendous. I met up with a dear friend Jana Pekaar who had drove all the way from Seattle to meet up with and to bring out supplies. Jana has come out to meet me on every single ride I have been on and usually has her two children with her but they are older now and have better things to do than to run out with Mom to visit. I am glad they were not with her as the mosquito’s drove us nearly mad it was the worst of all situations. Jana fled with her two dogs and I held on for a few more days. Clifford Campbell finally came to my rescue and hauled us back to his place that I had just ridden from. I stayed there at Clifford’s Ranch for a few more days before heading  west for the mountains for higher ground. Rode thur the Handhills which were beautiful then up to Huxley where I stayed with friends of Clifford’s for nearly a week as the temperature had risen and it was much to hot to be riding. From Huxley I rode south to Three Hills then west to Water Valley where I am now staying for 3 days. I must replace some horseshoes and clean tack, resupply food and take a more serious look at the next 200 miles. I will be heading down the Forest Trunk Road that takes me south to Pincher Creek will have to decide which border crossing to take. I am not exactly sure how many miles we have come perhaps 1200, perhaps more. But it has been a wonderful ride. The horses are doing fine and Claire is of course always the star of the show ready and willing to have her photo taken by those that are curious enough to visit with us.
Many thanks to all of you that have helped us along our travels. I simply can not tell you how much I have enjoyed this Canadian ride. Happy Trails until next time.
Bernice Ende, lady long rider