March 8th, 2013 endehomebase(AT)yahoo has been hacked…..

Please ignore any emails that return with endehomebase@ymail….. it has been hacked, please accept my apologizes for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. I have traced the hacker to Nigeria, My entire contact list was taken as well as my sent box.
and Although I would delight in a weeks visit to the Philippines just now, I must report that I am not there. The tip off should have been the cell phone, this Lady Long Rider has no cell phone… smiles, once again my apologies – thank you for understanding.
Bernice Ende

January 24th, 2013


THE BACK COUNTRY HORSEMAN’S NATIONAL CONVENTION will take place April 5th, 6th, and 7th at the Kalispell, Montana Convention Center. Bernice has been asked to speak at the event and has spoken at several local BCH meetings thru out her travels. She is delighted to be part of this upcoming event. More will be posted as the date draws near.

January 24th, 2013

The Back Country Horseman’s National Convention is being held in Kalispell, Montana this year.  BERNICE have spoken at many of the BCH meetings thru out her travels and is delighted to have been asked to speak at their event which is taking place ARPIL5,6,7.  I will post more information as the date draws near.  There will be a host of speakers and events scheduled thru out the weekend.

Home, November 6th,2012

The horses have already grown fat and lazy. Claire has retired to the couch and I am running around trying to catch up with friends and talks and thank you letters and wrapping up this years 2000 mile Canadian ride.  Winter here in the northwest corner of Montana is fast approaching, snow is predicted for this weekend, time for a warm fire, a book and hot tea. Time for reflection. I find this part of the ride, this time of “re-entry” the most difficult. Coming from a life of 4miles an hour to 70 miles an hour, riding in a car, the speed of everything, music, TV, the talking and so much eating, there is just SO MUCH!  so much coming and going.  The transition has never been easy for me. About this time I am longing for my life “out there” on the trail , with the horses, nomadic , simple, very, very simple.
Today is election day for the United States. Here again I can talk about the difficulty of transitions. Those of us that vote are asking each other, speculating,  “which way will the country go?”  What changes will we face in the coming years?  As one who travels across this country in a very unconventional way. I come into contact with many people who share with me their disappointment and unrest about the direction this country is going. It is easy to throw up hands and shout ” it’s no use” .  I wish I could take everyone with me for just a week  and you would see a very different America. You would see a country filled with good people who care about their families, their friends and this country. Everyday that I am out there riding I can not help but be reminded of the freedom we  so easily take for granted here in America. Let us not lose hope and faith in our ability to change, to make transitions and to find a common good for which we can all be proud of.
This will be my last posting for the year. Thank you cards should be ready in a week until then as I have said many times before…” a hearty thank you to each and everyone whose path I cross, for the help, the interest and the encouragement. I could not have done it without you.
Sincerely, Bernice Ende- long rider