Winter Camp, Forsyth, MT.

I check emails and messages as often as possible.  However, please keep in mind, that once on the road, responding to emails may take a little extra time.  I appreciate your patience.
Now that my book is out, I am on my Book Tour with my horses, truck, and trailer, October 2018 – May 2019, and giving even more talks than ever!  I am glad to give talks, presentations, and sign books, at libraries, community centers, schools, 4-H clubs, business groups, senior centers, book clubs, private events, and other venues.   I am also doing interviews for television, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and radio.
To contact me about giving talks or interviews, you may reach me in several ways.  First, please email me.  You may also contact my publisher, Zachary Basinger, Farcountry Press, 800-821-3874, .  Also, Sarah Wilson will be assisting me with my website, email, snail mail, and Facebook, so you may communicate with Sarah as well.
If you reach out to ask “how to do a long ride,” I do ask, as I have many such emails, that you please make a donation to my rides, large or small.  The information you ask for has taken many hard earned years to acquire.
There is also my Facebook page, including Messenger.
Bernice Ende
P. O. Box 284
Trego, Montana 59934
Pacific Ocean, south of Tillamook, OR. 2007 5000 mile ride