winter camp, Forsyth, MT.


I check emails as often as possible, but once on the road  responding to emails may take some time, be patient. I do not carry a cell-phone.

I am glad to give talks and presentations at schools, 4-H clubs, business groups, private luncheons, libraries functions and other events.  If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement please use:

I do ask, as I have many emails requesting information on “how to do a long ride.” Please – if you ask, then I ask that you please make a donation to my rides, large or small. The information you ask for has taken many hard earned years to acquire.

There is also my Facebook page.

When all else fails use…

Snail Mail:
Bernice Ende,
Box 284
Trego, Montana 59934


Pacific Ocean, south of Tillamook, OR. 2007 5000 mile ride